vampires in my window ch.8 and beginning of ch.9

Third strike
The weekend had now come it had been days since I had seen Sapphire. I wasn’t angry anymore or sad I had gone back to the life or non life I had before. I was numb all over and I rather be that way then have to deal with the pain. I tried to keep going and not be sad all the time but it was difficult. After I took a shower and had breakfast I went for a walk. I tried really hard to keep it together but I wanted to shed tears so bad. I kept closing my eyes and thought about sapphire. I tried to imagine him in front of me. I just wanted him to hold me. I began to jog trying to push the memory of Sapphire and his brothers out of my head. I wanted to forget about him about all of them. I began to run faster and faster. My heart was now pounding and I began to lose my breath. I was running so fast I felt nothing could stop me. I felt like I was leaving everything behind and I just wanted to move forward even if it was scary. Even if I suffered at least I would suffer like before and not cause of him. I wanted to scream I was so angry. I looked down at my hand then opened it up. I looked at my palm and saw the scar left by the knife Sapphire used to bond me and him together. I thought it was forever. I felt more disappointed in myself for believing I could be happy and have a life worth living for. I felt a tear hit my palm. I then closed it and made a fist. I felt my legs reach further and further out. I was running in a pace I couldn’t keep up with. I fell to my knees and then punched the concrete with both of my hands. I looked up and saw Lauren running up to me. For a split second I thought I saw Sapphire. I was actually glad it was Lauren. He asked me if I was okay and I just threw myself on him and hugged him.
“I don’t care,” I said. “ I don’t care if he comes back.”
He held me more tightly and said not to worry. I finally got up with help from Lauren. I told him I was fine and we both began to walk to my house together. My heart felt better now. I don’t what Lauren does but I feel like I am not alone and I’m with someone who truly cares about me.
“I’m sorry,” Lauren said.
“Don’t be,” I said..
“I need to tell you that if I ever do see them again..,” he said before I interrupted him.
“You wont,” I said,
“Its going to be okay, your going to be okay I will be here,” he said.
“Just leave it alone then forget about them, everything,” I said.
We reached my house and I gave Lauren another hug.
“Next time I see them I will kill them,” he whispered in my ear. I closed my eyes and hoped they wouldn’t come back. This time I really meant it. I didn’t want Sapphire or any of them to return. I didn’t want anyone to fight or get hurt. I really did just want it all to go away.
I laid on my bed until nightfall. I had mixed emotions and wondered if the brothers would return tonight or really would go away. It was midnight and I couldn’t sleep. I was getting angry again. I hated being indifferent about the situation. I didn’t want them to come but then again maybe I did. I was getting restless. I decided to head out. I got dressed in this mint mesh panel sheath dress and these beautiful torqouise platform high heels. I flat ironed my hair and did my makeup and decided to go out to a club. I wanted to take my mind off of this and have fun. I finally felt great and excited. I got into my moms car and drove to south beach. I arrived and parked on the street and began to walk up Collins avenue. I finally made my way to Rokbar and decided to head in there. It was crowed inside but good music playing and people dancing so I went to go dance too. There were guys offering to buy me drinks and asking me if I wanted to dance with them. I turned them all down. I wanted to have fun but alone. I need to get out of my house and not feel like I was waiting for the brothers to show up on my window. I wanted to dance alone and forget about all my worries and all my problems. I was having a good time when all of a sudden someone grabbed my hand. I was pulled onto someone. It was a mysterious looking guy. He was a bit taller then me so when the top of my head hit his chin I backed up. I then looked up and saw these beautiful emerald green eyes. They were so much more lighter then Sapphires but just as magnifestitant. I was in a trance and couldn’t move or speak. The young man had such pale cold skin. His hair was dark brown with a few light brown highlights. His hair was messy but neat and medium or half length. His bangs covered his eyebrows and almost his left eye. He was so handsome but really dark and almost gothic looking. He was dressed in all black but very chic. He had a button up dress shirt and tailored pants. Looking into his eyes I felt more enticed then when I looked into Sapphires. They were wicked and yet so intense. They were so light and yet seemed to not suit him because he gave off this dark vibe.
“Your not dancing,” the young man said.
I had finally noticed that I wasn’t. Well I knew my entire body came to a stop when I was pulled and looked up into his eyes. I finally let go off his arms and he let me stand up straight. He asked me to dance with him and I agreed.  The strobe lights swung back and forth. So many bright colors, pink,red,purple,and green. I was standing there dancing with a stranger but I enjoyed every minute of it. He was an amazing dancer. He looked straight into  my eyes the entire time. He was smiling and looked like he was having fun too. He ran his fingers through my hair and grabbed a thin strand of my hair and sniffed it.
“Smells just like roses,” he said.
“Thank you,” I said back. Without noticing and unintentionally I grabbed his hands and intertwined his fingers with mine. I closed my eyes and smiled throughtout the entire dance.
“You should be careful,”he said.
“Why?” I asked him.
“I could easily fall in love with you,” he said.  I stayed quiet and tried to pretend like I didn’t hear him.
“Would you let me?” he asked.
“No,” I said bluntly.
“You should  let me,” he said.
“I know,” I said softly as I unlocked our fingers. I walked away and headed to a table. I sat down and tried desperately not to think of Sapphire. I clung onto my handbag  almost twisting it in desperation and sadness. I wanted to cry again but didn’t let myself. “I hate you,” I whispered to myself.  I drank a couple of drinks and then around 4am I headed home. I jumped into bed still in my dress and cried myself to sleep. The night my dream was simple. It was Sapphire walking away from me while I stood still in a pitch black room. It suddenly changed and he came towards me and kissed me. He told me he loved me and that he was sorry. The walls began dripping with blood and I could see Ella standing in the middle of the room that seemed to go on for miles. The brothers appeared and then suddenly all four of them disappeared together. I woke up sweating and my heart racing. I thought to myself “is that why he left.” I began to run with the idea that Sapphire and his brothers left because Ella escaped somehow. I was more angry then grateful. He wasn’t protecting me by chasing after her. I told him not to leave and he promised me. I didn’t care why he left it still was wrong. I began to throw things around my room and scream. My mother came barging into my room after she heard me throw several books at my wall.
“What is wrong with you?” she asked.
“Nothing,” I yelled back.
“You have become more a loser, wonderful now I watch you down spiral further into obscurity,” she said.
She slammed the door behind her as she left my room. I then got a text from Lauren asking me to go out with him. I sent him a text back saying “okay meet in 15.” I went to take a shower and then got dressed. I wore shorts and a simple t-shirt. It was incredibly hot for the beginning of October. I now this is Miami but still a bit of wind would be nice. I headed downstairs and Lauren was waiting for me in front of his car. He opened the door for me and the drove me to some place in the Everglades.
“What are we doing around here?” I asked.
“I need to show you something,” Lauren said. We got out of the car and walked over the marsh grass area. We headed a few feet away from the car and hidden around some trees and bushes was a dead body. It was a middle aged man and he looked brutally beaten. His clothes were all tore and wet. His neck was severely cut and opened. Any more and it would have detached his head from his body. Lauren explained to me that a vampire killed him then made it look like the man slit his own throat. I stayed in awe and didn’t speak for a moment. I finally asked him if he was sure he had been killed by a vampire. Lauren reassured me that there was evidence and said “ who would commit suicide like this.” I guess he was right if you did want to end your own life you wouldn’t make the pain last any longer then it had to. You usually make it quick and easy. This looked like it took several hours and I could imagine it being very painful. I couldn’t stand looking at the dead body any longer so I turned away and then walked back to the car.
“Why did you show me this?” I asked Lauren.
“You need to see what those monsters do,” he said.
“This wasn’t the brothers that I am sure of but I do think that it could have been any other vampire,” I said.
“Another one huh,” he said then continued “So there just happens to be more vampires in the city even though me and my family haven’t felt any presences until yours arrived but I guess your right there must be more,” he said sarcastically. I quickly turned around and walked super close to his face.
“Look I know its your job and you don’t like them but stop,” I said.  He looked at me and then turned away with guilt.
“They are gone so leave them alone and stop trying to find them because you wont there never coming back,” I said.
“Okay,” he said softly.
We got back into the car and then Lauren asked me to have dinner with him.
“Oh good cause I just love eating after I’ve seen a dead body,” I said sarcastically. He laughed and drove us to this local Chinese place.
“I’m sorry about all of this especially about me being a jerk,” he said.
“Its okay I don’t know much about you or vampires but I get it you are who you are, right?” I said.
“I guess I never explained myself,” he said. He then began to tell me about him and his family and how they became hunters.
“I guess our family has always been hunters from around the 13th century. You know that my ancestors actually though Genghis Khan was a vampire. My family first became vampire hunters officially when my great great great great well you get it grandmother became a vampire. She had seven kids and a husband by the name of  Lauren David William Fuller. He was a knight but then when he met his wife  Emma Beatrix Dyer he became a simple fishermen but owned a large some of land. My ancestor Lauren Fuller had served his King and country well and became a knight by the age of 27. He had seen many battles and witnessed many brutal slayings but he was never prepared to see true evil like that of a vampire. One night while he slept a vampire came into there home and attacked his family. From the legends and stories the vampire only went for Emma. He had turned her and claimed her as his new mate. Lauren outraged grabbed his sword and struck down the monster and took out his heart. Emma began to change into a vampire and Lauren distraught had to think of his children. He killed her before she changed and transformed into a vampire. He pierced his sword into his wives heart and burned her remains. This story taught our family to protect one another from this evil and understand that they were real and we needed to protect those who were blinded by there fear of the truth. Since then my ancestor Lauren became a vampire hunter and taught his children both male and female to defend themselves and know the truth of those monsters. He vowed to never let any other family suffer as his did. So generations to generations learned the truth about vampires and began to hunt them down but not only because they thought it was there duty but because a lot of my ansestors suffered loss due to these monsters. Even my cousin Robert lost his life to one who happen to be hungry at the time. That awoke my fathers rage and he began to teach me as a result. I didn’t know about such things until I was thirteen and Robert died. I was just a normal kid but then my dad showed me letters and even photos of dead bodies drained of blood. Dead vampires and letters written by other vampire hunters in my family. We learned so much from everyone of my ansestors that came across or fought one.  Some of my family member do it to keep the vow some do it for revenge and some maybe like me and why I do it because it is the right thing to do. Vampires don’t belong in our world we kill each other already but not to feed. These abomination aren’t meant to live forever or remain young and beautiful at our expense. I say if they want to kill and want to live among us then stop hiding and show yourself. They are cowards and don’t deserve to feed off us and live forever.”
Lauren was very distraught after his story. I understood him in a way. I guess most vampires aren’t nice and do kill innocent people just to stay alive. Its not like there a new species that are becoming exitinted and we need to preserve. They change the balance of life and even the food chain. We become prey and lose our life so they can live. Unless we all became vampires there’s no right or wrong. Not everyone wants to live forever so those who would chose not to would become food. If we all were vampires we would all die anyway when there are no more living humans. It’s a conundrum something unsolvable. How can we allow them to live if they need us to die. How can I love one if I can only stay by his side if I die. Life is confusing and not easy at all but it shouldn’t be this hard. Vampires, a new predator or an old predator in the land called Earth. With them around  we never know when we will become there meal but without them we lose the hope of one day being one of them. It’s a desire we never know we want until we cant have it. If we knew it was possible and if everyone knew they were real, out there living among us in the night would we not want to become one; love one even. It was all so confusing but in the end I knew what was real and I knew I loved one. I also knew Sapphire would never do anything like that and if he did I don’t think I would really have it in me to hate him. I started to realize that I didn’t hate him even now. I loved him more and would continue to do so no matter what.
“Hey so you want to order or keep hearing me babble about my family,” Lauren said.
“Order, I am so hungry now,” I said.  I ordered two different orders and so did he. It was really yummy and I enjoyed the meal and his company. I was really happy to have Lauren around and glad that he told me his families story. I guess I understand him better now and understand how he just wants to do the right thing. We may have seen a dead body and acted like nothing afterwards but I know deep down he is still worried and angry. He wants to find the vampire responsible and stop him before he kills again. Just knowing about them must make him and his family feel like they are responsible themselves for not doing something about it. I just had to keep telling him that Sapphire and his brothers weren’t the ones causing these murders. I needed him to stop blaming them. It was hard to deal with all of this. Having a best friend who was a vampire hunter and a sort of boyfriend who was a vampire. They would never get along and if all went wrong they would hurt each other and then hurt me. I realized I didn’t want to choose. I wanted them both in my life. They both made me feel alive and without each of them I felt empty inside.
After we were done eating, Lauren drove me home and told me to text me if I ever needed help. I guess that meant if I ever saw Sapphire or any vampire I should tell him. I was very sleepy it was only about seven but I had enough of this day and for once was looking forward to school. So I went to sleep in my pajamas and had a wonderful nights sleep for once. In the morning I grabbed my towel and happened to remember the moments I shared with Sapphire. Taking a shower together and even sleeping together. All of these wonderful blissful memories crossed my mind. It was lovely but annoying at the same time. I went into the shower and I could almost feel Sapphires  hands on my shoulder then running down my arm. I felt warm, the warmth from the water as it hit my skin. Then I could feel his hand on my face caressing my cheek. I could feel his lips on mine and then see me kissing him. I felt him and I felt him touch me. I was so happy but I knew once I opened my eyes I would go back to reality and he would be gone. I finished taking a shower and got dressed. I went downstairs and grabbed some chewy chocolate cookies and milk for breakfast.
“Why does Ami got to eat cookies for breakfast” Alexis said.
“Because she doesn’t matter,” my mom said.
“Here you go,” I whispered to Alexis as I handed her a cookie. I then gave a cookie to my other two sisters and headed to the door. Once I was outside I saw Lauren waiting for me by his car. He waved hello and offered me a ride. Atleast I could rely on him for now. I still had this unsettling nerve that I no matter what I could never forget about Sapphire but I wanted to try to be happy without him. I wanted to try to keep on living so atleast then maybe one day I could see him again. It was like a revolving merry-go-round I couldn’t get off of. I enjoyed the ride but if there was a way off wouldn’t I take it. I wanted to have hope and wanted to wait but then I would be wasting my time and life once more. All of this made no sense but I didn’t care. I need him to come back, I wanted him to come back.

Lunch time was the only memorable moment of todays school day. I was sitting at a round table with Karen, Erica and Sarah. Erica was reading one of her torturing methods book. Sarah was just eating and Karen was in other universe apparently. Usually when we are doing something that she finds uncool and weird she comments on it. Today she was speechless and had her head in the clouds. I asked her if she was okay and she just nodded. I rolled my eyes and turned my head. I didn’t know what had gotten to her but she seemed happy. Kevin and Vincent came over to our table to bother us. They were picking on Erica but she just ignored them and smiled wickidly at them. They seemed scared at the thought of her torturing them with the methods she was learning. They then began to pick on Karen. They tried to acuse her of having something to hide behind her scarf. I didn’t pay attention to it because Karen almost always dress over the top even just for school. The scarf  at least went with her outfit. I didn’t know what it was about but Kevin wouldn’t let it go.
“Oh have you been passing it around again,” Kevin said to Karen.
“Oh sad cause it wasn’t to you,” she said.  He then went up to her and tried to pull it off. She tugged back and even stood up to push him away. I finally got up and pushed them off and told them to get lost. I turned around and noticed Karen adjusting her scarf. I looked at her neck and noticed she had two small holes. They were like mine when I. I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t want to believe it. No it wasn’t them any of them, right? I was so confused but I couldn’t confront Karen about it. Who else would have kept her alive? I got up and went to the parking lot. I texted Lauren and asked him to skip school with me. He came to the parking lot and we drove off.
“No, no, no it cant be,” I repeated to myself.
“Whats wrong?” Lauren asked.  I was beginning to lose my mind. If it was one of them why her and why did they stay? Somehow I always believed they would have left the country. I couldn’t bare to have him still be in Miami and feeding. I wouldn’t want to live.
“She was bitten,” I said.
“Who?” Lauren asked.
“Karen,” I said whimperingly.
“What, by who and why, I knew they didn’t leave,” he said.
“No, they didn’t they wouldn’t it had to be someone else,” I said. I was able to say that with such asserivatiness and without doubt but inside and to myself I couldn’t believe it. I did think Sapphire betrayed me. I was so upset. Lauren took me to Bayside and we sat on a bench by the fountain. It was empty not many people walking around. It was Monday and work hadn’t come to a close yet. Not really a tourist month. Lauren was upset as well but I didn’t know what to say to calm him. I didn’t know what to say to calm myself.
“So what do we do now,” I said.
“I need to find the vampire, I guess now that I have a lead I can investigate more, Karen will lead me to the culprit,” he explained.
“I guess so,” I said softly. I was worried for him and Karen now. Why has this begun to happen? I needed answers and the three people who could give me them, straight clear answers were no where to be found.
“It will be fine I promise,” Lauren said to me while he held my hand.
We walked around for a bit then I headed home to pick up my sisters from the bus stop. Once we were all home I prepared dinner. I made my sisters mac and cheese and some chicken nuggets. They enjoyed this meal more then I did. While I was cleaning up the kitchen I got a text from Lauren. Apparently Karen was having a party at her house. It seemed to be perfect timing and unusual. Karen loved attending parties not throwing them since it involved a clean up. I sent him a text back saying I would go with him. He seemed reluctant but he knew I would go without him. I was curious and needed to know who the vampire was.
I hurried up stairs and got dressed. I picked a yellow bodycon dress, it was textured and tightly fitted. Somehow I felt more daring and adventurous now. I was masking my pain but I wanted to keep moving forward and be normal. I texted Lauren that I was on my way while I finished putting on my black sandal style platform stiletto heels. I grabbed my clutch and headed out the door. I took my moms car and headed to Karens house.  As soon as I arrived I spotted Lauren standing by his car apparently waiting for me. There were so many people all ready inside and crowed outside the house. After I found a parking spot I got out of the car and walked over to Lauren. I noticed he was staring at me for a good while. I finally grabbed him by his sleeve and told him we should go inside.  We began to look for Karen and tried to spot anyone who looked weird. There was no sign of Karen or suspious characters. Lauren decided to head upstairs and I searched the backyard. I noticed there weren’t just kids from my school here but much older women too. The fact that there were older women here meant the vampire must be gathering options for his meal. we still had no idea who it was though. I finally spotted Karen by her pool. She looked like she was anxious and looking for someone.  I walked over to her.
“Hey,” I said to Karen.
“Hi,” she frantically said back.
“You looking for something.. Someone,” I said.
“Yes, no, yes, um no I’m not,” she said with frustration. “You know what  I’m just making sure everything is okay,” she said aggressively.
“Okay,” I replied. She began to tell everyone to go inside. I was left alone in the backyard. I started to look around and walked around the pool.
“Want to go for a swim,” someone whispered in my ear behind me. I turned around and it was the guy from the club. I was immediately drawn to his eyes. I closed mine and took a deep breath. It was him it had to be. I wasn’t scared but I was worried. I didn’t know what to do now.
“Well,” the guy said.
“Who are you?” I asked.
“Oh, hello my name is Emerald and you are?” he asked.
“Amelia,” I said nervously.
“What a lovely name for such a lovely rose,” he said.
“Do you want to dance?” Emerald asked.
“No,” I said bluntly.  He jokingly frowned and grabbed my hand.
“I know you know so why not just come out and say something,” he said. He lifted my hand to his mouth and licked it. He then proceeded to kiss my hand and took a little bite. It didn’t pierce my skin but it hurt enough to make me moan. I pulled my hand away and pushed him away from me.
“What do you want?” I asked. He giggle and smiled.
“You need not worry I’ll never leave,” he said. I slapped him arcoss the face. I didn’t know who he knew but I was angry. He grabbed me by my elbow and pulled me towards him.
“You do smell so sweet and delious,” he said.  I begged him to let go but he wouldn’t. He just kept smiling at me. He began to kiss my neck and I started to scream but he quickly covered my mouth.
“I don’t want to drink from you without your consent it will be much more meaningful when you allow me to better if you ask me to, don’t you think?” he said.  He let go of me and walked back inside. He started to talk up some girls and dance with them. I went back inside and was unsure if I should tell Lauren. He came back to the living room.
“Well you want to dance,” Lauren said. I looked at him puzzled.
“Might as well since were not making any progress,” he said.
“Um I don’t know,” I said. He grabbed my hand and took me to the center of the room. He started to dance but I just stood there. There were many other people dancing and a couple of steps away was Emerald and Karen. I was worried, if Lauren turned and looked at them he would know. I didn’t really know what would happen. Lauren the leaned forward and whispered to me “you should try to have fun.”
“I am,” I said.
“Okay,” he replied. He got even closer to me and tried to kiss me. Before his lips could touch mine I felt someone pull me. Emerald had grabbed me by my arm and pulled me to him.
“You shouldn’t force a lady to do something she doesn’t want to do,” Emerald said.
“And who are you?” Lauren asked Emerald. I turned to Emerald and told him to stop. He laughed and grinned at me and Lauren.
“You should really mind your own business before someone drives a stake into you throat, oh I mean heart,” Lauren said. Lauren figured out what Emerald was. I tried to take Lauren out of the room but he wouldn’t move.
“Wow hunters still up and about this day in age I thought we had killed them all already,” Emerald said to Sapphire.  Lauren got furious and shoved Emerald.
“Hey whats your problem,” Karen said to Lauren.
“Honey keep out of it and go for a walk,” Emerald said to Karen. She obeyed his order and walked away.
“I am going to slaughter you,” Lauren said.  He then tried to take something out of his jacket and was surprised at what fell out.
“Looking for this,” Emerald said while waving a  3 ½ inch blade. I noticed an envelope had fallen out of Laurens jacket. I picked it up and it was addressed to me.
“What is this,” I said to Lauren. He looked at me nervously. I began to get irrated and repeated “what is this,” but more aggressively.
“Looks like a love letter but what do I know,” Emerald said.
“I’m sorry Amelia but he cant explain just leaving especially not in a letter,” Lauren said.
“What!” I shouted. I slapped Lauren in the face and then told him to stay away from me.
“Please don’t,” Lauren pleaded.
“No! stay away from me. You hurt me he hurt me. You and Sapphire can go to hell,” I said angrily to Lauren. I then rushed outside and to my moms car. I drove home in tears. I didn’t want to read the letter but I couldn’t just leave it alone. I had to know but I didn’t want to. I just wanted to rip it up but as mush I wanted to I still hoped. This letter would give me closure or maybe it would give me my heart back.

Ch. 9  Another chance meeting but is it a friend or foe

I wasn’t ready to forgive Sapphire or Lauren for that matter. They hurt me so much I ddint want to give them any more chances. I hesitated reading the letter. I got home and put on some sweats and hoody. I put my hair in a ponytail and sat down on my bed. I laid the letter faced up on my bed. My name written in cursive letters. It was neat and pretty. I stared at the envelope for half an hour. I watched tv and pushed it aside. I listened to music and held it in my hands. I finally decide to read it. I reluctantly opened it and pulled out the letter. It was written on a simple white paper. The letters so small but readable. Hand written in cursive writing. I almost wanted to put it back in the envelope but I began to read it.
“ My beautiful  Amelia how I wish I could have always kept you safe and sound. I never wanted you to suffer. I never wanted to make you cry. I always wanted to stay by your side. This is not goodbye but for now I have to leave. I have to keep you safe. I know I am breaking my promise but I hope you can understand that I need you to be safe. Meeting you has been the best thing that ever happened to me. I finally found a reason to live. Even my brothers couldn’t mask my pain. I was sad and alone. I tried to hold on to our bond as family but it wasn’t enough. I wanted to end it everyday and every night of my immortal lifel. I use to have dreams of you. Your face, your eyes, and your lips. I imagined someone like you and never dreamed that I would meet you. I knew it was you the moment I met you. You were only a child but I was drawn to you. I asked my brothers to contiue visiting our old home so I could see you night after night. Your scent was so alluring even then. It makes me sound so unusual but I knew I could never be without you from that moment on. I knew if I could get to you before any other man I could fullfill my deepest desire. Which was to be near you, to hold you, and to love you. I tasted your blood that night we enter your room ten years ago. I made you forget because I didn’t want you to be troubled or scared by it or me. I have fallen madly in love with you and ill spend forever doing so. I told you once before it was not just your blood but your heart that I lust after. Please don’t be angry and please don’t fall in love with anyone else. It might be too much to ask but I can not bare the thought of you being with any other man. I can not say when I will be back but I will make it back to you. If I could take a breath I wouldn’t breathe until I saw your face again. I miss you with evey bone in my dead body. I have no more words because all I want to say is I love you, I miss you and I am sorry. I want to feel your embrace and taste your soft lips. I am not breaking my promise so please forgive me. Keep breathing because I wont leave you for to long my love. Hold on to me and please don’t let me go.”
forever yours & keep me in your heart
Sapphire Mikhailovich Aleksandrov

I was touched  by his letter but still saddened. It didn’t explain much but it did make me love him more and I believe that was his plan.

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New book idea had dream last night started writing today.. no title

No one chooses to be born. We have no say in the matter. We cannot choose our mother or our father. We just come into the world blind. With each passing day, we learn the truth, about how we were conceived and why then by whom. Slowly we learn the reason but not all of them are what we except or even can possibly imagine. I didn’t know who my father was I barely know my mother but I think I would have rather  not known anything then to find out what my birth meant and what my life had in store for me. My name is Elisabeth Castro I am eighteen years old and a freshmen in college. I recently left NYU to visit my mother in Buffalo, New York. It was summer in the year 2008 and even though I had an apartment in the city and a cool roommate, I thought I should visit my mother. I had not seen her since my graduation. I missed her. We use to be super close until she told me I was not my father’s child. Things definitely changed after that. My step dad became an asshole and my sister followed suit. My mother stopped defending me and just became some sort of pod person. She hardly spoke just followed orders. It was strange my father was always a tyrant but seriously took a turn for the worse when she told him the truth. My mother kept this secret for eighteen years then right before I went on stage to get my diploma she told me. I cried all the way from my seat to the stage. I didn’t even lift my head up when they handed me the diploma. I did not even know why I was going but I wanted to see if she was okay. I did still love her and she was still my mother. When I realized it, she was my only family, my flesh and blood. Her name was Raquel Castro but because my step dad could not pronounce it or did not want to, he started to call her Rachel. Everyone then began calling her that also. She was beautiful, short hazel brown hair and brown eyes. She had me when she eighteen so she was like my best friend and my sister. She was so kind, sweet and smart. She wanted to be a teacher but became a homemaker instead. I felt bad for her and decided to be a teacher for her also because I love teaching too. I guess I was like her in some ways and that made me happy. She was only thirty-six and could still have a life for herself but she chooses to follow a man who treats her like crap. I wanted more for her but it was up to her to change. I at least wanted to be near her and try to help her out of the state she was in. I was glad I looked like my mother. Everyone always said so and now that I know my father isn’t my father, I am proud that I look like someone I know. My hair was darker then hers but I had her eyes and face. The same brown eyes and round face with strong cheekbones. When we both smiled, you could see them more and I remember when we would pinch each other’s cheeks when I was little. I miss many of those moments but for now, I had to be strong for the both of us. My step dad George Sanderson was a modest man at first until he just snapped and became a dick all of sudden. He is ten years older then my mom I never understand what she saw in him. He already has a few gray hairs and is not that good looking. I would say he was average the very definition of the word. He wasn’t too built or too thin. He wasn’t short but not tall either. He was the same height as my mom. I don’t know he was an average Joe and now he acts like a king without a thrown. He does not look like an awful man but he did start acting like it after he knew I wasn’t his daughter. I think you always imagine if that happens they will still except you because they loved you and cared for you. I guess it was to much to ask for. George also had a daughter from a pervious marriage but we all knew that. My sister Anna was sweet and fragile but had a dark side as I soon learned. She was only fiver years older then me and already married. She was very erratic and deceitful once she knew the truth. That day I felt my entire family turn on me, one after the other. I didn’t know why was I that much of a disgrace. Did I really not belong anymore? I would have stayed in Buffalo to go to school but going away seemed like the best thing for everyone. I did miss my old life but why dwell on it. Its better to know the real you the real everyone then live with impostors and deceivers your whole life. As you get older, you will learn not everyone is whom he or she says there are. As you get older, you stop believing in fairy tales and learn to see everything for what it truly is. It is not always a good thing sometime you want to live like a child forever but then you learn the only way you can defend yourself is by growing up and getting strong.
I loved buffalo; it was my home away from home. I find it so peaceful and warm. Even when it is freezing, I still find myself warm. It was a wonderful place to live. Everyone always dreams about going to the city but New York is loud and crowed. Buffalo is simple and simple means perfect. It is the best place in the world or at least I say so. I remember many winters playing in the snow making snowmen. Going to church and having snowball fights along the way and on the way back home. Those were memories of someone else’s life. It was not my life anymore, who was I anyways. The only thing I had left was Buffalo, it stayed constant it never changed. I could rely on it to be there, always and never let me down. It was silly I know but it was all I had. I did not know at the time if my life changed for the better or for the worst but I would soon find out that it was for the good of humanity.

Lying down in my childhood room in my twin bed I had began to miss my queen size but this seemed less lonely. My hello kitty poster and my collection of rare elephant figurines my black and pink television was still in the same place and all my teddy bears too. My scented candles still smelled so sweet and delicious Mango, cherry and peach. It was like a fruity paradise. My Minnie mouse watch still told me the time. The only thing out of place was my luggage on the floor. Even my purple sheets with white stripes remained me of my old life. Even though they smelled fresh and clean. All my old drawings were being covered in dust, which remained me that I have not been here in awhile. I kept looking around the room trying to feel like I did before but it didn’t work for long. All my throw pillows still smelled like me. I missed my room it made me feel safe and at home. My mother finally came home from the grocery store. She was surprised and happy to see me. She wanted to be here before I came but she forgot what time I was going to arrive. She hugged me for several minutes until she said she would make me something to eat. I missed her cooking she was really good at it. She made me caldo de pollo it wasn’t so hot outside so it was perfect. We had lunch together while we talked about my school life. I told her it was going great and I loved every minute of it. Soon after my step dad came home from worker. He was a construction worker. He didn’t say much to me and just went to his room. Finally, my sister and her husband came home. Her husband Jeremy Carter was twenty-five and a cook at a local restaurant. He was okay but not a five star restaurant chef or anything. He didn’t seem so nice not even at first. I have known him for a while since my sister started dating him and soon after to when they got married. I can say though they seem perfect for each other. I tried to ignore them while I was here. They had no shame in public displays of affection. It didn’t take long for me to regret coming here. I tried to hang in there though for my mom sake.
The next day we all had breakfast together. I guess it was the first day things started to take a turn for the weird. My mom told me to tell everyone about my classes and professors so I did. Looking around the table, I see my sister rolling her eyes. Maybe at the fact she didn’t go to college and barely passed high school. Her husband kept staring at my breast and then smiled creepy at me. My step dad looked bored and my mom just buried her face in her eggs. I stopped talking and asked my sister what she was up to these days. She took a minute to answer and finally said she was getting ready to move out and house hunting. She tried to say it so proudly but the fact was she still lived at home with her parents and was married. Her husband lived her too, which was so weird. I tried to look interested but I think she could tell I was faking it. I wanted to get up and leave but I knew that would offend her more. My step dad finally spoke and began to insult me. “You would think that Elizabeth would have something better to do for the summer then come bother us,” he said. I looked at him and smiled. I grabbed my plate and my mothers so I could go wash them in the kitchen. My father continued to insult me in the dinning room to my sister and Jeremy. I was starting to get annoyed but I would not let him get to me or run me out of my own house. I sometimes wish my mother hadn’t have met my step dad. It was too bizarre how they met anyways. His first wife Carrie was really sweet. This was a small community were we lived so I knew her even before I knew George. She was a beautiful blonde woman with the sweetest smile. Her voice was so kind and adorable too. She was from Nashville but came to Buffalo when she was twelve and stayed here ever since. She use to visit Nashville for Christmas but stopped when her and George got a divorce. The whole thing was strange and sad. He saw my mom at a local grocery store and asked her out. My mother rejected him because she knew he was married. The next day he said he would get a divorce and wanted to be with her. My mother told me she finally accepted him after awhile of his advances. The town’s people though say it happened so soon he left his wife and moved in with my mom just like that. Out of nowhere, he just left Carrie and Anna. Anna was only four. Then in a year, I was born. My mother and Carrie didn’t know why George left his family. Carrie’s family all said he had a midlife crisis and sought out a younger woman. My mother explained to me though it wasn’t just a younger woman he wanted it was her. Carrie would say the same thing but she thought he was obsessed with my mother. Carrie for about a year kept trying to get George to come to his senses. My mother wanted him to take responsibility for Anna and not abandon her. I always hated saying this but almost like fate, Carrie died mysteriously a few months after that and George got full custody of Anna. They were finally left alone and lived happily ever after, if you could even call it that. I slowly found all this out by people from the neighborhood, George, Anna and my mom. Each one had there own version but no matter how the spun it the story always ended tragic. Carrie didn’t deserve any of that but George wouldn’t let my mother go until he had her. Just like now, he hardly lets her do anything and its not as if he is doing it just for her safety but it is as if he wants her near him at all times. It was all strange because some moments my family was normal and then it wasn’t. I had a loving, caring family and then I had a crazy stalker dickhead of a dad. I didn’t understand any of it.
I decided to take a drive to Delaware Park and jog for a bit. The sun wasn’t to hot and there was a little bit of a breeze. It was a nice day for a jog. I put my headphones on and played my running play list. It was full of songs with intense lyrics. Mostly to inspire me to keep pushing and make it to the end. It was corny but very affective. I ran all the way around twice and as I walked back to the car, I notice this guy walking his dog. Well first, I noticed the dog it was a cute Dalmatian. Afterwards I noticed the guy walking the dog was an old friend of mine from well from forever. I had gone to Elementary school with him all the way to high school even. David Collin was eighteen too like me and he attended UB. I was glad he stayed in Buffalo I guess he was my best friend. We kept in touch through emails and voicemails. I was glad David stayed because I could always come back and find him. It was selfish I know but if he moved away and went to school out of state, I wouldn’t be able to see him anymore. He had six brothers and sisters. Three were girls and three were boys. He loved being from a big family and his family was great. He finally noticed me and said, “Look who it is.” I smiled and ran towards him. “So who’s your new friend,” I said. He looked down at his dog and said, “This is Mason.”  I reached down to pet him he was such a friendly dog.
“Cute,” I said.
“I knew you always found me cute but I am taken now,” David said.
“Ha ha,” I said back.
“Well look at you, you look great and I am glad your back,” he said.
“Me too,” I replied.
“We should go somewhere and talk,” he said. I agreed with him and told him to let me drive him. He was surprised I decided to go right now but I didn’t have a reason to head home so soon. He lives close to Delaware Park so I knew he didn’t bring his car. I drove us to a local pizza place. La Novas was an amazing pizza place. I missed this place so much I knew I had to eat here for the whole summer before I went back. We both laughed at the fact that I was super hungry after my jog and to top that I was eating pizza of all things. It was nice catching up with David. He told me about his school life. He loved UB and did enjoy his decision to stay home and go to school. He was studying to be a doctor he was super smart too. I knew he could do it. He was never into sport even though he played football and baseball in high school. I think he did that for his dad though. He wasn’t muscular or built but he was fast. He was a little cutie though. He had a little kids face. It was as if he was always so unaware of even the most obvious things like a kid. So yeah, he was oblivious. It was sweet though better to have a guy not know he was attractive then a guy who is full of himself. He didn’t notice all the girls who flirted with him either. All he worried about was passing his chemistry classes. He was a closet nerd and only I saw his anime collection. I think we had that in common though. We loved watch Japanese anime even though I preferred romance anime while he obsessed over the action ones. I always found myself liking things that no one else did or even knew about. I guess that is why I liked hanging out with David he was just like me. He didn’t judge me or would dare make fun of me for what I liked. This was the first time that I have felt like I was home and happy since I got here. I was just smiling the entire time. “Oh my goodness, this pizza is amazing,” I said to David.
“Oh I know I can’t go a weekend without it,” he said.
“New York pizza has nothing on this,” I shouted. Everyone in the restaurant clapped and shouted back with agreement. “You know we have to do what we haven’t done in awhile,” David said.
“Yes we do,” I said back. We finished our pizza and headed to his place. David lived in a studio apartment on Delaware. It was nice and not small at all perfect for one person. You walk and see his bedroom, his bed there in front with a window behind it. He had a medium sized dresser and a closet even. On the far side of his bed there was a bit of a large space. This could be called his living room. He had a couch and TV even a plant on the side of his table stand. On the other side, there was a table and two chairs, his dining room I guess. Of course, this was all one room but he had divided it all up nicely. He had three sections in one room. Then there was another door for his bathroom and the kitchen just opened up from the left side of the front door but was also part of the same one room. He had a terrace though because he lived on the fourth floor. It was surprisingly neat. He had never been dirty or anything but, he was a college guy now. He told me to sit on the couch and he would be there in a second. He was shuffling through this box by his bed.
He pulled out a DVD and came with it toward the living room. He put it in the DVD player and pressed play. To my astonishment, it was one of my favorite animes that I hadn’t seen in a long time. “Myself; Yourself” was what it was called. I remember the story though. It was a bit sad in some episodes. Mainly it was about a boy who came back to his old town and found out one of his friends really needed him when he was gone. He never knew the tragedy she had been through. He himself was going through a rough time because of the move. It made me feel like me coming back here was going to reveal some horror stories I didn’t know about. What had happened in these months that I had been away? I didn’t write my mother because I knew she wouldn’t write back. Why would I bother to write my step dad or sister? I wasn’t so excited to see the anime at this point. I had completely freaked myself out. We then started to watch other animes like Blood plus and new episodes of an anime I really liked Itazura Na Kiss. It was a fun afternoon. We ate more junk food and caught up on old times. He even tried to get me to watch one of his favorite animes Naruto but I didn’t like it so much. We laughed and had a great time. It was nice to have this and it was still the same. “You know I get lonely without you,” David said to me.
“So do I,” I said back. He smiled and pushed me toward him. We just sat there watching anime until it was late. With me leaning on him and his arm around me. I was starting to get sad I knew this moment was just for today and even if we did repeat it, I would have to go soon. It was around eleven when I suggested I should head home. I then realized I didn’t have my old key so I would have to knock or ring the bell. Just the thought of having to bug them made me shiver. I didn’t want to have a confrontation with any of my family members so David suggested I stay with him. Mason agreed and even sat on my lap. David said he would sleep on the couch but since he had a king size bed I told him I wouldn’t take up much space. I asked him to sleep with me. He got so red I thought he was going to pass out but he finally calmed down. We laid down on the bed and watched TV from there. Clannad  and Clannad After Story, it was a beautiful love story I thought. I loved this anime a lot. It was sweet and yet very sad. We watched as much as we could until we both passed out. It was nice even Mason joined us in bed. In the morning David made me breakfast, French toast and sausage. He even made me hot cocoa. I woke up to Mason licking my face. Before I ate though I went to wash my face and asked David if I could take a shower. He went down stairs to wash my clothes. I was even shocked and a bit nervous that he took my clothes including my underwear to wash. He came back up and walked into the bathroom to leave a pair of his sweat pants and t-shirt. He stayed staring at the curtain for a good while though. Until I dropped the shampoo bottle and startled him. When I got out I was wearing a pair of his boxers and sweats and shirt but of course he didn’t have a replacement for my bra. I was nervous to walk out but I had no choice. I was getting hungry. We ate on the table and he not even once looked up. I think even he notice I wasn’t wearing a bra. The food was delicious. I tried to make conversation with him and praise him for the good food but he didn’t look up either way. When we were done we decide to watch some TV. A new episode of an anime I had fell in love with had just been put online. Special A was an anime I completely loved. I don’t know why or when I fell in love with anime but I know that romance anime was like romantic comedies to me. Instead of watching movies and actors I watched these cartoons. It was romantic and I found it nice. I loved the idea of love and how you can find someone who is meant for you or complements you. Someone who is perfect for you and never lets you down. A happy ending but that only happens in anime. That’s why I kept watching over the years even if I was an adult I still craved it because it gave me hope. It was my fantasy world where anything was possible. Also I think I was a bit jealous that I couldn’t have what they had. That I couldn’t have a Kei Takishima for myself. Finding a great guy that was devoted to you just you was hard to find if not impossible. I dare anyone to look for a guy like those in animes or even movies. I know that’s why there fake but come on. Sometimes we want it to be real so bad. Come on tell me you don’t. That’s the beauty of them all and why they continue to be popular and continue to be made. We cant deny it we are all hoping that those romantic things we see or read about can come true. Sometimes we get version of them but the fake make believe stuff is always better. The episode “High Fever ~ Passion” was my favorite to date. I couldn’t wait for the new. I was so excited and in love. I could see David wasn’t as impressed as I was with the anime and especially the episode. I kept nudging him to react. Mason was even barking so much but not even a word from David. Mason finally had enough and jumped on David causing me to fall back on the bed. David rolled over and was right on top of me.
“ Are you cold?” David asked.
“No, I’m okay,” I said.
“Right,” David said softly.
“Are you okay?” I asked.
“You know your like my sister right,” he said.
“I know,” I said back.
“But your not my sister,” he said as he began to pant. He began to brush my hair with his fingers.
“I know,” I said. I think I began to breath fast too.
“So its not a bad thing if I,” he said before he leaned in and kissed me. It was my first kiss. We kept kissing for several minutes until Mason jumped on the bed and barked at us. We both got up and looked away from each other. I was blushing and I could see so was he. It was nice though if I would have ever had a choice in who I kissed for the first time. I would have chosen him. I never got close to anyone. Not in middle school when guys started to pay attention to me. Not in high school when I was asked out repeatedly. I never knew why but I didn’t trust anyone. Especially guys so I couldn’t let myself do normal things. I distanced myself from men for a long time. I guess I was afraid of being a Carrie or a Rachel. I know I always wished I could have had a guy like one of those in the animes I saw. I knew it wasn’t likely I would find that so I just got scared. I scared myself from parties and dances. I was glad that David and I went to Prom together. I guess I was starting to realize that David was the only guy I wasn’t afraid of. I knew I could trust him. I knew I liked him and we had so much in common. I guess back then we both had our share of suitors and we saw each other as friends. I don’t maybe it was a combination of things but we never got to this point. Even though I think now we should have and I was surprised we hadn’t by now. I didn’t think of David as a crush or boyfriend but I should have. He has always been by my side. He has never let me down. David finally talked to me again. He suggests we take Mason for a walk. I agreed. We walked through the jogging path at the park and talked.
“I’m sorry for just kissing you,” he said.
“No worries it was a thank you for letting me borrow your clothes and your sweater now,” I said.
“Well you needed the sweater I wouldn’t want you to come outside without it and I kissed you so,” he explained.
“I know but I did kiss you back so,” I told him.
“Oh thank you,” he said.
“Your welcome,” I said back.
“We should do it.. do it again sometime,” he said. I laughed and just smiled at him. Mason then ran off and we went chasing after him. He finally stopped and sat on the grass. We caught up to him and we were both out of breath. Mason ran around shoving us until we both fell. We laid on the grass laughing so hard and loud. He reached out and grabbed my hand. It was nice lying there holding hands.
“You have no idea how amazing you are,” he said.
“Your great too,” I said.
“You know you’re the first girl I’ve ever kissed,” he said.
“Really?” I asked.
“Yeah and I am glad,” he said.
“I am really glad,” I said. I was so happy I almost forgot I was in the grass dressed up in guys clothes. David said we should go and he had put my clothes in the dryer before we left so they were probably ready. I knew I had to go home to so we head back to his apartment. My clothes were finally clean but I couldn’t help feeling a little bad because I was wearing the clothes I wore the day before. I promised David I would come over again soon. He promised to text me later. It was so bizarre we were friends a couple of hours ago. Even though I wasn’t sure what exactly we were now but we were definitely closer now. I went downstairs and to my car. David ran after me and gave me a kiss before I left. It was an amazing kiss, his lips on mine. The taste of it was so captivating. I got in my car and drove home. I noticed my step dads car and everyone else’s too. So everyone was home I was so happy. I went up to the door and my mom luckily was near by so she opened the door let me in. I went inside and she told me dinner was almost ready. I looked at my watch and it was already four. Jeez I was gone so long. I could only pray that no one noticed or cared that I was gone. I helped my mom set the table and serve the food. She had prepared Carne asada con arroz y frijoles. It all smelled so good. My step dad, Anna, and Jeremy finally came down and sat at the table.
“Oh so the bastard child finally came home,” Anna said. I looked at her with disbelief. She wasn’t so nice to me but never this mean. I didn’t know what happen to the sister I had when I was younger.
“God woman could you make something American,” my step dad said. I wanted to slap him.
“If you don’t like it you can go eat somewhere else,” I said. He slammed his cup on the table and my mother rushed to pour him some beer. I wanted to throw the beer in his face and no I mean the bottle and then maybe pour it on his head.
“At least it taste good,” Jeremy said. We all sat around and ate dinner together. It wasn’t pleasant from then on just more quiet. When I was finished I went upstairs. I got one of my larger hand bags and put clothes in it. I got a text from David saying “ he missed me.” I was so happy and I smiled almost forgetting what I had just gone through. I text him back asking “ Can I come over again? To soon?” He didn’t mind and told me to come over ASAP. I grabbed my bad and went to go look for my mom. I noticed my mom wasn’t wearing her rosary anymore. I took off my necklace with the virgen de Guadalupe pendant on it and put it on her. I told her not to take it off and to be safe and try to be happy. I kissed her on the cheek and gave her a hug. Then I made the sign of the cross from her forehead to her left shoulder then to the right, while saying
“  En el nombre del Padre, y del Hijo y del Espíritu Santo. Amén.” She seemed to get a little agitated when I did that but I had to persignar la. I just really wanted my mom to be okay and get better. She seemed so empty inside. I almost didn’t want to leave her but I didn’t know what to do. I kissed her on the cheek one more time and left. Once I got to David’s apartment I told him about dinner. He commented on my moms cooking and how he missed it too. I elbowed him in the stomach and told him that wasn’t the point or what mattered. He tried to comfort me telling me my mom was probably trying to stick it out for both Anna and me. I didn’t know why she stayed or put up with it but I was getting tired of it. David knew all about George, Carrie, my mom and Anna. He knew what happened back then and the stories everyone told. He even began to tell me about a story he heard once from a friend. Some neighbors and members from Carries family thought George killed her so he could be with my mom. I didn’t know what to think but knowing George now and hearing him I could almost imagine him being that cruel and sadistic. He use to be so kind but maybe it was all an act. David tried to take my mind off of it. He showed me this new anime called “Vampire Knight.” It was really cool and funny. I don’t think vampires was the best way to forget but I did like horror. We got up to episode eleven, it was very romantic and funny. I swear animes will be the death of me. We then started to play Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and then Assassin’s Creed. We had a blast I loved playing PS3. It was another outlet for me to get away and not think so much of what was real. It was finally night and I was getting sleepy. We both went to bed and brought Mason with us. We laid there talking about our past and how we use to get in trouble. How we build forts and stayed up late on the phone. David turned around and looked at me. “I don’t know why I didn’t say anything before but its been a long time coming. I’ve wanted to hold you for so long that I almost thought at times I had. Our friendship is all I needed until now,” He said to me. I started to cry and kissed him. We told each other goodnight and told Mason goodnight. I fell asleep easy that night but I had a horrible and confusing dream. I could still remember every bit of it when I woke up. There were these strange men dressed in these beautiful expensive looking robes. They were staring at me almost as if they were judging me. I felt like they could see right through me. My dream faded away but then I was in a room hiding in a closet. I felt someone coming and I felt so scared. My dream ran as fast like it went from one to another at the speed of light. It was all the same dream though all of it was connected somehow. It then took me to a bathroom, someone was showering but they weren’t alone. I got closer and I saw a woman she was having sex with someone in the shower but I wasn’t aroused or anything. I was angry and terrified. I started running again and I kept feeling as if someone or something was after me. I ran and ran until I bumped into a man dressed in a dark blue shroud. I screamed and then woke up. I didn’t know what any of that meant but I was scared. I always hated the fact that my dreams felt real. Everything about them felt more like memories. I also hated that I could remember almost every part of them. I thought everyone forgot there dreams but I guess for the lucky ones you can enjoy the fact that you can recall that crazy guy chasing you with a chainsaw. At least the smell of pancakes and hash browns was in the air to take my mind off of the dream. I was to embarrassed to tell David about the dream. He and most guys would say it was a erotic nightmare but I didn’t get aroused and definitely no pleasure came from it. I didn’t need him to think I was a freak and a nerd. We sat down to eat breakfast again this morning. David talked about official taking me out on a date. Even though he reluctantly avoided asking me out or even saying such words as will you be my girlfriend. Once you reach a certain age I guess getting asked out changes in format but you still need to ask a girl. I mean this is why we get confused we are acting like a couple but if he was secretly like other jerk guys he would be thinking were buddies not together. If I assumed more then what was actually happening I would look like a fool but then again David was David and I knew him. He was sweet not a jerk. David talked about wanting to get a job for the summer but thought that now with me here we could do other things. I smiled and said not to change his plans on a count of me being here. Once we were done eating his amazing breakfast we decided to head to the Naval Park Cove and take a ferry ride. I have not gone on a ferry ride since I was like five. I was looking forward to it. I wanted to do everything and anything that buffalo had to offer. I missed this place so much that I didn’t want to miss a thing. I felt like a tourist only because I had not experienced it in a long time and because I would leave soon. Thinking about leaving made me fearful. I didn’t want to think about what that meant about my new found relationship with David. We kept in touch but not so much and with this new found emotion I have for him I don’t think I could take it. Being away from him or speaking to him less and even not seeing him everyday would hurt me and make me sad.
Once we got there we headed to Queen City Ferry Company. It was beautiful and peaceful.
“Next we should try the Maid of the Mist,” David said. I was so afraid of that boat tour even though I imagine it is more spectacular and exciting. I was just to afraid to even step foot anywhere near it. I wasn’t much of a risk taker or daredevil. I liked safe and calm. I punched David in the arm for even suggesting it but I smiled and laughed too. I started to look up at the clouds. It was nice and sunny today. Lots of clouds and it was a clear blue sky. All of a sudden I almost thought I saw a shooting star. In the middle of the day I thought. No way. I was so surprised but I know I saw a bright light just soar across the sky. I had figured I was seeing thing so I paid no attention to it. After the ferry ride we were both hungry so we decided to drive to a grocery store and cook today. I was looking for lots of things I wasn’t sure what I wanted to cook but I was so excited and looking forward to cooking. I was in the aisle with all the baking stuff. I had finally decided that I also wanted to make a cheese cake for David. I was looking for prepared crust. I found this gram cracker chocolate crust. I grabbed it with excitement and turned around fast to put it in my cart. As I turned back around my arm flung and hit a man in the chest. It hurt me more then I think it hurt the guy. He was staring at me and didn’t seem to blink. I told him I was sorry but he didn’t speak or move. I wanted to move and walk away but I couldn’t. It was like I didn’t have the energy to move. He finally moved but got super close to me. “Hi,” he quickly said. I said hi back but I was beginning to get scared. I think began to think that David was only going to go get the cream cheese in the next isle. When we first came in this store was filled with customer but I couldn’t hear anyone anymore. Not even the noise from the register or that check out beep. I paid more attention and the music wasn’t playing anymore. Some one had to have come down the aisle by now. How could I be alone in the store with this man? I tried to turn but I couldn’t.
“My name is Michael,” he said. I didn’t even know what to say. Why would I introduce myself?
“Your name is Elisabeth Maria Castro,” he said. I was beginning to feel weak and nervous.
“Yes,” I said.
“Good, be safe child,” he said.
“What,” I said. I then heard the music and I quickly turned around. There was an older woman holding sugar. I turned back around and Michael was gone. “Young Hearts Run Free,” was playing on the loud speaker. I began to breathe hard. I tried to calm down but I couldn’t I didn’t understand what just happened. Michael was so handsome though. I couldn’t get his face out of my mind. His chiseled jaw and face. He had the most amazing eyes. They were as blue as the ocean. He was lean but built and so tall. He had to be at least six foot. I was only five seven and David wasn’t so much taller then me but Michael was. It was like I was looking up for miles. He had the most beautiful hair. He was golden brown almost blonde hair. It was long up to his neck and a little curly or wavy. He was wearing navy dress pants and a white plain t-shirt. He looked sharply dressed though. He was definitely a mysterious man. He looked like he was in his mid twenties. I don’t know why but I just wanted to see him again. David finally came back with the cream cheese and noticed I was out of it. I grabbed the rest of the stuff I needed and head to the check out counter.
Once we arrived home I went to the kitchen and started on dinner. I had decided to make pepian. It was a recipe my mom had taught me. I knew David would like it even though it takes a lot of time and ingredients to make. Once I was done and waiting for it to cook I began to make my cheese cake. I don’t like putting it in the oven though. So I just add the cream cheese with some whip cream. I added some chocolate chips and then melted the rest and added that as well. So now it was brown and then I put it on the crust and put it in the freezer. I was so excited for David to try everything but in the back of my mind I couldn’t stop thinking about Michael. I was so amused and curious but you know that old saying “curiosity killed the cat,” well after this and knowing everything. I finally get it. It is better to not know some things. We both enjoyed dinner and dessert. After we ate we played PS3 until midnight. Since we had been out all day I hadn’t taken a shower so I told David I would. He said he would take a shower in the morning. I went to take a shower it was so quiet. This was the only room with a door so I felt thousands of miles away from David. The water was so warm. I use to swim a lot in middle school and high school so the water was the best place to be for me. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the water on running down my skin. Michaels face then popped in my head and I quickly opened my eyes. I started to breathe hard again. The water wasn’t hot at all but the room was filled with steam now. I was getting weak and couldn’t move. My eyes were getting heavy and I began to close them. I then saw Michael standing in front of me. He looked different though. His eyes were pitch black and he looked more devilish then gentle like before. He grabbed me and pushed me on the wall. He kissed me all over and knelt down and kissed my inner thigh. He began to lick me all over and my legs began to shake for a moment. I moaned out loud and begged him to stop. It began to hurt as he slid his fingers inside me. I couldn’t move or scream at this point. I wanted to call out to David but I didn’t think that was the best thing to do. Michael came back up and kissed my lips then made me lick his fingers that had just been inside me. I could feel them in my mouth and taste them too. It tasted good but I was disgusted by it at the same time. I felt myself getting aroused but it didn’t feel like me. It felt like my body was on fire. He then kissed me again thrusting his tongue in my mouth. I was responded back to everything he did. I put my hands in his hair and curled them in my fingers. He began to lick and suck on my breast. It hurt when he bit on my nipples but it felt so good. I didn’t know what I was doing. I wasn’t myself even as much as I enjoyed it I was scared. Somehow my feelings were divided. I felt aroused but I still hated every minute of it. He then stopped and was coming towards me as if to go inside me. I wanted to back away but I couldn’t. Somehow I was able to push him away and his image just disfigured and went away. I finally opened my eyes and no one was there. I looked at the sheer curtain and there was a figure standing behind it. I slide open the curtain and no one was there either. I wanted to cry I felt more violated then excited. I didn’t want any of that to happen. I had a hard time finishing taking a shower but I did it as fast as I could. I walked out of the bathroom and headed to bed in just a t-shirt and panties.
In the morning I heard the water running and assumed it was David taking his shower. Mason was still on the bed so I began to pet him. With the thoughts of what happened last night still fresh in my mind it was a surprise I didn’t dream about them. I for sure that I would have a dream about it but I was glad I didn’t. I heard a noise behind me and turned around. I looked in the mirror behind me and there was blue eyed Michael. I turned back around and he was gone. I looked back at the mirror and nothing. I was starting to think I was crazy. Somehow though seeing those blue eyes made me feel okay not scared at all. David finally came out of the shower and was dressed only in boxer briefs. He came towards the bed and pet Mason on the head. He then came towards me and gave me a kiss. He must have slipped because he then fell on top of me. He looked into my eyes and moved the hair off my face. He started to kiss my neck and ran his hand down my leg. He moved the cover from me and looked at me. I think this was the most undressed David has seen me. I was blushing and nervous. He began to kiss me on my chest and I move my body a little. He then stopped and kissed me on my lips again. As I began to run my hand down his arm he then took his hands and lifted my shirt up to the point right below my breast. It was as if he wanted to see if I would pull it back down or make some counter move to show I wanted him to keep going. I was still freaked out about last night that I pushed him off me. Having those images play over and over in my head made me want to cry and shout “stop.” I sat up and pulled down my shirt. I wanted to say I was sorry but I felt bad. I knew David wasn’t that guy or a guy like that but he was still a man and I couldn’t let myself go. I guess I realized that I didn’t even trust David. “I am so sorry Lizzie,” he said. He hasn’t called me that since we were six. I kissed him and said I was sorry too. “I want you to know that I don’t need that its just I don’t feel like a life long dream coming true,” he said. I didn’t understand what he meant by that but he soon explained. “I have waited for you and wanted to be with you for a long time now I just guess doing that would be a dream come true,” he explained. It still didn’t make much sense but I guess in a way I understood. I wanted to be with him to but I had to tell him something. “David I am a virgin and I don’t know if I am ready or will ever be ready,” I said.
“Are you serious, I thought you had sex on prom night with that guy,” he said.
“NO!!! we just danced and then he wanted to go and eat. I am so sorry for ditching you that night but I thought you wanted to dance with other girls and have fun,” I said.
“I was having fun with my date, you I was having an amazing night and even then if we hadn’t done anything I would have been okay and happy,” he said.
“So did you?” I asked.
“ Did I um yeah I did.” he said. I stayed quiet and didn’t even want to look him in the eye or I would have started crying.
“I am sorry it was just once and since then I haven’t even dated,” he told me.
“You said I was the first girl you kissed,” I told him. He stayed quiet for a minute.
“You are the first and only girl I have ever wanted to be with and the one time was just an accident we kissed but what is a kiss with out meaning,” he said.
“It’s a kiss,” I said angrily.
“That day I was upset and convinced that the hope I had for us was gone. You would go off to New York and forget about me,” he said sadly.
I told him I forgave him but didn’t really have anything to forgive it was his life and his choice. I also told him that I decided to not be with anyone until I was in love and if that meant I would wait until marriage then so be it. I was disappointed in David but I had to understand that it was in the past now and he couldn’t take it back. Even if he wanted to and I wished he could we both knew he couldn’t. I had to deal with it. I didn’t know if I would ever be comfortable with that though. I did always think I would lose it to someone I loved and to a fellow virgin but how many male virgins are out there  who are not under the age of fifteen. I was getting sad but tried not to show it. I decided to get dress and go home. I told David I would come back later though.
I went home and my mom was home alone. She looked more depressed and sad then ever. She wasn’t wearing my pendant anymore. I asked her where it was and she said George took it. I went to there room and found it in the trash can. I put it back on her and told her to not let anyone take it off. She just nodded her head and followed me out of the room. I asked her if she had eaten and she said no. She was heading to the kitchen to make something when I stopped her and suggested we go out to eat. She was reluctant and said George doesn’t let her go out unless he knows and lets her. I didn’t even respond to that. I went to grab my mom some clothes and put them in my purse. I did her hair and makeup and dragged her to my car. I decided to keep the a/c off and kept the windows down. She smiled the whole ride. We headed to St. Michael’s Roman Catholic Church. My mom use to come here every Sunday. I knew it would do her some good to go there. She stopped going because of George. I was beginning to think that George would blow up if he stepped foot in a church. We went inside and sat there for a bit. My mom finally began to pray and so did I. I began to pray for my mom and that she would find a way out of this dark hole she was in. I felt a little better and she looked much better too. My mom still had her head down so I got up and looked around. I loved being in church it gave me a sense of joy and peace. I then looked across the aisle and saw Michael. His blue captivated me again. I wasn’t scared but I was confused why I kept seeing him. Along with the dream the very thought of being alone with him made me shiver. He began to walk towards me. When he finally approached me he said “ It is a good thing you brought your mother here it will help her.”
“How,” I said.
“Your faith will help you both, if you believe in God he will not abandon you,” he said.
“I do but who are you,” I said.
“You know who I am,” “and remember no matter your path you always have a choice.. to change your fate. Your freewill gives you the choice to stay on your path or choose the path of evil,” he said.
“I have no idea what your talking about but okay,” I said.
He grabbed my hand and said “Please don’t choose wrong.” I said okay and moved my hand away from his.
“Why wont you just tell me who you are,” I said.
“You are not ready to know but then again I don’t believe you will ever be,” he said.
“Why do you keep avoiding my questions why wont you answer me with a straight forward answer,” I said.
“I don’t believe I do anything wrong, I answer with what I believe is the best answer for your question.” he said. He then looked at my mother.
“Do you know her?” I asked.
“Certainly,” he said.
“How?” I asked.
“I know a lot about you and your mother but for now just know you need to save her before it is to late,” he said. I was getting irritated and annoyed but I knew somehow he was trying to help me.
“Please just tell me what you know,” I said.
“Soon,” he replied. I heard my mother scream so I ran to her. As I looked back Michael was gone. I asked my mother what was wrong all she said was “He knows I am here.” I tried to calm her down it took me a while but she finally stopped fidgeting. I decide to call David and told him to meet us at Fridays that was in downtown. He agreed and we all had dinner together. It was great, my mother smiled and laughed. She actually had a conversation with someone. It was wonderful to see that. I was happy and so was she. I almost didn’t want to take her back home. I was so frighten at the thought of her losing herself. I didn’t know what Michael meant but I knew somehow he was right. My mom was heading down a path that could possible harm her. I needed to help her before it was to late. Whenever she was around George she was completely different abnormal even. I didn’t know how I would help her but I was determined to do anything and go against anyone who tried to harm her. After dinner I told David I would stay at my house for tonight. He said it was okay and kissed me goodbye. The night when we got home things weren’t just weird they finally got scary.
George was sitting in the living room. Once my mother entered the house she was back to being sad and emotionless. George came toward us and slapped my mother in the face. I punched him back in his face. I was amazed I didn’t think I hit him so hard but he fell to the floor. I was so angry all I wanted to do was hurt him. He got up and began to laugh very eerie. I wanted to punch him again and he knew it.
“Hit me again girly come on you want to let that rage out,” he said.
“Shut up!” I shouted at him. I grabbed my mother and took her upstairs. I told her to go to bed and everything would be okay.
I stormed back downstairs and screamed at George. “ GO AWAY!” I said. He was pushed back as if a gust of wind had knocked him off balance. He closed his eyes then quickly opened them. Then the strangest thing happened. “What, what am I doing here. Lizzie what are you doing here? When did you get here, want some hot cocoa?” he said. I was so confused. Why was he acting like nothing happened? I told him to go away again and he looked puzzled. “What’s wrong,” he said. I was so angry my headed start to hurt and throb. Out of nowhere I three windows in the living room shattered. My mother came running down the stairs. “What’s wrong?” she asked. She then asked what had happened. I looked into her eyes and saw my mom. She was normal to say the least. She looked just as she did before when we went out. Since she was back to normal I told her nothing had happened and that the windows broke all of a sudden. My mother then went off to bed again. Anna and Jeremy then came home. As they walked in they both starred at George eerily. They had the same look George did I had never seen them look like that. It was as if they knew something was wrong. They looked at George as if something had happened to him. Did they know I had hit him he didn’t have a mark or scratch on him. I was very confused but decided to go to bed instead of ponder the situation any further.
The next morning I woke up pretty early. I had dozens of text from David asking me if everything was okay. I went to take a shower, being in there made me feel unnerving. It wasn’t like having dejavu but it was strange and unsettling to be in a shower. I tried not to think about it but every time the water hit my skin I image of that time would pop into my head. It was like I could still feel his hands on my body and his lips on my skin. I felt so rattled and didn’t know why I just couldn’t forget about that stupid dream. I had assumed it was a dream. I got out of the shower and walked out to the hallway. Jeremy was standing by the doorway of Anna and his room. He was staring at me like he could see right through my towel. Or at least he was staring so hard hoping he would. His smile was so wicked and evil I couldn’t stand to look at it any longer. I turned away and went to my room. After I got dressed I decide to head out and go for a jog. I stopped by the kitchen to see my mom. She seemed chipper and happy this morning. I looked around for George but he had gone to work already. I kissed my mom on the cheek and left. I was glad she was doing better but I still didn’t understand what happened and what changed. I decided to go to another park to jog. I headed to a smaller park, Riverside Park was nice but much smaller then Delaware Park. It didn’t have much of a jogging path but I ran back and forth the path for half an hour. I didn’t do it for the exercise. I ran mostly to clear my head and not think. It is hard to think while your running and listening to music. I know sometimes though things come up in my mind and I start over thinking as always. It was summer so the local pools were all open. Riverside had two pools so I was looking forward to doing laps during my summer break. One of those pools was a kiddy pool though. As I ran to the parking lot to get into my car I felt a gust of window blow my hair back. It was so strong it made me close my eyes. When I opened them Michael was standing in front of me. I was so surprised and bewildered to see him standing there.
“Are you okay?” Michael asked.
“Yes,” I said.
“You must be careful and control your anger,” he said.
“What are you talking about,” I said.
“What you did last night was dangerous,” he said. I began to thinking about the fight I had with my step dad.
“I didn’t do anything,” I told him.
“Don’t let them cause you to lose control, keep calm and wish them away, he said.
“I don’t know what you mean,” I said.
“You can defeat them just be sheer will not by force, remember that and focus,” he explained to me.
“Defeat,” was all I could say. I was so confused.
“They are no match for you but you must not use any dark force, control your anger your frustration and your fear,” he said.
“I’ll try,” I said. He kept telling me to stay calm and only think about saving my mother. He told me to stay focus on good and not evil thoughts like revenge and hatred. That would be hard because I did want to hurt George for all the pain and suffering he has been causing my mother. He told me he would show me how to protect my mother and myself without going down the wrong path. He then rushed towards me as he was going to grab me. I moved aside and he then came back like if he was going to punch me in the face. I blocked him with my right hand and was about to punch him with my left. I had taken kickboxing and boxing lessons since I was seven and stopped when I was seventeen but this felt more like a hidden talent that I never knew I had. My reflexes were sharper then I had ever knew. I had strength, agility and speed. I never thought myself as fragile but not like super woman either. He kept coming at me punching and kicking. I was able to block all of his attacks until he swung out a sword and struck me down with it. I felt the blade run through me. He slide it out of my body slowly. I felt it pass through me until it was all the way out. He then came over to me and touched my shoulder. Somehow I felt better I looked down at my wound and it was gone. There was no blood no scar no trace of what had just happened. I was so shocked and scared. Michael shouted at me and told me to get up. I was still out of it but I managed to stand up. He throw another sword at me and came rushing towards me with his sword in hand. I tried to block him but he was so strong and fast. He kept shouting at me to focus and fight back. He shouted at me “Protect your mother.” Hearing those words made me angry but more determined to stop him from striking me with his sword. He came towards me and I moved out of the way. I then elbowed him in the chest and knocked him down on the floor. I drew up my sword and began to lunge it into his chest. It went straight through him but he did not bleed. I pulled it out and began to feel sorry and apologetic. “You need to focus but good work,” he said. I thanked him but was so confused. I finally was able to breathe and I began to look around the park. It was darker then it was when I arrived. There was a strange fog surrounding the park now that wasn’t there when I came either. There was no one around and I could have sworn I saw dog walkers and kids on the playground. The sky began to get grey and cloudy. It was so sunny and bright when I began to jog. I felt a rain drop hit my nose. I wiped it off and felt the rain come pouring down. Michael then popped up behind me and tried to strike me with his sword. I blocked his hit with my sword and lunged back at him. He knocked me to the grown but I quickly and swiftly got back up. He was move to fast for me to swing at him so when he appeared behind me I did a back side swing kick. He fell to the ground and grinned. I wanted to laugh because it seemed like no matter what I did I couldn’t hurt him. I was glad that I couldn’t though I didn’t want to hurt him. He got back up and continued to come towards me swinging his sword. He knocked my sword out of my hand and I came rushing towards him kicking and blocking his front attacks with his sword. I did a tornado kick and knocked him to the ground again. I didn’t even know how I knew how to do that. He had then tripped me and I fell to the ground. He was about to lunge at me and I did a kneeling side kick and he fell back. He then helped me up and said I was doing great but need to work harder. We were both soaking wet fighting in the rain. We continued with my sword training. He came at me and stabbed me with the sword in my arm. He pulled it out and I was bleeding. It hurt and it did not go away. As he came towards me again I spun around and thrust the sword into his back. He ran forward so he could remove the sword from his back. He came toward me once more I blocked all of his attacks. The pain in my arm was getting more intense and hurt so much. I was getting angry. As he ran towards me I squat down and lunged my sword up almost piercing it through his chin and into his head. I hesitated because I didn’t want to kill Michael but I was so angry. I backed off and stood there. He then spun around and chopped my hand off with his sword. I felt the pain and saw my hand fly right off my arm. It was like I was having an out of body experience. It felt real I felt the pain and saw the blood but it felt like a dream. I shouted with grief and fell on my knees. Michael then ran towards me and wrapped his hands around me. He whispered in my ear “Don’t cry, you are brave.” I looked down at my arm and my hand was attached again. No scar or blood. I looked at my arm and that wound was healed too. I then began to cry.
“That felt so real,,” I said.
“It was you need to know how to defend yourself and understand in any fight you cannot expect to come out unharmed,” he told me.
“I don’t want to fight,” I told him. It was still raining and I could now hear thunder rolling down in the sky.
“If you prepare yourself you will be victorious and once more be safe,” he said.
“Prepare myself, for what?” I asked.  He looked me in the eyes and told me not to worry for now but to keep my eyes open and trust no one. He told me that not everyone is who they seem and some are here to deceive me. I closed my eyes and thought about the days when I use to play hide and seek, how I use to take walks with my mom, and how she taught me to cook and bake. I had lost all of those things. I didn’t even know to what. I opened my eyes and Michael was gone. It was sunny again and I could hear kids laughing and playing on the swing set. I heard dogs barking and chasing a Frisbee. I finally got up and walked to my car. I sat in my car though crying for almost five minutes. I finally drove off and headed to David’s apartment.
He was happy to see me. He gave me a kiss and hugged. I tried to smile and pretend nothing was wrong but that was hard to do. He put in a movie and we ate some junk food. It was a horror movie not really scary though. “Frankenstein” the 1931 film, I had seen it before but David and I enjoyed watching it over and over. It was in black and white but we didn’t mind. David and I had a passion for horror films even if they weren’t as terrifying as they said they were. It was a nice evening but this film just made me feel like some kind of monster. Then I looked around at the characters in my life, Michael, George, Anna, and Jeremy who was the monster and who was the creator? Once the film was over David started to play COD and I decided to go get us some pizza. Since we only ate junk food like chips and cookies we were still hungry. I ordered the pizza in the car and headed to the pizza place. I picked up the pizza and head back to David’s apartment. While I was driving I came to a sudden stop when this elderly man came running in front of my car. I hit the brake so fast and hard I jumped back and forth in my seat. I saw a shadow chasing him and I was so scared but I got out and went after the both of them. They headed down an alley and I saw the shadow jump inside the elderly man. I didn’t know what was going on but I shouted “stop, leave him alone.” I ran up to the old man after the shadow went completely inside him. I asked the old man if he was okay. He didn’t answer me. He finally looked up at me with these dark black eyes and smiled evilly at me. He then pulled out his arm and pushed me to the grown. I went flying all the way out of the alley. I had scrapped my elbow and palms. I tried to get up but I felt an invisible force stronger then gravity weighing me down. I then saw a white shadow on the ground. When I looked up I saw Michael. He helped me off of the ground and moved me to a brick wall so I could lean on it and stay there. He then walked towards the older man and put his hand on the top of his head. The old man didn’t move it was as if he couldn’t either. His face looked distraught though and extremely scared. The old man began to scream and his flesh started to peel off of his body. His body then just turned to ash as blue fire covered his body. The man then disappeared not even the pile of ash remained. Michael then turned around and looked straight at me. I was so scared and wanted to run away. Not even his blue ocean eyes could calm me down. As he began to make his first steps towards me I felt myself begin to fall. I fainted but I felt warm and safe. I had fainted in Michaels arms.
I woke up in this tiny room. I lying on a bed with a single cover. There was only one window and no TV. There was another door besides the front door and a small kitchen on the other side. I looked around and saw the pizza I had ordered was on the kitchen counter. I got up and without thinking got a slice. I was so hungry I couldn’t wait until I had answers. I sat back down on the bed and began to eat the slice of pizza. Michael finally walked in holding my purse and a comforter cover I had on my bed in my moms house. He set the things down on the bed beside me. He didn’t say much and I had asked him if he was hungry and he just nodded no. I had gone to eat one more slice and then told him why I had to stay here. He didn’t answer but did move from the corner he was standing in and knelt right in front of me.
“I knew your father,” he said.
“George?” I asked.
“No, I know him but I meant the man who slept with your mother to conceive you,” he said. I was so shocked that he was so blunt about it. It kind of made me sick to my stomach to hear that.
“Who was he,” I said.
“He was a close friend, a brother to me,” he said. I had a hard time thinking of a guy who would be friends with Michael and then thinking Michael could have been a father figure to me even though I didn’t think of him in that way. I will say I got a bit heart broken and sad when he said that.
“What was his name?” I asked.  He did not answer.
“He is not a good man and you must know he is looking for you and your mother,” he explained.
“What!” I shouted.
“I am sure he has already found you and is watching you,” he said.
“What does he want?” I asked.
“He wants you,” he said bluntly. “He wants you to join him and be like him,” he continued to explain to me.
“Why wont you tell me what’s really going on,” I said. He grabbed my hands and simple said it was hard to explain. He apologized for being vague but said it was for the best. He said if I knew to much to soon I could lose control. I had to trust in him and learn to trust myself. Everything he said made less sense but somehow I believed him. He told me that there are some humans who choose to follow my father and even if they don’t understand the consequences. Once they choose it is to late to turn back and they must be eliminated before they do more wrong. I didn’t understand what he meant or was talking about. My dad? Humans? What did it all mean I thought? He continued telling me that I did have a choice to choose my own path or choose that of my fathers. He said when the time came I would know what was right and what was wrong but I still had free will and had to make up my own mind. I asked him about the old man. He told me that the old man had been greedy and it was time for my father’s friends to collect his debt but that he had to stop it before it took over. I didn’t know what that meant either but I tried to see it as if he helped he old man but in reality he did burn him. There were so many things I wanted to ask him but I was nervous. I first asked him though if his eyes were ever able to turn black.
“Do not be fooled by those who try to deceive you E-li-za-beth,” he said. “I am me and you must remember that look into my eyes and know this,” he then said. I was more confused then ever but he was right his eyes were pure and blue like the sky and the ocean. They were gentle and strong just like the ocean as well. I knew there was no way that the Michael with black eyes was the same Michael kneeling in front of me. I wanted to ask him why I was seeing a Michael with dark eyes but I was scared of the answer. He told me I should get some rest and so I went to the bathroom to put on some comfortable clothes that Michael had brought me and then went to bed. I slept so nice better then I have ever slept. I had a wonderful dream it was me an older version of me holding a baby. I was sitting in a rocking chair in a white room holding the baby. The baby was so cute and laughing. I was telling the baby a story. It was adorable and peaceful. It made me happy and I was smiling the whole time. It was a great dream. When I woke up I smelled something good. Michael was cooking. It was funny and cute to see him in the kitchen cooking. He brought over a plate with bacon, eggs, sausage and hash brown. It was all so good I never imagined he could cook. I ate it and thanked him for making me breakfast. I heard my phone buzzing so I went to my purse and grabbed my phone. I had 25 text messages and 18 missed phone calls. They were all from David. I had completely forgotten about David and now I felt bad. I quickly tried to call him but he didn’t answer so I left him a voicemail telling him my mother called and I had to go see her and that I was sorry. I was hoping he would believe me and not be upset. I not only ditched him and forgot about him but I left him starving. I told Michael I had to go and got dressed right there in front of him. I was in such a rush I didn’t notice what I was doing. I didn’t care I just took off my short and tank top and put on my jeans and blouse. Before I ran out of Michaels apartment I told him if I would see him again. He simply said he would always be near to protect and watch over me.
I drove to David’s apartment. He was getting ready to walk Mason so I went along with him.
“Are you okay?” he asked.
“Yes I am so sorry,” I told him. He said he was just glad I was okay and that I should have called him as soon as I got home. I stayed quiet and then said that I knew I should have. We continued to walk Mason and then went back to his apartment. David said he was going to go visit his family later that day and asked if I wanted to go see a movie tomorrow night. I told him yes and I went to my house.
My mother was in the kitchen staring at her mug. I could see she was acting like her old self. I ran upstairs looking for George. He was lying on his bed watching TV. He looked at me standing in the doorway and smiled devilish at me. I grabbed a vase from the shelf next to the door and threw it as hard as I could at George. He moved out of the way and yelled “you missed.” I closed his door and went back downstairs. I pleaded with my mom to leave. To go somewhere, move out and leave my step dad. She didn’t respond. I tried to shake her out of it. Anna came downstairs and asked me what my problem was. I told her to stay out of it. She kept pushing it and pushing it. Telling me my mom was crazy and going off the deep end.
“Poor little Rachel so pretty yet so sad,” Anna said.
“Shut up,” I yelled at Anna.
“Your mom is so pathetic just like you,” she said. I got very close to her and whispered in her ear.
“If you don’t want me to cut up your pretty little face I suggest you shut the hell up and go back to your loser of a husband.” She looked at me annoyed and pushed me aside and went back upstairs. I rolled my eyes as she walked away and went to go hold my mom. I was so angry. Thinking about them all laughing at me and my mother made me want to hurt them so bad. All of a sudden every dish in the kitchen cracked. The plates cracked in half, the cups cracked in half, and the glasses just shattered. I was so angry I slammed my fist into the counter. I took my mom into the living room and sat her down on the couch while I went to go clean up all the broken dishes. My mother was just sitting there motionless. I was putting the broken dishes in a garbage bag when my step dad came into the kitchen.
“Look who thinks she’s big and bad all of a sudden,” George said. He put his hand on my shoulder and I just lost it. I grabbed his hand and twisted it. I found a knife in the drawer in front of me and put it close to his neck. “If you don’t leave I will slice every part of you until your just a pile of flesh on the floor,” I told him.  He began to laugh wickedly and I slapped him. “Do it,” he said. I think he knew I was bluffing but somehow I felt like it was more then a bluff. I would do it I would defend myself and my mother. I pushed him away from me and said “I wouldn’t give you the satisfaction of seeing me locked up,” I said.
“Oh I think you can get away with it, ill attack you,” he said. His smile got more eerie. I was looking at him with such hatred and anger. I did want to kill him. I didn’t know where all this rage was coming from but I just wanted to stop him and help my mother. George then told my mother to come into the kitchen and like a slave she got up from the couch and walked into the kitchen. “We are going out to eat with Anna and Jeremy,” he said to her.
“Okay,” my mother said in a low soft voice.
“No!!” I yelled. Anna and Jeremy then came into the kitchen and said they were looking forward to it. George told my mom to go shower and get dressed. Anna, Jeremy and George just stood there staring at me until I flipped over the table. “Hurt her and I swear I will make you pay,” I told all three of them. They all walked out of the kitchen laughing and went upstairs to get ready. I began to throw things all over the place. Broken dishes were flying all over the place. I threw chairs from one side of the room to the other. I was screaming at the top of my lungs. I then cut myself with a piece of broken glass and fell to my knees. I started to cry and shout even more. I turned around and saw George, Anna, Jeremy, and my mom heading to the front door. I walked toward George and put my hands around his neck. Anna and Jeremy tried to get me off of him but I shouted at them “get off!” and they went flying into the kitchen. I looked into Georges eyes and saw evil. His eyes turned pitch black. Staring into his eyes I could see this strange creature inside his pupil. I could see something inside of him. It looked back at me and smiled. I shoved George onto the wall over and over. “You stupid son of a bitch!” I shouted. I threw him on the floor and began to kick him repeatedly. My mother was just standing there looking at me. Anna and Jeremy finally got up and came back towards me. “Its inside you guys too isn’t it,” I said. I kicked Anna in the stomach and threw Jeremy into the living room. My mother finally spoke and said “Don’t.” I walked towards George and picked him up. I pinned him to the wall and told him I was going to kill him. The knife from the kitchen mysteriously ended up in my hands. I put it back on his throat. I began to drag it slowly across his neck and before I could cut deeper Michael appeared. I looked into his blue eyes and I dropped the knife. Michael put his hand on Georges shoulder and he collapsed. He then went and did the same thing to Anna, Jeremy, and my mom. “They wont remember anything,” Michael said. I began to cry and noticed I had a little of Georges blood on my hands. “You almost lost yourself,” Michael said. “I told you no matter what you cant let anger drive you,” he said.
“I’m sorry,” I said.
“I fear that this has gotten far worse then I had imagined, they will want to take action as soon as possible now,” Michael said.
“What do you mean?” I asked.
“They’re coming,” he said.
“Who?” I asked desperately.
“You must be prepared for what’s to come. Good and evil are about to clash again,” he said. I was so confused and worried. I didn’t know what to be more what afraid of, what I had just done or what Michael said was coming. “I am so scared,” I told Michael.
“Don’t be I am here and you are strong just believe and don’t let them win,” he said.
“Thank you,” I told him.  I wiped off my tears and went upstairs. Michael came upstairs after me. He told me my family went out as planned and they were okay now. I told him I was going to go take a shower. He said he had to go but would be back. I came out of the shower and it felt strange to be in this house all alone. I was use to hearing my mom and dad laughing and joking around. Anna and Jeremy kissing and fighting. I missed those moments. The house was now quiet and dark. I walked to my room just wearing my towel. As I began to get dressed I started to see the walls turn black. The walls then began to drip with black goop. I thought I was seeing things but I went to go touch it and it felt real. The wall then was covered in bugs and other creepy animals. Every type of insect possible I saw worms, spiders, cockroaches, ants, beetles and even then scorpions appeared. The noise they made as the crawled over the walls was scary enough. I couldn’t  handle it and began to scream. I closed my eyes hoping they would go away when I opened them the creatures were crawling towards me. They started to crawl on my body and I screamed as they got closer to my mouth I began to push them off. They all fell to the floor and crawled up into a ball. That ball then formed into the shape of a man. They burst off of the figure and splattered all over the room then disappeared. The figure that came out was black eyed Michael. “Go away!” I shouted.
“Your not real,” I said. He came towards me and pushed me onto my bed. He tried to unwrap my towel but I held it closed. He unwrapped only the top and bit me on my left breast. I screamed in pain. He then kissed me aggressively. I tried to move and get him off of me. “Please stop,” I said.  He smiled and continued kissing me. His tongue was so deep in my mouth. I felt like I was going to choke. “Get off of me!” I shouted. The lights began to flicker and he said “Wow your getting strong, good.” I asked him what he wanted and he said he just wanted to play with me. “Who are you?” I asked him. He smiled and said
“Your daddy.” I wanted to hurt him. I didn’t know what he meant. I tried to have faith in the fact that he wasn’t really Michael. “It is time for me to take over,” he said. He then seemed to get spooked and then disappeared. I screamed and began to cry. I hated this why did I keep crying. I wanted to be strong and I wanted this to go away. Michael appeared again by the door his eyes were blue now.
“Stop just stop it,” I said sadly.
“What is wrong?” Michael asked.
“Why do you keep tormenting me,” I said.
“What did you see,” he said.
“It was you I know it was you,” I said.
“Tell me!” he shouted.
“You were here you were hurting me but you had black eyes,” I murmured.
“I see, that was not please believe that,” he said. He told me that he knew who has been bother me and that I was not ready to face him. “I did not think that he had made such progress already, it must be why they are coming,” he said.
“What! What is going on?” I shouted.
“He is panicking no matter how far he has gotten he is not strong enough to take us all on he is not stronger then me, I will protect you,” he said.
“I just wish I knew what was going on,” I said.  Michael just said I know and told me to get dressed. I got dressed while he looked away. I could see he was nervous about me changing near him. My family finally came back home and each went to there room and went to sleep. I tried to go to sleep but it was difficult. Michael finally came and laid down with me. He told me to close my eyes. He put his hand on my head and I fell asleep. I had a lovely dream about my mom. She and I were playing in a park. I was five and she was running after me. She kept saying she loved me and I would smile at her. All of a sudden I could hear Michaels voice in my dream. “Its time for you to forget for now, I need you to be strong and safe. I will let you remember when the time is right but for now I have to deal with their arrival and deal with the de.., “ he said. My dream finished there and I woke up.

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vampires in my window ch.1 to ch.8

The vampires in my window


Your life doesn’t mean anything if you don’t really live it. Walking around breathing just like everyone else not really taking a risk or make something of that one life you have.  Therefore, what was the point of me living, breathing, being here doing nothing.  Just another no one seeing my days pass me by.  Even if my life wasn’t normal I can say now I would still wish it to be over. I have lived in the same house for nine years, two story old house with lots of windows so that the sun could shine as hard as it could on me as it did everyday all day.  I live in Miami, fl. very sunny and hot, humid and rainy but what is nice is that clear sky that is out in the morning with the sun is still there at night. With stars that shine so bright and a moon with a light that can mesmerize me for hours. That’s why I leave my windows open in my room to see the moon and stare at it. Sometimes I think it plays tricks on me, makes me see things illusions that intrigue me. When I was six, I believed that there was something on the moon but not just something, three men that lived on the moon and that were just as fascinated with the moon as I am. Since I only saw them at night, I knew they were like the moon hiding until they could come out. As I got older, I realized it seemed as if they just stood on the roof of the next house with the moon just behind them. As a child figures that tall casting a shadow in front of the moon could be mistaken for aliens or something actually stepping foot on the surface of the moon. When they would leap off the roof, it almost looked as they had leaped off the side of the moon. I always thought it was a vivid dream or just a fantasy I wish to be true. I guess still even with my lack off love for life I still tried to find some intrigue. I might have spent everyday waiting for them. Each week came and passed not one of those days did they not appear. One night they finally came to see me, I always thought they knew I was starring at them every night.  All three of them jumped on to my window and sat there starring at me. They would look around my room as if it was familiar to them, but grinned quite disturbingly as if they did not approve of my girly childish belongings. They seemed amazed to be seeing it though. They jumped down and it seemed they just flew to me, came close to my bed and the entire time I was very quiet I didn’t want to pretend I was sleeping because I was very curious to meet them. They came closer for a moment, I thought they were sniffing me, almost judging me. They stared at me with there very green eyes and just smiled but almost a haunting smile that confused me. I heard one of them whisper “not yet.” Then another the tallest one said
“ I know next time.” They all walked to the window and the tallest one again turned and smiled at me once more. “ He was staring at me without ever once blinking and then said “ we will back.“ It was so sudden and soft I barely heard it. They all leaped out the window simultaneously. I wasn’t at all concerned for them or scared that they had just barged into my bedroom. I pondered for a moment if I had found a reason to look forward to something for the first time. I do believe I had because prior to that night I had always waited for them to appear outside my window. I had then had hope I would see them and learn more about those three men.
I didn’t see them for about ten years until they finally returned to my window and my life finally began.

A life or something like it
As I grew up I started to think I had made them up because I had been lonely but that never stopped me from leaving my windows open. I thought if I left them open they might come back and I would see them again.  I didn’t want to believe it was all a dream and I didn’t want to believe they would never come back.  I was still waiting night after  night, still waiting to see the moon men, it could be the one thing in my life that I need.  Everything else didn’t seem to matter anymore.
I was sixteen now and the only way I could see the three moon men was by closing my eyes which I did most of the time to escape this ordinary boring world and life I had. I went to school all day and came home and waited for the night and moon.  I began to think I was more boring then my life and this world. Every time I wake up I can hear the sounds (noise) of my little sisters. Alexis, Lisette and Jaslene there all two years apart so I use to think that my parents hated having me they waited years to have another kid hoping the next would be nothing like me, when she wasn’t they were thrilled  and  tired again soon after. They loved there new little girl so much they had another and then another. As if having a boy would bring me happiness because I would bee compared I would finally have a sibling I could say wasn’t created just to push me side or erase me. Well that wasn’t the case but I loved them either way, boy or girl.  My sister Lisette was the second oldest, 6 now more full of life and joy then I could ever have.  Alexis was the middle child and Jaslene the baby that could never do us any wrong unlike me. I don’t really think am as bitter as I sound but I knew my life was just a curse, something I could not end myself but something I had to bare until someone does.  I feel sometimes like my sisters and I are worlds apart, I loved them but they were to young for me to form a bond with but out of everyone in my house and in my family they really did love me.  They were always loud in the morning, filled with excitement of the day that held such promise. Of course since they didn’t have to go to high school today they were much excited about there first day of 2nd grade, first day of kindergarten, and first day of daycare.  If I could sit in my room awaiting the night I would, but as always I hear my mother say “Amelia come on its time.” Yes its time; time to go to this place that sucked the soul right out of me with just one minute of stepping foot on the concrete of that hellish place.  My mother was very beautiful and her eyes a light golden brown that matched the color of her hair but when she looked at you it seemed as if all you saw in her eyes was a cold bitterness with a touch of sadness.  Her name was Ann, I believe it is Annabel but she makes everyone, all her friends and my dad call her Ann.  My grandmother’s name was Annabel so I guess she didn’t want to be reminded of a mother that she really never had to begin with, sort of like me.  I loved my mother but sometimes in my heart I felt she could never really love me, or never bothered to show me.  She is very religious, Sunday church and all. That could be the only time that my mother makes me be part of the family even by force if she had to. My father was a very handsome dark and mysterious kind of guy. Both of my parents were only 34, young I say but it was too late to take any of us back, even or especially me.  Fred my dad was always polite unlike my mom at times, he was tall and had black hair and very dark brown even sort of black eyes but he was still much a saint. Fragment (consider revising)  Fred and Ann or Annabel  as names they seemed to go together but as people they never seemed to go together I thought, but somehow they did and they do.  What was stranger is they were both born on the same month and a week apart my mother on Feb. 14 and my father Feb. 7 and if you saw a calendar for the year 1975 you could see both were born on a Friday. Yet as alike they were they also were very different. One was cold and mean the other sweeter and gentle.  As much as I say they didn’t love me they still kept me and keep me around so they must somewhat care.  For the fourth time I heard my mother and now my father yell my name, so I ran down stairs and finally said “yes it is time and I am ready,” my mother smiled and said “great” and we left.
Oh high school this magnificent land of wonder with a devilish charm, why was it so addictive,
Fragment (consider revising) I didn’t think it was just the other students. I knew it was that place that building; it made us all become someone we weren’t. It was all a lie we all pretend because we had hidden agendas or were just plain evil. Those who enjoy to torture and prey on the rest, the weak and the ones who they choose didn’t belong.  I kept thinking isn’t the world bigger then this, then these four years
That could possibly mean nothing once it’s over.  I felt like I even became someone else in this place, trying to be someone I wasn’t or it was that these people made me want to pretend and play along. Not one of them could make me want to be who I really was or make me want to know who they could really be.
The opening to the school was very wide and divided into four buildings, very wide with lots of open spaces. Two main building, the third one on the side held the gym and pool and the farthest one to the left was the office and things like that, with the cafeteria next to it and a nice open courtyard with tables to eat in the sunlight.
It was a beautiful scene but you could tell beyond the trees, grass and posters was a dark hole waiting to suck you in and turn you into something evil and dark if you let it. Not many could be strong to withstand it and some already came with the darkness in them.  As I got out of the car, I looked up and saw my new home since we spend much of the day here.  I took a deep breath and walked toward the many crowds of teenagers.  My parents waved and sped off as if they could not stand being in this place either.  Out of all the people in this place, I did though have friends.  Who as soon as they saw me rushed to me with a sign of relief that there was one more person in there crowd. Erica was my age but two months younger, she was just as abnormal as I was maybe more. She wore all black and did not care what others thought, yet she was very pretty and tough. She had a very strong personality was very outspoken too. She had black short hair and bright blue eyes, thin a little pale. She was someone you did not want to mess with. My other friend Sarah was also 16, she was very shy and quiet, not a nerd since she did not really know what was going on at times but I guess just a weak prey. She could easily be hurt in this place if she did not have Erica or me to hang around.  She had dark blonde sort of brownish hair but nice hazel eyes that seemed to show exactly who she is. Soft and fragile but she was fun to talk to and be around when you could get her to open up and speak.  Then we had Karen she was seventeen and a very big shout of attention. She was very different then light blonde hair, blue eyes, she and us was just like any other high school girl. Trying to gain attention by the clothes, she wears by the smiles she gave to people or the giggle she threw out everywhere she could. Did it sound cute, I will not say but people never cared about the noise she made but by what they thought, they could get by having to listen to it. I always did believe she befriend us for two reason. One, no one else would want to since she did come out pathetic at times and two because as much as I never wanted or asked or even promoted this attention I got from the boys in school.  You could be an outcast as much as you like but if someone, someone being some guy finds you attractive there is no hiding from the sudden attention it brings and the grins you get, the barbaric sounds or looks. She knew boys enjoyed my presence and she knew that standing next to me could get her looks from these jerks too. If they cannot have the real thing, you always resort to the next best thing, even if it is less quality.
I had always dressed the same, jeans and shirt girly but still comfortable and me. Most of the times I hear what these boys say about me, “Amelia with her dark brown eyes and very dark long black hair” something about “ her beige smooth silky skin, long legs, nice body, lips and smile.” Ha well it could be more like her butt is so nice and big. I had so many nice qualities to them. My butt, which I guess was more well what I would say, developed then most skinny girls. I was curvy and thin, two combinations that were appealing to men. I never once believed them or thought I was any of that. I found my curves dangerous since they did cause so much raucous. I did not want them and found them to be a bother. All I wanted to be was invisible well gone but invisible would suffice. I could not be sure but Karen believing that I did not deserve any attention especially more then her; so for the time being I assume she is here to find the opportunity to make everyone see she was better then me and that I was no one, no one special to fond over.
The screeches of Karen’s voice transmitted towards me along with Sarah and Erica coming towards me to hug me and say hi. “It’s been so long” .Karen said. See she was the only one of us four that did not bother to hang out with us unless it was during school months. Summer break was an I do not know any of you break. She pressed up on me as if to hug me. Was it a hug or did she just push me. Erica and Sarah just smiled and stood there.  We all just stood there awaiting the first bell, seeing the boys stare, turn away, and smile. Everyone who would walk passed us would either ignore us, smear there ugly looks at us or smile and look at us as nothing more then bodies. It was finally 7:14 and we all walked towards the doors or gates of hell. For eight hours, until we could run and be free we would have to endure the pain and humiliations of being trap here. So my school day began in homeroom we did not have lockers so we could carry our book bags with us all day. To students who do not get that luxury I say don’t wish it upon yourself. It gets heavy and tiring very fast. You always see boys kicking there book bags by the middle of the day.  We all would remain for fifteen minutes starring at each other or the ceiling. Our homeroom teacher Ms. Wilson just sat at her desk reading the paper, a few times when some of the boys got loud she would take her nose out of the paper and glance over as if they were interrupting her and not as if she was going to ask them to stop. She did not seem to care much or care what we did, I think for her we were just a bother to her obvious bitter life.  She didn’t even take attendance just passed around a sheet of paper for us to sign and when she felt like it she would check it off on her actually attendance book.
Finally, the bell rang so Erica, Karen, and I went to English. In English Erica, Karen and I sat in the back close to the windows. I sat in front of Erica and Karen next to her on her right. Our English teacher Ms. Leighton was very sweet but somewhat naïve. I believe she really thought everyone cared about writing, reading, or anything she talked End-of-Sentence Preposition (consider revising). Most of the boys ignored her and made fun of her and this class. They quickly became aware that she was fragile and weak. She did not yell, fight, or punish them. Somehow, I found her very impressive because she also did not cry or let it show that she was hurt. All she did was ignore them and continued talking about what we would gain and learn in her class. Those boys were Kevin and his friends Vincent, Trey and Paul. You can say they were your average brainless jock looking guys. Kevin with his blonde hair and blue eyes thinking he was better then everyone. Trey and Paul Boyd were brothers hence the same last name and they were both were much alike, both jerks and both looked like tall idiot models. They both had brown hair and hazel eyes. Everyone started to call them the pretty boy twins even Kevin when he would try to get there attention. “Hey pretty boys,” he would say. Vincent was quieter then the other four but still had the urge to insult anyone Kevin did. Vincent did seem to have some sort of knowledge but never dared to show it especially in front of his friends. As Ms. Leighton was speaking, she started to talk about how high school was a new beginning and it would be four years of our lives. Four years that we would never forget. I thought she was right these four years would stay with us forever. We could try to forget but we won’t. We could try to move on but no matter where we go our high school years can never be forgotten. Especially since most of us will not get or have it go the way, we want it to and it will just be a memory of regret, shame or it could turn out exactly how we want it to and it would be four years you wish you could have back.  I was trying to pay attention to Ms. Leighton the whole time but I did just end up starring out side the classroom window. Palm trees, train track, tall buildings, and clear sunny skies with lots of clouds and sun shine. Erica spent the class time reading one of her dark novels and Karen was as predicted talking to Kevin and his friends of course she was giggling for no reason. Class could not get more boring. Poor Ms. Leighton going on about what we would learn this year and how we were just one year away from graduating. Oh that was something I definitely did not want to think about. How ironic when it comes down to it is anyone really truly ready to leave. I hate this place but I am also scared of leaving. I rather have a life that is predictable, get up each day and go to this place everyday like clockwork. Change is not something I looked forward to. Has to happen someday I guess but that is my future self’s problem. Well the bell rang; it was now time for gym. I never understood why gym was important, let everyone choose to exercise or not. What ever happen to free will? Well during gym, it was probably tenser then actually learning. We were taken outside to the track. We then began to experience the classic torture methods of high school.  As running has never been my forte unless like most others I was being chased you can assume I was pissed about having to do this everyday. I could keep a good pace but I would never kill myself to have a good time like the boys do. They definitely wanted to each the goal of four laps under 4 minutes. I was trying to keep at it for the fifteen minutes without passing out or giving up but especially with the heat it was possible that I could have passed out. Of course, Karen only showed her efforts when a guy would run near her and since they were faster then her she could slow down until they came back around. Therefore, she could again meet and run next to them. She would wave her hair and smile but somehow they never smiled back. Erica, Sarah and I stuck to our pace. When we would ran past Karen I would tell her to stop creeping everyone out. She laughed and played it off but you could still see her face was annoyed and angry. We were running ok and our pace was good but we were not in the front or going to reach it any time soon. The rest of the girls in my gym class did the same walk or jog but put no effort into racing like a greyhound and we did not really want to try. Not like the boys though, who were trying to show off. They would try to go past one another and try to make it look effortless. I knew they were suffering inside just as everyone else’s calves were. Some of the guy’s faces were starting to show it. I guess it was amusing to look at. Even if they struggled or got tired, they kept at it striving to be number one. They could not bare the thought of someone else winning. That was high school if you cannot come out on top no one can.
The rest of the day was just as bad as the beginning of today. Science was next with Mr. Bryans; his class was a great napping place. Everyone was already tried from gym and the ones who had come from other classrooms were just bored and took naps. Nope there was one up and he just happened to sit next to me. Lauren Mitchell, I learned his name from Mr. Bryans when he called attendance.  He was very studious and a great listener. Not at all taking a nap like the others. He never once put his head down while I was very ready to lie on top of our table. Lauren was a very handsome guy with black hair and had very light greenish gray eyes. I never laughed at his name and I did not think most girls would since he was good looking cannot say that about the guys and he seemed to have some muscles on him. He was not to bulky but for a sixteen year old he was above average.  Lauren and I had history together too I did not know if that was good or not since I was alone without my friends.  Lauren spent all of class listening to Mr. Bryans. Mr. Bryans just read from the textbook. See this made it more of a nap class at least force us to write or read on our own. Lauren occasionally glanced over at me. While my head was down, I could peak through an opening between my hairs where my eyes saw him turning his head back to Mr. Bryans. When I decided to lift my head up, he smiled at me and formally introduced himself to me. “Hi, I’m Lauren,” he said. I was staring straight into his eyes they were mesmerizing but I glanced down to the table. Took a good minute and I said, “Hi, I’m Amelia. He smiled again and would not turn his head from starring at me. I glanced back down and stared at the names carved and written on the black lab table. Once I was past science, history came and it was a bit dull to I actually was fascinated by history but our homeroom teacher taught it so it did not really make me jump up and down. I spent most of the time reading the textbook on my own. History is fascinating, so much has happened and so much will happen. It is the story of life or something like it. No matter if you choose to see it or notice it, it is all connected and all intertwines. I look at it as a cause and effect all of it had to happen so we could be where we are today. Life happened whether good or bad it just happens. Whether by fate or destiny or just life, is it a course set ourselves or by someone else? I just like history, knowing the choosing others made or the choices set for them to make and the outcome of it all. The outcome of lives not just life it is all intertwine. What happens or happened to one or many can affect others, many others. Well history was over by the end of my rant, time sure flies when you are over thinking. So I headed to math next were nothing really happened either or in any of my classes since it was the first day. Just teachers talking to much or bored to be there just like us students. Well they do not try to teach so much to not overwhelm us and since all of the students do not show up until like the 3rd day. It did suck because it was the first day which meant for an about a year I would have to keep coming back each weekday. It had just begun and was not close to June at all. I was just looking forward to going home laying down and watching TV. My second to last class was photography, a better class name, photography for dummy’s but I knew I few things but the teacher always treats you like you don’t or cant know more then him. It was only photography 1 I had not taken this class before, I did not really think it would be what I had imagined, and it was not. Good to know I was right but I still caved and signed up. Mr. Almen was very rude but in his words brilliant. He did have some nice pictures on the wall but he was just a teacher.  Who knows why he does not try to be a professional photographer. Cause it does not pay much mostly likely.  As I sat there in class, I picked up my camera and starred at everyone through the lens seeing if I could capture their souls. Most of them might not even have a soul anymore.  I sort of doze of and did not hear the bell, it was a very annoying beep that sounded like a digital wristwatch alarm. It would not stop for a good minute, a very loud and long beep. When it was 1 minute before class started and you would be late the beeps got closer together and repeated faster I would say even louder. It was like a countdown telling you to hurry your ass up. Half of the students could careless but cheered when they reached the door at the very moment of that long lasting dying down beep. Almost every time the guy who made it shouted out those very words “made it, “followed by laughter of accomplishment. I headed back to my homeroom and saw to new guys that were not here in the morning. George Samuels and Chad Louis both average looking boys. Chad was a pale light red head and George was a light brown husky tan guy.  Lauren was also there but I tried not to look at him much. I was not really the type to make new friends or friends. Who really knows how I kept Sarah and Erica, even though we are all three alike. Meeting in middle school might have helped. Ms. Wilson said hi to the new students and said since classes were getting big we would have assigned seats soon. I wasn’t really pay attention to her, I heard a bit but I kept staring at the clock seeing it was almost time to go.  I looked outside the window and the sun was blazing.  Once the bell rang, I got my backpack and rushed out I had to take the train home since mom and dads were still working.  I ran down the hall pushed the doors open, ran down the stairs, pushed two more doors open, and headed toward the side gate, which was closest to the train. As I walked very fast towards the train Lauren came and said hi.  My friends already knew I did not wait for no one or would bother to waste time and say bye. I had a specific train to catch missing it would cause me to cry. Well not really but it would suck. Last year I use to skip study hall and go home. I got home an hour early that was heaven. Why would you give a student study hall as a last class? Well I took it as an excuse to go home and said it is the schools fault for giving me that as a last class. So since Lauren was a new frien.. guy in my life he did not know and well I did not really stop walking fast but I did turn to look at him and he was just smiling. “Um you’re really fast,” he said while losing his breath. I just asked him was he heading to the train. He smiled again and said “yeah.” I looked at him with a blank face showing neither happy nor sad emotion and said “fine talk to me upstairs.” I walked faster almost losing my breath, went inside paid my fair, and went upstairs to wait for the train. As five minutes past, he finally came upstairs to join me on the bench. He said, “I don’t even know your full name you know.” I kind of laughed and said “oh probably not, my name is Amelia parker.” He stared at my eyes and did not say a word for a few minutes. Was he shocked I was conversing with him or was it the half smile on my face. As he came closer to me he said “well am Lauren Mitchell you know and Amelia hmmm you have such a beautiful name.” “Hmmm” I thought, what did that mean. I felt very uncomfortable and strange to have him starring at me. I turned my head to stare at the trees and buildings that were so far away.  “I think we should be friends,” Lauren burst out of nowhere. I looked back at him and saw his smile and look towards the track on the other side and saw the train come. As the announcer came on and said, “The southbound train is approaching the station.” I got up as quickly as I could say, “sure if you want, I don’t care.”  I then ran to the doors as soon as they opened and sat in the corner seat starring at the window and put my bag on the seat near the aisle. I did not feel like I liked him but I was confused that it seemed he did. He was not even a jerk for me to blow him off and not feel bad for doing so.  He sat at a seat close to the door facing me, I could see him looking at me. I tried very hard not to seem worried or even flattered. I just decide to keep starring at my window. I was hoping he needed to catch the northbound train.  Well I guess I did not take him serious so I just said what I said. I did not think much of it and just looked forward to going home.
2nd chance meeting and the packed
Everything before I came home became a blank I did not want to think about it or wonder. I just remember coming home and going to my room to change into my sweats then came back downstairs to start cooking dinner for my sisters. I got home at around three and my sisters busses all do not come til four thirty. They were the last stop so it was a long ride home for them almost an hour and half ride from school. I was making them a green bean casserole since even if they were all toddlers and a preschooler they loved eating it. Once it was in the stove I checked my watch and saw it was 4:20 so I went out and walked to the corner to wait for them. First ones home were Lisette and Lexis I sometimes call Alexis, Sammy because of her middle name but at times just lexi or lexis. They both went to the same school so they sat next to each other on the bus I knew they loved that. Lisette was a great big sister, unlike me. Jaslene came four minutes later. Lisette and Alexis were getting tired of sitting on the curb waiting for tiny jazzy. I like calling her Jasleni tortellini I thought it was cute just like her. Lisette had a nickname to it was sette or I would just call her Angela which is her middle name. So now, with all three here I called out “Sammy, Lisette, and Jazzy lets go. We all walked home and as always, I would end up having to pick up miss tortellini and carry her home.  They were all so adorable I never mind getting them from the bus stop. Lisette and Lexi both start to run so I had to run with Jaslene to keep up. Once we made it home, I told them to go upstairs change and wash there hands so if they were hungry they could come downstairs and eat.  We all ate together at the table with Jaslene on her high chair. Once they saw the casserole, you hear little voices say mmmmmmmm.
We all enjoyed it and when we were done, they left me to go watch Tom and Jerry while I went to wash dishes. I was like mommy number two but do not let my mother hear that she would hate it and deny it. Truly, I think she would be more envious though. My parents finally came home at six so I told them I would go upstairs now and leave my sisters in the living room watching pink panther now. I do not know what it is about silent cartoons with them but they love it. I went upstairs and closed my door turned on my TV and laid down on my bed.  I was ready to tune out everything, everyone and relax.
I laid on my bed watching TV not even noticing it was dark out side. I finally got up and checked my clock it was about nine.  I looked outside my window and I saw the most beautiful crescent moon I had ever seen.  I was so mesmerized by the night sky. All I could do is stand there starring. I might have stood there for five minutes just starring out at the stars and the moon. I was just about to turn and go to my bed when I felt this strong wind come from outside my window and knock me down to the floor. I looked around my room, everything was still the same but I felt something strange. I felt the wind again rushing towards my room and I closed my eyes. As I opened them slowly, I saw three shadows by my legs I gasped and took a deep breath. I looked up and saw three dark figures crouching on my windowsill. They jumped down and stood in front of me. I could not stop starring up at them but then when one looked down at me and saw my eyes I rushed my head down and starred at my feet. I kept breathing fast and sensing my heart beat twice as fast. Thing was I did not know If I was afraid I did not really think I was. Could I have been more excited then anything?  I had always thought they were not real but was I going crazy or was I right. I giggled softly and whisper “the moon men.”  I smiled and thought I could not believe it. What was more awful is I could not move Then one of the shadows moved closer to me. I kept starring at the floor seeing it reach closer to me. He finally touched my shoulder and said, “You know you could get up, right.” I got up but did not stop looking down at the floor. He then came close to my ear and said “don’t scream.” I did not think I would but as they all came out of the dark and I could make out there faces I saw these three guys.  The three I saw when I was six, they looked completely the same as they did then. These beautiful guys that were very pale, all three had dark black hair and very bright forest green eyes but they had this very empty expression on their faces. They definitely looked strong they were thin but built muscular guys. I had noticed though that they had not really blinked they just kept staring at me. They looked a little older then me but you could not tell it was hard to pin point an exact age.  They just stood there not saying anything. I moved back away from them toward the wall. As I almost reached the wall, two of the guys reacted and jumped from were they stood onto me. They held my arms down there hands were so cold. My arms were starting to hurt from the pressure they had been putting on me. I looked up at there faces and I gasped, there eyes. There eyes had turned black, pitch black. My face started to get scared and they could see that. They seemed as if they were examining me, judging me and even sniffing me. It was like a dream a dream of a dream. A dream from long ago that I had not had for years but it felt like just yesterday.  I looked at the guy still by the window. Once my eyes met his, I felt safe. His eyes were still green. He looked into mine and I felt my heart beat fast again. I could not stop starring at him and he would not look away either. He saw my face frighten and in pain. He walked toward the other guys and just gently said, “Alright come on,” they backed off and the boy who had first spoke to me came towards me again now with his green eyes and said “hi.” I could not even try to say it back. I was just gone, lost in the moment.
“Well my name is Crow to my left (the other guy who grabbed me) is my older brother Demetrius and over here is our little bro sap,” he said.  They both laughed except for sap, which is not his whole name but I did not know if his whole name was any better. “My name is Sapphire,” he said. It is a nice name I think it is unique. I finally awoke from my disbelief.
“Well you already know me right,” I said. They looked at me trying to play stupid and not knowing what I meant but I finally told them they had been here before so they have to know my name. Sapphire came close to me and said “Amelia were sorry for coming here all these years it’s just this is our house, this is were we lived awhile ago when we first came to Florida. “When was that,” I said.  They looked at each other as if I had just made a joke. “Well sometime around the 1950s” said crow.  I kept forgetting that they were not like me at all. Sapphire continues telling me that the house meant something to them because there family continued to live here for sometime until they went back to France. They told me they came back ten years ago and decided to come to my house and see it one more time and maybe thinking if it was vacant they could return here. As it was not they just looked around and when they saw the open window, Crow decided to look in. They told me how they sat on my windowsill looking around. Demetrius told me they saw me and knew I was wake but since I was six they thought I would think I was dreaming. They decided not to return because of the family living there. They did not really want to kick us out but had suggested it until meeting me. Something told me there was a different reason they did not want to come back but that is what they told me so I did not say anything. The entire time they spoke, I tried to imagine what they would do next and figure out what they were. Crow finally decided to talk about it. He looked at his brothers and then to me. “So by now you can tell we are nothing like you.” I just stayed quiet for a few minutes trying to think of what to say. “What are you guys,” not so great of a response but that is all I thought to say. “Well were dead first of all,” Crow said. I started to notice he was the more relaxed carefree one. Demetrius laughed but then came to be serious when he said, “Were vampires.” I took a deep breath in and just waited for another laugh. They did not laugh, and I felt my sense reality change.
“You mean real, really vampires,” I could not even speak correctly; I was very confused and overwhelmed. When I was six, I thought they were moon men growing, up I did not know what exactly that meant but I knew they were different. Maybe somewhere, I had considered nonhuman but I never put a label on them. I wanted to move past it think of it as a dream. They were not real vampires were not real. “What, “I said. Crow just looked me in the eyes and said “yes.” Sapphire looked at my face with this honest angelic look
“We didn’t mean to scare you,” he said. I looked down at the ground and did not want to understand
“I wasn’t scared but it’s not natural.” I said.  We started to talk a little more about why they came back since they did not come back until now. “Well sorry we just wanted to check out your house again.” Sapphire said. “Sure, “crow coughed”
“Be quiet,” Demetrius added.
“So you guys came ten years ago and saw the house and you came back now to see it again, right.” I said.  They just laughed and said “yep,” all in sync and everything. I thought they were definitely trying to cover something up. Well they told me they were vampires what else could they be lying to me about. Crow very oddly took a serious tone and said, “Well yeah we came back then to see our old house since we had just come back from France and then we went back and well we just did it for fun.” He wasn’t done speaking but I interrupted him and told him “so then now your taken a second look,” this was in on and on conversation. I did not understand what they were doing here maybe I was just rattled at the fact they were vampires. Oh my, did I even believe that. Demetrius finally spoke again “Um not exactly,” Demetrius said.  Crow walked towards me took my hand still it felt cold but he was trying to be dashing and in his most gentlemen like voice he said “ may I say ma chérie you are very beautiful and have a scent as magnificent as a rose.“ I just stared at Sapphire to see if this was a joke. His face was just blank no emotion as always. “Um thanks that’s real sweet,” I said. Demetrius came forward, seemed a bit impatient, and said, “We do have something to ask you but maybe we came too early.” I did not understand that but I said “no its ok ask.” Sapphire now looked afraid
“Wait I will ask her,” Sapphire said and now walked ahead of Crow and Demetrius, I thought if they came any closer, I would be pushed into the wall. Before he could speak, I said, “if you were going to kill me you would have done it by now right, you wouldn’t have just talk to me and started to bond with your meal.” Crow and Demetrius just looked at each other when crow told me
” were not going to kill you.” I would not let Sapphire ask me anything because I was nervous now. So I kept talking “so then how do you.” crow interrupted me and said
“Drink” I just rolled my eyes down and said
“Yes.”  Demetrius explained how they would trick or sort of force humans to let them feed on them and then make them forget it ever happened. They did that so they would not have to kill them since it could be more of a reveal to everyone if people were to just die from being drained of blood. They told me they decided awhile back to just go around and find many random humans to drink from. I then started to think about why they were here and I asked them “am that why you’re here, is that what you want to force me.” Crow then told me that I was the first human that they bothered to talk to about what they did especially for this long.  They said that since they had met me ten years ago by coincidence that they have not been able to forget or stop thinking about me. They probably meant my blood so I was not that flattered. They told me something about my scent and the energy I gave off attracted them. They could feel it smell it and it was as if they needed to feed on me and somehow they knew the taste would be great and different form any other they have had. Crow finally explained what they had wanted to ask. Unlike the rest, they did not want to force me or trick me. They were just asking me to let them. They debated about asking me as a child but all said as tempting as it was it would have been wrong. “We kill less often now and just because we are dead doesn’t mean we lost all of our chivalry,” Crow said. Lost your chivalry huh I thought they would have said soul.
My heart was racing and I knew that they could feel it too. I took a breath hard in. Sapphire told me they would not hurt me and it would be somewhat painful but I could be pleased by the experience to. I could not think how but then Sapphire said, “You don’t have to.” Demetrius and Crow both shouted “SAPPHIRE!” He then gave this dark aggressive look and said forcefully
“No you don’t have to.” I told them that I still did not get it why did not they just force me. Sapphire very shy said, “I don’t want to or would let them force you.”  I felt better and thought to say yes because if I did not they would leave and I would never see them again. I knew it was a stupid reason to give up my blood for but having no meaning in life and then just having one stare you in the face so suddenly. Would you let it go or would you not try to hold on to it if you could. “We can make a packed,” I said. Sapphire looked at a little afraid and unhappy with my decision.  “Are you sure?” Sapphire asked me.  I told them yes but they would have to make a promise and not break it or I would not let them drink from me anymore. Demetrius, Crow, and Sapphire agreed. “So then let’s hear it,” Demetrius said.
“Well I really only need one thing from you guys, one thing you must never do and I will let you drink anytime all the time.” I looked them in the eyes and said, “Promise me you won’t go away and just leave me.” Sapphire spoke for them and told me they would not. Crow then tried to make sure I knew what would happen after the first time. “Look we drink your blood once and we grantee we won’t want anyone else’s. So you’re willing to be there, be our supply everyday.”
“Night,” Demetrius corrected Crow. I told them I would not change my mind.
“So is that it I am really hungry,” Crow said. I looked shocked.
“You guys haven’t eaten, you came here not knowing if I would say yes so why not eat before,” I said. “Nervous,” Demetrius smart-ass attitude said. I looked away for a second and said
“No am sorry just give me a minute.” Sapphire grabbed my hand and made me look at him
“You didn’t ask for much,” he said. I grabbed his other hand and said
“I only need that one thing from you, don’t leave me ever please.”
Sapphire just starred into my eyes and smiled. I let go of his hands and stood in the middle of all three of them.  I just took a breath and said “ok am alright, whenever you want am ready.” I was a little scared but I felt I could trust them. Demetrius said he would go first, he leaned forward and grabbed my left arm. They told me they would bite me somewhere I would be able to hide from others. He bent his head down and bit me above my elbow. Once his teeth broke into my skin, I felt a sharp very intense but blissful pain. I started to feel weak. It must have taken him about 3 minutes to stop. I looked into his eyes and they were pitch black as if he was now the monster feeding on his prey. He seemed to be in a state of shock he did not say anything he just stood there with a grin on his face. Demetrius looked as if he was in a trance. “It felt like ecstasy a very divine taste that I now yearn for, “he said. Then Crow walked towards me grabbed my other arm and rushed his head towards my arm. His bite was much harder and as he drank, I could feel his mouth suck out the blood and every bit of it aroused me. It felt like my body went numb and instead of an extreme pain, I felt excited and wanted more myself. Crow had a hard time letting go but Demetrius and Sapphire finally got him to let go. They could see my face start to get pale and my body getting weak. Sapphire almost did not want to take his turn but I reminded him a deal was a deal. I told him I was ok and it was all right I would be fine but I did not want him not to have a turn. I felt weird talking about it as if it were an amusement park ride. Crow and Demetrius eyes went back to there normal color. They looked at me and Sapphire then said they would go look for a place for them to stay this morning. He did not say anything but his cheeks, it was weird it seemed if he could he would have been blushing. I kind of giggled and said, “Fine, go.” As they left Sapphire came towards me I told him once again I was ok. I felt stupid for saying it again but he seemed frighten about something.  I think he thought if he liked it, he would not want to leave me just as I did not want him to leave. Sapphire grabbed my hand turned me around then pushed my hair to the side. He leaned my head to the side and put his mouth on my shoulder. He then picked it back up and rushed towards it with his sharp fangs. As it pierced its way into me, I felt like fainting. I started to moan and ache.  It was painful but I was so surprised I did not enjoy it. It was a much stronger grip then his brothers. I tried to move but he took his arms and wrapped them around me. I could not move and the pain that once put me in a trance now awoke my body and I could feel all of the pain, I started to cry. It was very painful and I began to get weaker. I turned my head around and I saw his eyes they were more then just black they looked evil and angry.  He had asked me if this was what I wanted I knew that I had felt something from what he said. His brothers wanted to try my blood so did he but even more, he wanted me to say no. Therefore, he is trying to scare me. Trying to make me regret saying yes and tell him that I do not want to anymore. If I gave in to it, I would never see him again. I would lose this…  I started to feel my body get weak and my eyes began to lose focus. I went dizzy and suddenly everything got dark and I remember falling into sapphires arms.
“If only she would have said no for she has no idea what this means for her. So much danger, pain, and yet if I lost her now I would only want her more.  We all knew that her taste would be extraordinary but I knew it might make me feel this way.  I could never forgive myself if something happen to her.  I knew from that moment that I had her I can no longer be without her. She does not know what will come of this but I know nothing will harm her as long as I am by her side. She has know taken my soul and I am only hers
– Sapphire

I woke up to an empty room, just as it was before. I was alone again and for a while, I thought of all of it as a dream, a wonderful terrible dream. I looked at my arms and my shoulder the marks were still there. The pain had gone down but I still felt it as if it were happening over and over again. My body might have recovered but I did not feel the same. I had this feeling running through my entire body and I did not want it to go away. I was so afraid they would not come back. I almost felt like sitting in my room and wait for night
to come. My mom finally came to get me to take me to school. I just wanted to make sure that they would come back and be with me again. The entire day I could not stop thinking about what happen. It had burned into my memories and it replayed every second. His lips on my body and the feeling of his mouth sipping my blood, I could not help but space out in class. I was weak too being drained of blood does that obviously but somehow I could go on just thinking of them gave me strength. I remember being in homeroom because of an assembly, we were waiting to go to. I just left my classroom, left my body and my mind and drifted back to the room. As Erica and Karen tried to make me react, I felt Sapphires fangs on my body. As he drove his fangs into my shoulder, I just screamed. I looked around and he was gone.  I only saw Erica’s face telling me if I was fine. How could I answer no? I knew I was not but to everyone I had to be.. fine.  “What could you possible be dreaming about, did you hear yourself what was up with the scream.” Erica said.
“Don’t tell me you’re having a bad dream,” Karen said.  Of course, she had to make fun of me for doing that in front of the whole class.  Mostly in every class I spaced out for a bit, if it was one of my teachers waking me up or my classmates scarring me out of my dream; it was Sapphires eyes and sharp fangs waking me up with a tear slipping from my eyes. Luckily, I did not have any more outbursts but I could not stop thinking of hi… them.  After school was over Lauren found me walking aimlessly towards the train. He said if he could walk with me, I really did not know what to say. I was very out of it. I just never said no so he continued by my side. “You know you were completely in your own zone this whole day, what’s wrong,” he said.  I had stayed quiet for over five minutes thinking of them knowing I could not say anything. “Am fine,” I said. All he said after that was ok but he said it so softly and with a sincere smile on his face. He asked me to hang out with him later but I could not focus not on him nor anything at all. I walked faster and as soon as I was ahead of him, I turned around and said, “I got to go, I’ll see you later.” I arrived at the train station paid the fare and went upstairs. Luckily, the train arrived fast and I just got aboard and waited for my stop. Once I was downstairs walking home. I just kept walking fast then faster and faster and I began to run home. I ran so fast I almost could not breathe. I wondered where they were right now. I knew it was still early and very bright but I could not help it I wanted to be in my room. I wanted them to know I was waiting for them. That I did want them to return, that I did want to see him again.  I finally let it slip maybe I was more excited to see one more then the others.
As soon as I reached my house I opened, the door ran to my room and just lay on my bed trying to catch my breath. My heart was racing and I could not even move but I was so happy to be home and to know that soon night would fall and I could feel.. Everything I felt when I am near them. My life is awakened when am with them. I closed my eyes for a bit and I began to think of them again. Since I did run fast, I got home at around 3:40 I thought I would just drift away for a while until my sister would come home. I could not even dream about them anymore. I was so nervous now thinking about what would happen tonight. My body started to shake I felt my body begin to sweat and I could not relax. I heard a noise something hit the window and I jumped thinking they would be standing there. Why am I fooling myself it is sunny and bright. I opened the window and noticed the tree branch hitting the side of the window. I left all my windows open and went downstairs to turn on the stove. I took out some pasta and some ground beef and began to make lasagna. As it turned 4:00 I turned everything off, began to set the table somehow as off, and lost I was it took me 20 minutes to set the table and I grabbed my keys and headed to the corner. I stood there waiting for my sisters. My, face as blank and empty as I felt, nothing made sense or felt real anymore. All I knew was that if I did not have them I would feel like this forever. All of my sisters finally came and we walked home together. They could all see my face it lacked any emotion. We came home they went upstairs to change and wash their hands. When we all came to eat, they sat around me not saying a word. If you know kids no matter what there doing they are always noisy and talking. Did I make them feel sad and empty too? They say it is contagious. Maybe I just make them feel so uncomfortable. I tried to cheer up but I was still so worried. Usually my sisters make me feel so happy, I just could not pretend as if I was ok. When we all finished I cleaned up, saved the rest in the oven and told them to stay in their rooms watching TV so I could be in mine. I did not want to be near them making them feel awkward this was not their fault nor did they need to get involved. I just laid in my bed waiting. Once I heard my parents, come in I closed my door and went back to my bed. I could not stop looking at the clock. Every second passed and every minute went by and still the hours came so slow. It may have gotten dark around seven but they still have not shown up.  I almost wanted to cry. I went to take a shower and finally being alone and without anyone around I could let my true emotions out. The tears in my eyes came pouring down. I cried and cried. I did not know why I was crying but that is all I felt like doing. I knelt down and cried until I could not cry any longer. I closed my eyelids and cried out his name, “Sapphire.”
“I felt her pain I knew she would be in pain. I did not want her to feel pain but how could I make it go away. I heard her call out my name and I could not run out and go to her. I had my own pain as well. For now, the only way for it to go away is to be with her. As much as I wanted to stay away from her that is how much I never want to be away from her. This pain we both feel is only the beginning to something I fear will only cause us more pain, terrible pain.” – Sapphire
I got out of the shower and starred at the mirror looking at myself.  Why did I have to be like this? Why could I not just be like everyone else? Feel like everyone else. Not be sad and so alone.  I wiped my tears, went to my room, and got dressed. I put my pajamas on and looked at my clock one last time. It was 8:30pm and it was very dark outside. I went to go look at the moon, another full moon so beautiful yet so far away, just like everything else I wanted. I laid down on my bed and closed my eyes. I did not feel myself go to sleep but I did. I thought it was for the best. It would help me from crying all night.
The women and the broken promise
“And with that I knew I had no choice but to keep visiting her, for a moment of happiness is so valuable if you know how to cherish it, you can keep it for an eternity. “ – Sapphire
I was trying to dream of them but I think my thoughts were to scattered and I had so many emotions running around my head that I could not just concentrate.  I think I could feel myself sleep but not really sleep. I felt as if I was wake but I did not move or speak. I just laid there with my eyes closed.  I did not know what time it was but I felt half-asleep or not even asleep at all. I started to feel my body get cold and I became fussy. I tossed and turned until I felt a hand grab me. I felt them sit next to me on my bed and I felt it lean towards me. I began to wake up but I kept my eyes closed for a bit. I was not fully awake until that something tried to bite me and I jumped up while pushing that something that I now say was Crow off me. I was breathing heavily and tried to calm down but I couldn’t.  Even though this was what I wanted, they did not have to come here and scare me.  I only complain because now that I they were here I could. I got up and stayed quiet waiting for one of them to speak. I looked at my clock it was 11:30pm. I did not think I had slept that long.
“So how are you,” Sapphire said. I looked at him starred at his bright green eyes and all I could say was “fine.”  Crow then got off the bed grabbed my hand and pulled me up.
“Get dressed then,” he said.  I looked at Sapphire and Demetrius and there faces made me feel good and even knowing what they are I felt secure and happy. I went to go get dressed and as soon as I was done, Demetrius and Crow jumped out of the window. Sapphire climbed up to the windowsill and told me to grab on to him. “Hold me tight and don’t let go, and it might be best for you to take a deep breath.” as he held me I took a deep breath and we leap out of my window on the second floor. I did not know how high it was but at this moment, I was not trying to figure it out. He flew out of the window with such grace. As my heart drop down to my stomach, I closed my eyelids and held back my screams.  I felt him jump up even higher. I did not even try to understand how this was possible. I felt him kick himself even higher. Thinking it was a branch or something else he used to leap even higher, I opened my eyes and saw he had jumped over the next house. Moving fast I could not even notice how many houses, we had pasted.  I held him even tighter thinking I would fall as we started to move faster.  It could not have taken us more then 15mins but once I opened my eyes again I saw the water I felt the sand. How in the world could we have gotten from my house to the beach that fast? As Sapphire dashed to the shore, I felt my heart drop again. He let go of me and took some steps back. I did not even notice where the other boys were. I sat down and felt the water reach the tip of my sandals. The moon looked even larger here. You could even see a few stars nearby.
“So pretty amazing right,” Crow said.
“It maybe to bright and sunny for us but nothing beats living somewhere with a beach.”  Crow said he seemed very passionate about it. I guess it must be hard to have so many things limited once you are like them. “We have lived in so many places but this is home right guys, “he said.  No one answered him but rather seemed happy.  Crow voice is always so uplifting and excited. He speaks without a care in the world and finds joy, laughter, and happiness in everything and it comes off in his voice. Unlike the serious deep depressing manly voice of his older brother. “Right can we start,” Demetrius said. He always spoke as if he was sad he did not seem mean and was not to me but his voice could fool you. I guess in the end he knew what he was and an innocent voice did not really suit it. Even though that is how I could describe Sapphire voice. Soft, innocent, caring, gentle, and yet still sad. By the way, what Demetrius said did not bother me I knew what he meant. “I hadn’t forgotten our pact you know, am ready whenever you are,” I said. Crow face looked as if he could hardly hold in the laughter any longer, Demetrius, as usually had no reaction and Sapphire on the other hand looked angry. Maybe I should not have just said ready when you are as if I was so fine with them biting me. I looked down at the sand and waited for them to do something. I really did not want to make Sapphire angry again but I guess I was trying to show them that it was ok I would do whatever to keep them around. “Well then I’ll go first since you to be still acting weird, “Demetrius came towards me and said, “well you said it so here it goes am ready.” He knelt down and grabbed my arm and just about, where a short sleeve length sits, he bit me. My heart started to beat faster. I felt an exciting feel through out my entire body. His bite was not that painful but I could still feel his sharp fangs break my skin and as the blood leaves my body, I feel some small ache but it does not stop from feel incredible at the same time. Suddenly I felt him stop and wipe his mouth. His eyes quickly turned back green. Crow walked towards me and said give me your hand. I lifted my right hand and sat it on his. He then slowly put his head down on my hand and bit me. He did not take long I could see just as before if he did not stop soon he would not be able to later. Crow then got up, grabbed Demetrius, and dragged him off. He even went as far as to wink at bow and me. So again, Sapphire and I were left alone. Which is awkward since he does not speak to me as much as the other two. “Why,” he murmured. I tried to understand him but I could not so I just had this confused face. “Why do you want to give us your blood,” he asked. I did not know what to say. “I don’t know don’t you need it,” I said.  He looked even more upset now. He came close to me and said
“I can have anyone’s blood I want and don’t need it.” I felt awful I could not even look at him. I got up and just walked away trying not to cry, “Where are you going you cant leave please stop,” he pleaded.  I did not even want to stop or go back even though I knew I would not go very far I began to run, run as far and as fast as I a human could. “Please,” I heard him yell. I was just running until I felt a wind pass by me and even if I ran fast, I could not surpass the wind. I finally ran into him and fell down.  “If you can choose anyone why stay with me, go see if I care,” I said.  I knew I did care but what he said made sense if not now one day he might want or have to go find someone else.  No one else but him and his brothers could live forever and that was always something I had never wanted. I did not even want to be around now. Why would I ever want to be like him? Everyone tries to live moment to moment day to day live it up make every day  count live life to the fullest and never look back but am ready to give it up and let go.  “ You know it’s the people who don’t know how much there worth that actually end up being the most worthy to live, love and have the most to live for,” Sapphire said. He picked me up and said
“Your not just lunch something about you makes you unlike anyone I can ever feed off.”  I looked into his eyes and felt special he had a way of making you feel that way. Even if they all scared me, I knew that I meant something to them. Nothing may make sense anymore but is not that the best part of life, when you can have something out of the ordinary happen to you. Not just be a sheep no matter how you look at life its never a guarantee that you will make it to the end or that it will be all pleasant but if you can have one moment one memory of happiness, excitement, or a feeling of truly being alive wouldn’t that make it all ok. I know I can never go back I can never forget or deny runaway from all of this from them. This is my moment my memory and no matter what happens I can always say I have no regrets because I met you.
It is not as if I could ever say that to him, wow no, oh my. Well sitting in the sand is fun and all but, I told them to take me home. I think it was like 2am when we got home. “Goodnight my dear,” Crow said. I smiled at him and said thanks.  I did not really know what to say it was very awkward.  “Whatever lets go bye Ami,” Demetrius said. They jumped out of the window so fast I could not even say anything back just was left with the word in my mouth. Finally Sapphire came towards me and said, “I’ll be nicer I swear,” and he smiled at me. That was creepy he has never smiled at me. More then that, why did he say that?  They are just too awkward to handle. I just remember saying ok goodnight and he then leaped out. I went to the window to see if I could see them even just for a second, see them in the sky. They were already gone no trace of them anywhere just the moon glowing in the sky It was still there facing my window.  I closed my windows and went to sleep.  “I pray that you never leave,” I closed my eyes and dreamt of nothing else but them.
Unfortunately, I had only five hours of sleep until my mother came to wake me up. With Jaslene ready and willing to jump on me to make sure, I would not fall back to sleep. I picked her up and put her down and told her to go is changed. I went to take a shower and I then got dressed for school.  I went downstairs for some juice and said bye to my little sisters. I waved bye to my mom and dad but again seems like they either careless or did not notice. I was surprised; after I opened the front door I saw Lauren standing there, I think I surprised him to because he looked as if he was going to knock before I startled him. “Hi Amelia, how’s it going,” he said.  I had this puzzled look on my face mostly because I had no idea what he was doing here. Oh and I had no idea how he knew where I lived. “Am fine,” I said. He looked at me and then to the floor he seemed nervous and would not speak for a while. “Um I just came to see if I could drive you to school,” “if you want,” he said. I did not know what to say he was already here and telling him no would be cruel. It was so awkward though since I never drove with anyone beside my parents. “Its ok I guess,” those words just jumped right out of my mouth without any thought of what that meant. I did not really process the fact that now we would be in a car next to each other all the way to school. “Thanks am glad you want to,” he said and smiled.  Well I did not want to but I would not say that to him. Lauren seemed nervous even though he tried to hide it with this very weird happiness. I did not know what to say or do friends or company just is not something I deal with well in my life.  “Well how are you today Amelia,” he awkwardly asked.  I did not know what to say well vampires bite me every night so am tired and weak but it is amazing so am ok. That sounded as crazy in my head as it would if I had really said it. “Um well am fine,” I said.  He smiled again and just continued staring at the road as if nothing; yet I was starting to get more nervous.  Once we got to school I felt much better, Sarah and Erica were waiting for me at the front doors so I just waved and tried to make a run for it. Lauren then got my attention went in front of me and said, “This was great,” and walked away. He was just passing the front doors when my brain and mouth managed to say “thanks.” Erica and Sarah looked at me as if I had committed a crime. “Well you don’t see that everyday,” Erica said. My face got very pale I did not know what to say or explain that situation. “Lauren just drove me to school come on it’s not that big of a deal.”
“Are you kidding outside of this school we don’t seem to be your friends at all,” Erica said.
“Come on don’t be like that, that’s not true I just rather be alone but you guys are my friends ok,” I said. Sarah just stood there panicking and slowly starting to worry. Sarah really was not one for fights or arguments, which I do not think this was but she is very sensitive. “Look think whatever ok I didn’t want him to drive me but he did so it’s over,” I said. Then I felt the breeze of death know also as Karen.
“Hey everyone,” she said.  Starring at the guys standing on the sidewalk she brushed back her hair and smiled.
“So who drove you to school?” Karen asked. I did not feel like telling her I knew she would cause a scene or say something ridiculous. “Forget it,” I said and walked into the school.  The day was just as boring like every other day. Erica and Sarah as a follower ignored me the entire day. Karen well she did as she does flirts and well she always ignored me because it is convenient to her. Well no matter what I was fine and would not let that get to me. I had other things to think about then those eyes but I just wished all day could be night. That was a silly thought but being around them made me happy.  All I wanted to do was see his eyes.
I finally got home but I still had plenty of time before nightfall. My head was only filled with thoughts of them. I made dinner and picked up my sisters as usual but it felt as if I was not even there, moving, alive. I sat in my room waiting until I finally fell asleep. When I had woken up it was 11:30pm, I was wondering why they had not come yet but I got up and opened my windows.  I kept staring at my watch anticipating there arrival but no one came.  I must have fallen asleep again but this time on the floor. It was about 2am when I finally heard Crow’s voice telling me to wake up. My head was very heavy I could not quite wake myself up. Crow dragged me, picked me up, and put me on his shoulders. He seemed angry and very worried. I did not know what was going on but I could tell something was wrong. We finally got to the beach and he sat me down and said, “don’t move.”
He said it so cold and so afraid it almost made me become afraid. As I sat there, I looked out into the ocean and saw the shadow of the moon. It was so beautiful I felt safe and warm. Sometimes the moon can make you forget about what’s really going on around you to bad it was not so safe and warm tonight. I looked at the left side of the beach and at a distance, I saw Sapphire walking towards me, very powerful and angry. His face as worried as it was, felt more anger then anything. He picked me up and hugged me, as hard and tight as he could. I felt like crying because I did not know what was wrong. He whispered in my ear and then turned around and told Crow and Demetrius to leave. “Am sorry,” he said. I did not understand but I was so confused I did not even ask. “We have to leave,” he said. I still could not get anything out because he was speaking so fast. “We have to leave, before.” I was still confused but
“Before,” I asked. He just gave me this very terrified look and said
“I don’t want anything to hurt you.” I assumed it was something very terrible if he was getting scared.
“But I don’t want you to leave, please don’t leave.” I begged.
“I will be ok Sapphire I promise just don’t leave me,” I said as I began to cry. He leaned towards me, gave me a kiss on the cheek, and said “goodbye.” I know it is not possible but I would have sworn he was crying or at least wanted to. “I can’t let you go please why I don’t understand,” I could not stop saying do not go.  I finally walked away, Sapphire was standing with his back turned he would not speak to me. Therefore, I had no choice but to go home. I would have stayed there all night but I did not want to cry anymore in front of him. I had tears in my eyes the whole way home. I took a taxi back but was afraid I would wake my parents. I just remembered what Sapphire said to me and I kept repeating it in my head. “I will find you again. “ I did not understand why he had to leave but I thought that maybe that meant he would come back. As the taxi pulled up to my house I got out and decided what to do now. I looked at the tree next to my window the one Crow, Demetrius and Sapphire easily jump on to it. Well I cant easily but I will have to climb it to get in and not wake anyone up. I got a grip and pulled myself up. It took me awhile unlike them, which only take one leap.
I finally hopped onto the edge of my window but hovered on the windowsill for a minute until I could get a push inside. Once I fell to the grown in my room, I heard a laugh. It was a women’s laugh. I was afraid to lift my head but I did slowly. There she was I did not know who but there she was sitting on my bed laughing.
“How pathetic, is this who they replaced me with,” she said.
“I know I was a human but not as awkward as you.”
“Well girl its time to find out what makes you so special.” I did not understand what she was talking about but all I could do is stay frozen on the floor. “Are you going to stay there like a dog, wont you even get up you fool,” she said very proud. She was very beautiful as beautiful as them. I figured it out that she was one of them. Her eyes were this powder blue so light they almost seemed clear. They were so mesmerizing.
“Impressed are you,” she said. I felt like getting up now but still could not. She came closer to me my heart started to beat faster that even I could hear it now. “Well doesn’t that sound pretty,” I was so afraid she would try to bite me. I backed up until I hit the wall underneath my window. “What do you want,” I finally said. She looked at me as if I had just disobeyed her. “Well not that I enjoy speaking to humans especially those I will eat, so you think you’re the only feast those morons have ever kept alive and made a deal with. They use to feed on me lets say hundreds of years before you.” My face just got pale after she said that. I did not think I was the only one but I thought. “Well I just love to spoil the boy’s fun especially poor Sapphire who thinks he can get rid of me just like that. Hmmm no no he cannot little girl. Its time that he gets hurt just like me and something tells me eating you will do that,” she explained. I could not speak but I wanted to scream but I was afraid she would hurt my family if I did, if she had not already. As she leaned towards me opening her mouth, revealing her fangs my heart just stopped. She came towards my neck and just by a second Sapphire grabbed her. She was just able to scarp me. Crow and Demetrius picked me up and asked me if I was ok. I told them yes even though I was filled with so many emotions, mostly sadness. They wanted to leave me.. and now it made sense to keep me safe but still they would have left and. “Oh you boys and your toys, please don’t make me laugh it’s just a doll,” she said. Her eyes never left mine even when I looked away and looked back I knew she had not lost sight of me. “A rag doll that should be thrown away,” she continued. I began to cry, and then sapphire came through the window and put a necklace around the women’s neck. She fell to ground her stiff body slamming on the floor like a boulder. My parents woke and dashed to my room. As my door opened, a gust of window blew by me. “What is that noise?” my mother asked. I looked around to see where they had gone but then just answered, “I fell.” My mother looked at me with such anger and annoyance.
“You’re light as a feather,” my dad said.
“Gosh just go to bed before you wake up your sisters,” my mom said,
“As long as you’re okay, well just head to bed please,” dad said as he shut the door behind them.
I was so shocked and motionless. The guys came out of my closet and dragged the women’s body out.
“What happened,” I said. The guys picked me up and sat me on the edge of the bed.
“This bitch is a vampire,” Crow said
“Duh,” I replied.
“She is.. was like you we use to feed on her before we turned her into a vampire,” Demetrius said.
I pondered that very idea of me becoming exactly like her and soon becoming a vampire. I hope that not 1being a bitch like her too.  Sapphire really looked upset and after a few minutes of awkward silence asked his brothers to leave. They looked at each other and then jumped out the window. Sapphire closed the windows because he said it was getting cold. He got my cover and wrapped me around with it. I finally was passed my fear and sadness. I stood up and all you heard was SMACK!! I slapped Sapphire, it hurt my hand more then I think it hurt him but I still felt justice. “You were going to leave.. You were going to leave!.. Me!” I said. I just wanted to scream and shout remember my family were in the other rooms kept me calm.
“Why,” I said.
“Because of Ella,” he said. I interrupted him and just paced around my room.
“You don’t get it,” I said.
“I’m sorry, I chose the wrong plan. I should have stayed and found another way,” he said.
I closed my eyes and said “I don’t care about her or her hurting me, no one could hurt me, no you can you hurt me, you tried to leave after I begged you not to. “
“I said I was sorry please forgive me and let me tell you something important,” he said and then began to tell me about his past.
“Ella wasn’t our first volunteer human but she was the most willing and cunning. She had caused Demetrius to become enamored with her. They were almost good for each other. Demetrius unlike Crow had never had a lover not that he was pure but I mean someone he devoted so much time to. In your time, I guess a girlfriend. He had slept with women just to pass the time I guess or still have a memory of his human life. The last time he was in love it did not go so well so with Ella he had let his guard down and fallen again. Therefore, Ella as a human seemed sweet at the time of Demetrius newfound feelings Crow and I had stopped feeding on her. I will not say it was not hard her blood at the time was intoxicating but it was just her blood nothing more. I started to learn of her mind games when she would offer her blood to me saying it was ok and Demetrius would not mind. At the time, I did not know if he would mind but it felt disrespectful to just drink her blood. He was my brother she was no one.  It all seemed to go well until Ella proved to be more deceitful then we could have ever thought. Ella family was still alive but she refused to live with them any longer after Demetrius professed his love. She convinced us she just wanted to be closer but we soon learned her family was missing her and wanted her back. We spent months living together and as soon as we found out Ella’s family were looking for her we asked her to return. She did not take that well and through a fit, blamed Demetrius saying he did not want her with him and did not love her. We convinced Demetrius to let her go for the good of her family and her in the end. Ella’s family was not bad they were caring people but Ella hated being confined and wanted to break free. She did not like being told what to do and felt she was just used as an object. Her father was trying to arrange her marriage to a wealthy man. She would never let her father get rich off her when he did not respect her or care for her. We did not see her father as such a bad man but she would not stop trying to convince us he was a bad man. She came one day crying to Demetrius saying her father had hit her and threatened her life. We never expected Demetrius to be so blinded by her by love but he was. They went to her home and her father was there and he began to yell at Ella and as Demetrius says he yanked her and through her to the ground she cut her arm and began to bleed. Demetrius filled with anger attacked her father. Ella’s father fought back but as he reached for a weapon. Demetrius was to angry and to consumed with the smell of blood in the air. He bit her father and killed him. Ella’s mother and two brothers walked in and saw a monster had killed there husband and father. Ella’s mother screamed and Ella stood up and said Demetrius please you must shut her up before she knows about you. I remember him saying her words that triggered him. “I don’t want to lose you,” she said. I never wanted to remember what he did after but yes, he killed her mother. Her brothers were only nine and five. Young but aware of what Demetrius had done and who he was. She walked towards him and let him drink her blood. Her brothers were just staring at her crying at the fear and shock of it all. She then whispered in his ear “you must, they can’t live I will not let anyone take you away from me, it’s for the best she assured him.” I was cringe at the thought of what he did. He killed those two boys not even stopping as they cried and pleaded for help. After he was done he dragged all of there bodies to the living room and burned the house down.  She had told him that she would let her brother know so they could understand it was not his fault. She told him they would run away together and never have to think of this day again. That was a lie Demetrius has not had a day where he has not been haunted by what he did. Ella did come to tell us but her version was vaguer but the most horrible thing we did was believe her. She said Demetrius was enraged with her father upon hearing the marriage would be next month. We knew she was arranged to be married so it was easy to believe parts. One she told us she attacked him we were beginning to disbelieve but she swore he attacked him and killed him. Fearing that her mother and brother saw he killed and burned them. She said he even tried to hurt her that why she had a cut and her arm. He went to force her to leave and not speak of this to no one. As Demetrius was coming through the door she said, “I can’t not love him anymore, I am terrified of what he has done and I cannot love a monster.” He became enraged and flew towards us. We pushed him back and tired to calm him down. He would not comply and he just kept saying he wanted us to hand her over. He would not come to reason. Both Crow and I said we would listen to him and help him but Ella just made it worse. “You will keep me safe forever wont you sapphire,” she said. She started at me with lit up eyes. He became jealous and more enraged; he said you could not have her. We were just convinced he had gone mad. I had grabbed the same amulet I had placed on Ella now around his neck. It is a very old gift from a very old friend. Its magic entombs a vampire into a deep sleep. We had told Ella we would keep him like that for now. She seems relieved but I guess it was her plan. As the years went by, she began trying to get me to feed on her. I resists as long as I could. She was cunning. I pushed her away so much because of respect for Demetrius because of the thought of him asleep because I still wanted to blame her. Somehow, she got her way and again I was enamored with her blood once more. I felt ashamed I kept it a secret from Crow but I believe he knew. She seemed to have become obsessed with me as a homemaker harassing me at every moment possible. One night she was not satisfied with just me drinking her blood. She kissed me and tried to seduce me. Unlucky for her I told her it is not her body or looks. It was simply her blood I lusted for and nothing more. She angrily stated that if I did not succumb to her advances she would not let me drink her blood. I became angry and called her a whore. She said she would make me hers that she wanted me more then my brother. I began to see she was a pity deceitful woman and could have betrayed my brother. I slapped her and asked her to leave. She left but came back pleading to me. She said she would no longer live if she could not have my love. She drew out a dagger and stabbed herself in the heart. Crow rushed in, did not know how to react, he had not known of her games, and asked me to turn her. Not to let her die in such a way we could not bare it. Crow could not stand the thought of a women committing suicide. I might have done the second most horrible thing in my lifetime. I created the Ella you saw today. I believe this was her plan from the beginning to be like us. I would never forgive myself for what I had done. Just like Demetrius would never forgive himself for what he had done. She has caused us much pain, for creatures of the night who feel nothing she had awoken feeling that we wish to have never had. Ella as a vampire became more sadistic, evil, and smart. She knew her number one goal now was to punish me and my brothers.”
More then blood
I did not know how to react, sapphire finally stopped explaining but I was not ready to speak. I was more understanding of them and what they had gone through but I was still angry and sad. I finally spoke and told him “don’t leave, it’s not worth it and she’s not worth it.” He came towards me and hugged me. He did not let go but said, “You are more then blood.” I hugged him back and began to cry. He looked at me and just smiled. “The amulet will keep her asleep so we can entomb her in her coffin but she could break free from the spell,” he explained.
“So then do that for now and keep living each night with me, please,” I said.
“No matter what I will never leave you it won’t even be a choice,” he said. I looked at him with disbelief but grabbed his hands and said, “I know.” He was staring deep into my eyes leaning closer to me now but I reminded him “um isn’t she still in my closet.” He jolted up and went to open a window somehow Crow and Demetrius knew to come back in. I looked at Demetrius but he would not look at me. I guess he knew that I now knew about him and Ella. Crow and Demetrius dragged her to the window and Crow pulled her over his shoulder and they vanished quicker then I could blink. I had asked Sapphire to stay all I said was stay. He complied and laid on my bed with me. He reassured me that he would not leave until right before the sunrises. I was happy and a little worried. I was beginning to hate Miami for so much sun it produced. If it snowed, it could be gloomy but it was only September so there would not really be snow yet if it were even possible. I fell asleep quick enough even with the cold contrast hitting my skin underneath my blanket. He was my pillow now and I began to like that concept.
For the first time I knew the difference between lust and love. I have wanted so much blood from so many people. More then half, I can never remember a face or even a name. I can recall few scents of some as an animal you have this ability to differentiate what a vampire calls good blood and bad blood. In a way yes it is all the same but with your senses heighten some intrigue you more then others. Therefore, this is why Amelia’s blood is so much more special to me. Her scent is so alluring it is so hard to turn away. Remembering her as a child oh how hard was it to turn away. I came to see her more times then any of my brothers.  I could not get enough but I have been learning that it is not just her blood anymore. This woman lying in my arms has captivated me. Reminded me of who I use to be as a man. She has awoken a feeling I have never felt. You may not know it but everyone has someone out there to live for.. – Sapphire
When I woke up Sapphire and Ella were gone. His aura had remained maybe I was crazy but there was a different presences in my room. As if you could tell, there was something unusual about it. Maybe it screamed out “hey there was a dead person here,” make that three.  I do not know but I guess my whole life and even persona had changed. Was I enjoying my nonexistent life was it gaining a purpose. All I could say was wow. I had to hurry and get dressed for school. Luckily it was Friday and did not really have to endure a whole week of school was great. Except I would next week but all I could think about was my first weekend with the brothers. My joy did come to a halt when I realized being stuck at home all day waiting for night to fall would drive me absolutely insane. I just sighed and ran downstairs. I grabbed a quick snack, cookie and orange juice. I sped out of the front doorway and slammed it behind me. To my amazement Lauren was leaning against his car, I assume waiting for me. “Good morning Amelia,” Lauren said almost shouting it so I could hear from the distance we had between each other. I walked closer to him until I reached the sidewalk. “Hey Lauren,” I said. He smiled and began to offer me a ride to school. I accepted only because the thought of saving two$ was appealing. I was not cheap or anything but money is money. I almost felt like giving him the money though. Alternatively, would it have been rude? As I pondered that he drove us to school again the awkward silence was to much to bare. “So Lauren why do you even want to drive me to school,” I asked.
He glanced over at me and then back to the road. Looking at his face, I think I saw him blushing. “Well I just like the company and its nice getting to know you,” he said. I almost smiled and wanted to laugh. I said in my head awww that is sweet but then sensing the tone of my voice in my mind, I thought that came out very mean. Therefore, I did not say anything. As we approached the school and he began to park, I told him thanks and got out as soon as the car stopped. I ran to the front doorway of the school but before reaching it, I turned around and waved at Lauren. Not giving him a chance to wave back I turned back around. I have a feel he waved back though. Friday went by fast it felt like classes just lasted a minute and we were off to the next. Only misfortune about today was we finally had homework it was the third day of the beginning of the school year so they assumed everyone who need to show up did. I still think a few new students can show up by Monday though or any other day in these months. Transfers or whatever but well I did not care they all look the same to me, new or not. When the finally bell rang I rushed out and already had so many plans I wish I could do with the brothers but maybe it was just wishful thinking. I hurried outside and on my way to the sidewalk Lauren popped out behind me. He asked me to let him take me home. I thought it was the quickest way home so I said sure. This drive home was a little more active then the rest had been. It was a lot more conversation for sure.
“Do you like school so far,” Lauren asked. I wondered so far as in what.
“I guess but school is school as you know,” I replied.
“Well yeah sorry,” he said.
“Do you like it, I mean I’ve never seen you around last year or the year before that,” I said. He laughed, sighed and shrugged his shoulders. “Well I guess I was a wallflower back then didn’t really standout or want to,” he explained. I thought about it and wondered if he had come to the school all this time. I did not think he did I thought he transferred. How someone like him could not be noticed well by me, I get.  “So I think I wasn’t that noticeable as a fourteen or fifteen year old, I am only noticed now because of reasons I rather went away,” I told him.
“I noticed you,” he said.  I noticed he had started blushing. I did not want to make him more uncomfortable so I stayed quiet. “Well I think its just hard not to but that’s just me,” he added. I wanted to tell him no it is not just you. I for sure knew it was a guy thing but little did I know that his reason was not like other guys.  I just smiled and said “thanks.” I did not think it sounded mean or rude just simple and honest. We were reaching my house and Lauren spoke again, “So I was wondering… if we could hang out on Sunday, I would really like to get to know you and actually have a friend.” I thought to myself there could not be a way he did not have friends but I wanted to leave that topic alone. Therefore, I just went along with it and reluctantly said yes. I wondered if when Sunday came would we really go or would I just cancel on him. I could not be sure but as antisocial, as I was I was not a mean person. I did not like being mean and I did not want to hurt him or anyone at that. I did not know if saying no would upset him or even hurt him a little but what does the worse then an hour out could do. As he stopped in front of my house, I looked over at him, gave him my cell number, and told him to have a good weekend. I guess saying that made it sound like I would not see him until Monday but I said it to late to take it back. I went inside my house and rushed upstairs to take a shower and take off my jeans and blouse. I put on some cotton light orange shorts and a plain white t-shirt. I put my hair up into a ponytail and ran back downstairs. I started to cook for my family I had decided on tacos. It was simple and quick I only had less then an hr until my sisters came home. Once the meat was done, I turned off the stove and headed to the bus stop. I waited fifteen minutes until Lisette and Alexis came then two minutes later Jaslene showed up. We all raced back home and Jazzy remarkably was the first one to the door. It could be since the other two got tired and stopped running and I was only jogging right behind all three. Obviously knowing if I put speed into my jog, I could easily beat all three. Once inside the girls smelled the cooked ground beef and yelled out “hungry,” almost all at the same time. I told them to wash up and put away there things before they came down to eat. We all ate together at the table while Lisette told us about her day and Jaslene explained that the bathroom was also called the restroom. The innocence of a child and the beginning stages of learning. It is wonderful to see and know they had so much more to learn. It made me happy to share moments like these with my siblings. It made my life a little more worth living. After dinner I told them to go do there homework and or play upstairs. I began to clean up the dishes and stove top. I left the kitchen spotless and headed to my room. I was bored now knowing I had nothing to do but wait was beginning to get on my nerves. I began to do my homework, which seemed like the most logical thing to do. Take it to Ms. Leighton to assign a 250-word essay on what we look forward to this school year. I sighed at the thought of every student using this to crush Ms. Leighton’s spirit. I decided to skip that assignment for now. Math was easy you could say just the even number problems on page 94 and science was just a simple handout about basic things we learned last year. History was just reading a few chapters of our textbook and answering questions at the end. Seemed easy and I rather enjoyed that one. U.S. history was not exactly my favorite but it was history nonetheless. I was still very much excited about learning more and more. I was finished with all my homework all that was left was that awful essay. As for my other two electives we still did not have homework in them, why I choose them in the first place was still a question to me. I had chosen art, which I had no ability in what so ever and early childhood education which if I had any actual choice I would have liked to be a teacher so it seemed fitting in a way.
I was restless once more I looked at my watch and say it was only 5:30pm. If I thought, I did not have a life before I really began to see I did not. My life was just me waiting for three vampires. I found that pathetic and sad but in all truth when they finally would arrive it turned everything around.  I knew it would be soon the sun would set and I would start living again. I tried to find stuff to do anything really. I began to search the web. Face book, Google search, you tube but nothing seemed to help time move faster. I laid on my bed and began to read my history textbook again. Halfway through my third sentence I was interrupted my cell phone. It had buzzed letting me know I had received a text. It was from Lauren. I looked at the time on the corner of my screen on my sidekick. It said it was 6:00pm well I was glad it was know 6 but no sooner could it be dark. It did not get dark until around 7:30pm. Therefore, I had some time to kill still. Lauren text said, “Hey hru, I was just thinking about um asking u something.. We could go to the beach and hangout or go get ice cream at bayside. You know there’s a haagen daz there.” It took me a while to process but I finally replied with just a “sure.” I was not sure what was going on with him and I really thought I would just cancel when it came down to it but now I was digging myself deeper into this night out. He kept texting me, things like did I get my essay done and if I was enjoying my night, what I was up to and nonsense like that. He began to talk about his day after he got home and how his brothers were bugging him. He was the oldest he said and I felt a common bond with him there. He kept going on how they were loud and would not stop running around there I thought my lovely girls stayed quiet most of the time. I was very thankful and loved that about my little sisters. We had been texting back and forth for half an hour until I told him I had to go. I felt bad because for a moment there it did feel like I could have stayed texting him all night. I had almost forgotten how nice it was to have someone to talk to. Someone who did not judge you or fake want to listen to you. He seemed genuine but no matter how much we text it was not replacing my number one priority at the time. It was now seven and I had fallen asleep with my phone by my pillow near my head.
Her soft lips and kind innocent face always seemed so angelic and peaceful when she slept. It was as if my princess laid in a deep slumber awaiting for me her prince to awaken her. I could look at her laying there gently sleeping forever. Oh but it is bittersweet for if she slept forever I could never again look at those beautiful eyes of hers. What a choice to see her be at ease asleep or awake with her gorgeous eyes starting at me. I could not not choose I wanted her everything. – Sapphire
My alarm clock rang it was now 11:30pm I could not believe I had slept so much. It did not seem like it had been that long. When I woke up and turned off my alarm, I saw three shadows in the corner of my room. They were facing me and I could see the similarities in there shadows all strong and dark.  They had these beady little round dark green eyes sparkling in the darkness. By now, I could tell the difference between them though. Demetrius the tallest of course had the tallest shadow and was at on the right. Crow the shortest but not short I would have guessed he was around 5’7 making Sapphire 5’8 and the one in the middle the second tallest. He was the most gently looking of the three with a soft demeanor to him. He was so kind but broody looking. As they all had black hair you would think they looked the same but Sapphires hair was a kind of medium parted tapered look. It looked messy but neat all at once. It was cool looking it made him look more beautiful and mysterious. Crows hair on the other hand was much longer and more polished. It
was more of a medium-layered cut. It made him look tough but timid. Which he wasn’t really shy but his hair especially when it sort of covered his left eye made him look vulnerable like with one glance he could make you melt and he would apologize for it. His look was misleading he looked so much like a delinquent gentlemen. Yeah it made no sense but that summed it up. Demetrius could be the only one who looked so much like his personality. He had a medium Ivy League haircut, which made him look like a gentlemen of high society but made him look fierce and sharp. He looked tough and aggressive maybe it had more to do with the look from his eyes but he was handsome just like his brothers. They could pass as triplets I guess black hair, green eyes and this mysterious cool vibe they all had. Neither looked more built then the other. They were thin like I said but you could tell they had muscles and strength. I did not know if it was just a vampire thing or if they were like that as humans too. You cannot deny they were not bad to look at it. As they came out of the shadows and into the light of the moon that shines through my window, you could see there pale skin shine. They were as gorgeous even as undead creatures. Sapphire came the closest to me and sat on my bed. “Are you okay,” he asked. I smiled and I mean a real smile from ear to ear.
“Yes,” I replied. He grinned back and said
“Great, I’m not really hungry so we can drink later.” I was shocked it was now 12am so what was later. I was still somewhat tired. How could I say I wanted to sleep? I tired to get off my bed but Sapphire blocked me.
“Don’t,” he said.
“Fine,” I said. He laid me back down and told me to rest. The other two just sat down on the floor and began to play poker. I was somewhat confused my job was not being done. I was afraid they were bored of me or not intrigued anymore. Did I become dull? I did not know what to do. I finally sat up on my bed and asked them what happened to Ella. They all looked at each other and finally Demetrius spoke.
“She is entombed somewhere safe and secluded, for now she wont be a problem.”
“For now,” I wondered.
“Well she could always break the spell,” Crow explained. I pondered that idea for a moment. It seemed so disturbing, the thought of someone so evil and driven coming for me. I wondered why me “did she feel replaced.” she did not seem jealous and seemed more sure of the difference between us. She acted as if she meant more to them then I could ever. I began to fear for all of us. All I could hope is that she would break free years from now if even. I could only pray that she would never break free but somehow the looks on the brother’s faces told the truth, it was only a matter of time before she broke free. Demetrius and Crow then stood up after that long moment of silence and said they were off to bed. Sapphire said he wanted to talk to me some more. He grabbed my hand and said, “I want you to know something very important.” I wondered what it could be. “It is solely in the hands of Demetrius whether or not to kill Ella. We only trapped her once before and he choose to trap her. We never knew why, was it to keep her near and in his heart forever or was it a more tortures choice then death. For that, I should add that her body is still but her mind is very active, aware of her state. So as time goes on you choose to let your mind fall asleep as well as if you were dead because it less cruel then being numb and seeing no end in sight.”
I looked straight into his eyes with a sort of sadness leaping out of my eyes. I was questioning whether Demetrius acted on sympathy or cruelty. Was he punishing her or trying to show her he still had hope. I kept thinking and wanting to shout out “Sapphire just kills her and no one would have to worry!” It seemed so easy a perfect solution right there in the palm of your hands. Sapphire explained though going against his brother once more was out of the question. I understood that, he could not just betray him again I then wondered if behind there close brotherhood I noticed each day; did they still harbor harsh feeling towards each other. I kept sighing with discontent but decided to let it go, it was not my place to interfere with there lives or past lives. Sapphire got on my bed and I fell asleep in his arms again.
I woke up it was now Saturday and my hope of spending a day with Sapphire came crashing down as I felt the light of the sun hit my skin. I went to take a shower and brush my teeth. Once I was finished, I headed to my closet to find any pair of jeans to wear. I opened the closet door and with each inch that the door peered open the sunlight rushed inside the dark room. Once the door was completely open, the closet was completely lit. Sapphire jumped up from the floor and shouted, “Please shut the door.. Now!” I slammed the door behind me not realizing that maybe I should have stepped out of the closet. Standing in a towel and dripping wet from my hair to my toes I could not help feeling embarrassed. Sapphire turned on the closet light but I felt nervous and grabbed his hand before he could tug on it. I was breathing hard and motionless. What could I do but stand there like a dummy. He finally gently pulled the string down and turned on the light. He pulled my hand down and turned around. I was somewhat upset but did not want to show it.  I blushed and began to look for a pair of jeans. I grabbed the closest ones and apologized. I put my hands on the doorknob and began to twist it. Before I could open the door just a bit to step out Sapphire grabbed my hand and pulled it off the doorknob. He turned me around, grabbed my arms, and began pushing me towards him. Chest to chest I know he could feel my heartbeat and all I felt was his cold skin laying on mine. He bent down and kissed me. It was so soft and gentle something you wouldn’t expect from a vampire. His lips were so smooth and just slightly cold. It tingled pressed upon my warm plumped lips. It seemed to last forever indeed it was for several minutes. It began to get more intense and I could feel his arms grip mine much harder. He finally pulled back and opened the door over me just a crack. He walked over to the corner of the closet until I walked out and closed the door. I stood there leaning against the door in disbelief of what just happened. I got dressed and decided to cover up my windows with thick dark purple curtains. I put two layers of other curtains underneath the purple ones just in case. I walked back to the closet door and just whispered, “If you want to come out I think its ok I’m going to go eat breakfast.”  I stepped out into the hallway and closed my bedroom door. I passed by Jaslene on my way down she was sliding down the banister as always. I sat down at the counter; my mom and dad were talking about work. My sisters were at the table eating there pancakes, eggs, bacon and sausage. My mom after five minutes of glaring at me in the corner of her eyes reached out a plate of food in front of me. I grabbed it, thanked her, and received no reply. It was times like these were I really felt invisible in my own home, in my own family. To them I had no purpose and that in return made me feel as if I had no purpose in life. My sister all then went outside to ride there bikes. Before I could go back, upstairs my mom made me wash the dishes even though we had a dishwasher. I cleaned the table and counter plus the stove just to show her I would before she asked. Maybe I was trying to show her I was a good child or I was just trying to avoid going back upstairs. I was nervous to go back and act like nothing happened how I could. It was not as if it was big deal but then again was it not. I was so confused, with my depressed looking face I headed back upstairs. I opened the door so slowly I thought I was buying my self some time. When it was finally opened all the way, I saw Sapphire on my bed looking through a family album I had on my shelf in my closet. I did not know what to say and if I should even be upset but it was somewhat cute to look at. I stare at him for a moment until he looked up at me and smiled. His smiled scared me more, was it because of the kiss or was it just a smile. I could not read him not as if reading guys was easy I had to try to read a guy who was a mysterious vampire.
“Are you okay,” Sapphire said. I looked at him puzzled.
“Yes,” I said firmly. I did not know why he asked. “Are you ok,” I almost wanted to say how dare you say that why not say sorry or I don’t know anything with substance especially of prior events. I began to wonder if he was just going to forget that fact that he kissed me. Was I suppose to bring it up because I would not do that. I walked over to my computer and checked my face book. In the blink of an eye, Sapphire was standing next to me. “Wow you have so many friends,” he said. I looked at him then back at my page. Did he know face book friends did not really count for much. I might have had half or all of the school as friends but not like I really knew any of them. Even having people I want to middle school with but ended up at another high school had found me and reached out to be face book friends with me. Well I guess having 508 friends was a lot but there were many others on here with much more. I turned around and stare at him.
“So what are you going do today?” Sapphire asked me.
“Not sure,” I replied. I wanted to spend the day with him but I could not say that. I wanted him to want to spend the day with me but he did not say anything. I wanted to scream what was wrong with me, and him.
“I was wondering,” he began to say while I wondered if he would ask me to stay with him.
“I was wondering if I could have some blood because I didn’t drink last night and I am thirsty now,” he finished saying. I was so upset but thought well at least it means he would rather want me to stay I guess. I pulled out my arm and lifted it up towards his face. Sapphire grazed his teeth on my arm until he reached my shoulder. He turned me around and bit down on the top of my shoulder. “Ouch,” I squealed. It hurt a bit but began to feel very euphoric. His arms were holding down my arms with a grip that only added to my pain. His hands were so cold and strong it felt like a boulder had my arms underneath them not a young mans arms. His lips on my shoulder were so intense it brought back the feel of his lips on mine. I bit my lip and could not stop. I finally gripped so hard my lip began to bleed. Sapphire quickly noticed and thought I was hurt. Alarmed he turned me around and lifted me up out of my desk chair. He seemed enticed by the blood that he gripped his arms around mine and pushed my body onto his once more. He sucked on my lip so soft slowly turning into a kiss. It was a very intriguing but weird kiss. The taste of blood ran through my mouth as well. It slipped down my throat but I did not pay any attention to it. I did not want the kiss to stop. He moved me towards my bed and laid me down gently. We stayed kissing for a while until we heard my sister running and yelling past my door. My heart started beat so fast after that.  Here I thought it could not get any more awkward oh but it did. I need more I felt as if I was in the same boat as him. He thirst for blood and I thirst for his lips on mine. It seemed silly but I could not get enough. Sapphire was still on top of me and I could not stare at him. I looked down the entire time until he pulled my head up and made me look into his eyes. “I want you to know you mean more to mean then you may think,” Sapphire said.
“You are more then a meal,” he said after. I was so happy and even wanted to cry. I did not know why but his voice made me feel so many things. It simply made me feel. “I never want to leave your side, you have no idea how allured by you I have become.” he said. I felt so honored and joyful I began to grin. I tried to hide it but I could not stop smiling. “Please don’t I said, don’t go away.” I wanted him to be with me always if he left I would go back to my lonely life. I did not want that for once I wanted to live. I had something to live for even if it was something that was not living itself.
From the moment I met her I could not help feeling so many emotions. I wanted to know her, speak to her, and see her smile. It was her only her, the one thing I longed for and looked for. How could I function without her? She smelled so amazing. She is so beautiful being around her was difficult every single time. If my heart had a beat, it would only beat for her. How could I control myself around her with each passing day I wanted her even more. Could she be only mine one day? Was I being selfish? I needed her but would she ultimately feel the same way about me. I finally got to taste her but that soon became not enough. I finally got to kiss her when my patience reached its limit. I was not thinking all I wanted was to have her even if it was not fair or against her will, I could not control myself. I had to have it. Her lips were so warm it almost made me feel warm inside. Her skin is so soft and her radiance leaped off her making me more enticed. I wanted more but had to resist I did not want to hurt her. She was special to me more then anything ever was or would be. I need her to know that. I need to show her that. Kissing her again was an accident, my two desires mixed in one. Her lip drenched in blood was my horrific aphrodisiac. Two things I lusted over I knew I would lose control but I did not care. For that moment I could have it all and feel no regret. I can only hope that is all I need for now. She was more then blood to me she was my everything. I would never put her in harms way I would never let anyone take her away. If this is how my brother felt I could understand how he became mad but I was not afraid. Her lips were my safe haven, nothing else matter. -Sapphire

The calm before the storm
It was Sunday, I did not know if I should be happy, nervous, scared, anxious, or all of the above. I had to much to worry about. I had something to be happy about and something to be nervous and anxious about. Ella, Sapphire, Lauren… there names ran across my mind over and over. I could not pick just one to devote my thoughts to. I sat there on my bed just anxiously thinking about everything and anything that had happened or would. I was over thinking things to much but looking at my closet door I began to calm down. I ran into the shower, as I stood there her face kept flashing in my head. Was she haunting me beyond her comatose state? I wondered. Did she posses the strength and ability to threaten me from wherever she laid. I tried to brush those thoughts off with a lovely tune. That is until I wondered if my guest could hear me from the hiding spot. I quickly stopped and finished up. Oh my! My roommate was becoming somewhat of a handful. I got dressed and brushed my hair but still thought of the person sleeping behind that door over there. I thought about opening it maybe by accident or maybe I needed something from inside. Even if I had many excuses, I had a feeling he would read right through them. I kept on with my day, went downstairs for breakfast and a quick session of table hockey with a saltshaker between my sisters and me. I had no other option but to go upstairs. I stepped onto the first step and my mother forcibly grabbed my arm and pulled me back down. “Um Amelia, we are going to the Morgan’s house for dinner tonight I hope you can manage a night alone unless its just to hard for you maybe you could go to a friends house, that is if you have any,” she rambled. I wanted to laugh but thought it would be a declaration of war. I just stood there taking it all in as once she finished said “fine.”  My family always goes out as a family without me. I did not mind why would I want to go somewhere lame anyways. The Morgan’s were my parents oldest friends they’ve known each other for years now and have a lot in common, there assholes too. I guess that would mean one night that I did not have to worry about noise. They always came home late. I raced back upstairs a little more chipper now. I still did not want to wake up Sapphire but I did not know what else to do. Jeez did I really have no life that the only thing I do or have in life is vampires. Well it could be worse and could be plenty of people out there who would want a vampire to play with. That thought made me chuckle. Well I was finally feeling calm and normal but I then felt my phone vibrate. No surprise it was Lauren saying “good morning.” I pondered if I did not reply would he think I was busy and not ask about our plan to hang out.  It was risky and I laid my phone back on the bed but then another text came in. “See you at 6.”
I looked at my watch over and over, I did not know if I wanted the time to go by fast or slow down before it turned six. I waited until it was 5:30pm and got dressed again, into jeans and a blouse with longer sleeves. I was worried and anxious. I was hoping Sapphire would not notice I was getting ready.  It was still a bit bright outside so Sapphire stayed in the closet with the door opened. He fell in and out of sleep. I looked at him sleeping there, he looked peaceful and like an angel. It was now 5:50pm and my heart started racing. Sapphire leaped up and asked me “what’s wrong.”  I took a deep breath and said,
“I have to go out for a little while.”
“Once the sun sets I can meet you there,” he said.
“No, no that’s ok I’ll be fine and meet you back here,” I said back.  He looked puzzled but did not say anything back. I told him I would go downstairs to get some water and if I did not come back up it is because I left. I also told him to stay in my room if possible make no sound and I would be back soon. I went to the kitchen grabbed a glass and went to the sink turning on the filter. As I poured my glass with water, my mother came in. I drank the water as she spoke trying desperately to get her to go away.
“Are you going somewhere, well lets hope its not to walk aimlessly around town alone we don’t need anyone seeing you thinking your really that pathetic now do we.” I finished my water as she walked away I thought to myself “I timed that nicely,” I really did not want to say anything back and cause a fight. I received another text from Lauren; he was outside waiting for me. I walked outside and got into his car then we drove off. “You have no idea how happy I am,” Lauren said.
“Oh,” I replied.
“So do you like ice-cream?” he asked.
“Yeah I guess,” I said as I raised my eyebrows.
“I’m sorry I just don’t know what to talk about,” he responded.
“It’s okay,” I said.
I was so nervous I guess besides being someone’s late night snack I really have not been with a guy. I mean I have never been on a date. I really cannot count being around the brothers as a date. Even if I did this would be first time with someone who was not dead. We stayed quiet from then on until we reached bayside. After we parked and walked up to the ice cream shop, he began to ask me more questions.
“Did you always live here,” he asked.
I told him no I was born in Los Angeles, California and left when I was about nine. Therefore, I told him I guess then yes I grew up here so you can count that as always being here.  He laughed and we went on to order our ice cream. He got a simple vanilla cone and I got a cup of strawberry and chocolate with gummy bears. He liked my choice and said it looked good. I questioned his choice but then realized that is what Lauren was. Vanilla, simple but still good. I was actually having a good time sitting there eating ice cream with him. After we finished them, we went for a walk outside on the sidewalk in front of bayside. Once we reached the water fountain, we sat down.
“I grew up in Tampa,” Lauren said.
“Tampa, that’s nice,” I said.
“Yeah sometimes I miss it but right now I guess I’m glad we moved down here,” he said.
“Oh I miss it all the time, being in L.A. with my grandparents,” I told him. I really did miss it, it was probably the only time I felt part of a family. Only time I felt happy and alive.
“Do you want to go back?” he asked.
I thought about it and figured why go back I have something here now.
“I guess not at this moment,” I replied.  He smiled at me I guess he did not get that I meant it because of someone else not him.  The time went by so fast it was now eight and I kept getting anxious. I wanted to go home it was dark out and I thought I could go out with the brothers now. I did not want to be mean to Lauren but what else could I do. I had to choose and right now, what I wanted was to spend time with Sapphire.
“I should go home,” I told him.
“Okay I wished we could have done more but I’m glad we got to hang out,” he said.
“I’m glad we got to hang out to,” I said back.
“I want to spend more time with you when you have time,” he told me.
“Um I guess we can,” I said.
“ Really I’m glad, please it would mean so much to me I feel really good with you around and I just want to be around you, oh wow that sounded like to much huh but  I just mean we should be friends, good friends that hang out,” he continued to say.
I just nodded and said “sure.”  I had begun to blush as I replayed what Lauren had just said to me. If I were to have an actually friend to hang with I guess I was glad it would be him.
Lauren then took me home. Parked outside my house I got out of the car and headed to the front door. Lauren quickly got out and ran in front of me. He stared straight into my eyes and smiled.
“Thanks for today,” he said.
“No problem,” I responded.  He then came towards me and kissed me on my cheek. I was so still I did not know what to do. He told me to have a goodnight and I told him the same back. He went back to his car and drove off. I was so nervous to enter the house it took me a good minute to step inside. I finally was inside and I noticed my family was gone. I was happy but still nervous. I ran upstairs and went to my room. My heart again began to beat fast. I opened the door and sitting on my bed were the brothers. From the moment there eyes hit mine they never once parted. I wanted to look away but it almost became difficult with every passing moment. Finally, Crow spoke “How was your date,” he said. Sapphire quickly got up and looked away. He looked out the window maybe hoping this would all go away as I was hoping it would. I took a deep breath in and said “huh.” I was not trying to play stupid but what else could I say.
“So,” Crow said.
“How did you know I want out with someone,” I said.
“Sapphire heard you,” Crow answered. I took another deep breath and tried to understand what crow just said. Well they are vampires that meant they were bound to have some special abilities like those that you see in movies. “Lauren is a friend from school we went out for ice cream,” I said. Sapphire turned back around and looked at me then at the ground. “You are free to do what you like,” he said. Then he lifted his head back up. “I know but I came back early so I could …. be with you guys,” I said. They all then smiled at me and I felt a lot better. “Don’t I feel special,” Demetrius said with this very sarcastic tone.
“Well I’m thirsty,” Crow burst out.
“Hush boy,” Demetrius said to him as he nudged him.
“I’m here,” I said as I smiled. They all laughed.
I walked over to the bed and put out my arm in front of crow. Crow then grabbed my arm and bit me on my upper arm. I gasped, it was much rough then usual but the intensity became very serene as I cleared my mind. Demetrius once again had to stop him before I passed out. Demetrius waited a good while before he drank. He grabbed my other arm and pressed his fangs as gently as he could on my skin. Then the pierced my skin and the feeling of euphoria came rushing back. Demetrius unlike the other two drank quicker and much less. Once he was done, he got up and stared at Sapphire. As if giving him the signal or saying you are up. My heartbeat became slower and I think Sapphire noticed he seemed to frown for just a second. He did not come towards me or say anything. I just assumed he would wait like Demetrius so I offered to show them around the entire house. “So you guys want a tour of your home?” I asked. They all grinned at each other and then at me. I thought maybe that it was because while my family slept they could have walked around.
I showed them my parent’s room and Sapphire said that was his old room. I had a look of excitement and astonishment on my face. “I wish I could have seen it,” I told him. We walked over to my sisters rooms and Crow pointed out how glad he was bunk beds were not around when he was young. He said sleeping underneath Demetrius could have been mortifying. “We are close but I would never want to be so confined in such tight quarters while we sleep,” Crow said. I laughed just thinking about them sharing a room. Even as kids, I bet they were a riot. I asked Sapphire who slept in my sister’s room. He said “a friend.”
“So Demetrius and Crow slept in my room?” I asked. I had thought well my room was a bit bigger then my sisters. I was surprised I did not have the smallest room. Even though my sister’s room was far from small just smaller then mine.
“No, Crow and Demetrius eventually moved into your sisters room,” Sapphire said. I was starting to get confused. I guess they did not grow up here. I did not really think they did but maybe I had imagined they lived here before they turned into vampires. I guess that was not the case.
“We kept this house for somewhat years until we finally sold it so I lived here with other .. people then Crow and Demetrius,” Sapphire said. Well I guess they had to have a home could not be nomads forever.
“So then one of your friend slept in my room then/” I asked. Sapphire looked at my doorway then at the floor and then finally responded “yeah.” I did not know what was wrong he stayed quiet after that.
“It couldn’t have been Ella’s room could it.” I thought to myself. I let it go and said we should continue and go downstairs. They each wondered by themselves around the kitchen and living room. Finally, Crow and Demetrius sat on my couch and began to watch television. Looking at them sitting there was sort of interesting and funny. They almost seemed human. Well in some way the still were just dead humans now.
Sapphire took me by my hand and led me back upstairs. He sat me on my bed and then leaned close to me. He put his lips on me and kissed me. He smelled so good almost like a nature fragrance spray. Like one of those that smell like rain. It seems like an unusual smell to say smells amazing but it did. His lips were so nice I just wanted them to stay on mine forever. He then got up, grabbed my hand, and bit me on my palm by my thumb. He held down my other arm and kept me lying on the bed. I wanted to shout but did not want to make so much noise. It felt better then before and better then his brothers. I almost wanted to cry. He finally stopped and said, “I want you to be mine.”  He kissed me so passionately I almost fainted.  My heart started to beat fast. Sapphire laid his hand on my heart and said, “I have never felt anything so lovely and pure.” I wanted to cry and for a moment, I did. He wiped away my tears and kissed me once more. “Your eyes are so captivating,” he said. I put my arms around him and held him tight. I did not want to let go. I finally found my reason to live. He was the reason I made it to today and the reason I would continue. He gave me happiness from the moment I saw him and until the end of time. I let him go and he let me sit up I went to my headboard and laid back. “I want to be yours, only yours,” I told him. He smiled and came closer. He grabbed my hand and said he wanted to tell me some things. “I feel like since coming up with arrangement we haven’t had a chance to talk or introduce ourselves properly. My name is Sapphire Mikhailovich Aleksandrov and I am 25 years old. My mother was born in the Holy Roman Empire in 1303 and my father was born in Moscow in 1301,” he told me. All I could say back was wow but I guess that was called for. I knew he looked older then me but I did not think it was by so much. It finally dawned to me that he was probably hundreds of years older so I should not be so freaked out but my face still showed I was shocked. He continued telling me about him. “I have been 25 for over 600 years so I am roughly 687 years old. You almost want to stop counting after the first 100 years. I was born in 1325 in Moscow, I was born again in 1350 which is also the date I died,” he said. I became very sad looking at his face it was filled with sadness too.
“3 months before my 25th birthday my parents died of the black death. I should tell you though my parents suffered because of that plague and they deserved to die peaceful. I could not end their life even if it would have stopped there suffering. I rather know they died from the plague then by the hands of my younger brother,” he told me. I was so surprised I did not know what I was reacting to it all hit me at once and I could not help feeling overwhelmed. “I need you to know I loved my parents and I love my brother. My younger brother  killed my parents so they would not spread the disease onto us. Once they began to show symptoms, we knew we had to leave them but I did not want to. I never wanted to kill them, I knew that the chance of there survival was minimal but I could not bare to part with them. I tried for years to forgive my brother and see his way but all I saw was my parent’s killer. My mother’s fingers were black from the gangrene and both my mother and father had buboes on there legs. My father could barely breathe and I knew in a few days they would pass but my brother feared that we could be infected if we tended to them ourselves. Around that time, the plague was spreading rapidly and no one knew why or how exactly but we knew it spread like wildfire. We did not have much money so taking them to quarantine medical facility they had established was not a possibility. We tried to tend to them but there symptoms progressed quickly. After there 4th day from what we thought was there initial infection date we took our belongings and a few of my parent’s things and prepared to leave. I told my parents that I loved them and my last goodbye and stepped out our home. As I stood outside, I could hear my brother saying his goodbyes and saying, “I will stop your suffering and see you in our next life.” He stepped out and pushed me aside. My brother set the house on fire and burned my parents alive. It seemed harsh at the time and still does at some points but I try to cope with what was.  I do not know maybe you hearing his might make me see if what he did was cruel or was it a mercy killing. I could not tell for so many years and still cant. Well as I turned 25, I met an immortal named Paul or well back then was know as Lucius Velleius Paulus. He was called Paul by the time I met him. He saved me from myself and gave me a reason to see life in a different light,” he explained. I thought that was nice, that is how I see Sapphire, as someone who saved me and helped me see life for what it could be. “He turned me into a vampire and I followed him for many centuries across Europe before we came to America. He also turned my brother when he turned 19 he was reluctant to do so but I could not let my brother wander around by himself. Well this is it for now do you have any questions?” he asked. I did have one. “So Sapphire your Russian but your name is so beautiful and unique, why?” I asked. He smiled at me and said, “Oh that was my mother she was a lapidary and so was her father. She loved gems and stones so much her children were named after two of her favorites, funny story huh.” I laughed and agreed with him, his mother seemed great though. Since I met him, I have never seen Sapphire so happy and energetic. He was great and I loved every moment I have to be with him.
“ So then why don’t you have an accent?” I asked.
“ Oh well that is years and years of hard work, I hardly sound like a Russian anymore but I hope I don’t sound like an American,” he said.
I laughed for awhile but he didn’t he was even unique in that aspect. His voice was mature and wise. It was sweet, gentle, strong and manly. I don’t know how to describe it but it wasn’t American I think you could still tell he was European well at least I think so.
“That is my story then well part of it,” he said. I jumped into his arms and kissed him. “You’re amazing in every way Amelia,” he told me. This was an amazing night and perfect moment. It could last forever and I would not mind being with him made everything slow down, move fast, and skip back and forth. It was crazy and unusual but normal. It contradicted itself over and over but we were something beyond logic. Something beyond my grasp but I would hold on to it… forever.
Out of nowhere Crow and Demetrius came running upstairs. “Your parents are coming home,” they said instantaneously. I told them to close the door and asked them to stay in my closet if they wanted to. All three could fit close side by side but they would fit. Sapphire said they should all go for today but told me not to worry night would come back soon enough. First Crow and Demetrius jumped out the window Sapphire wanted to tell me something first. “I will forever be yours,” he said. He then leaned in to kiss me. It took him awhile to stop but finally brushed my hair back and said goodbye. I did not want him to go, held his arm, and felt it slide out of mine until he was completely out the window. I began to miss him from that moment on. It was silly I know but he was easy to miss even for a minute, a day or a few hours. I heard my parents come home and I went to lie in my bed. I could hear my parents putting my sisters to sleep. Once they closed their bedroom door, I heard my parents talking outside my bedroom door. “I swear could the Morgan’s talk about anything else but Amelia its like they enjoy humiliating me,” she said.
“Well there kids do go to her school,” my dad said.
“Oh yes there kids who are all perfect while my daughter is worse then a wallflower and a loner combined,” she said.
“She is just a teenager who needs to find herself,” my dad told my mom.
“She needs to stop being so embarrassing and ugh she needs to just go away,” she said.
“You are being ridiculous and this .. ,” my father said before he was interrupted by my mother slap. She slapped him in the chest but hard enough that I heard.
“Let go to bed before you wake our girls,” my father said.
“Yes before 3 of my girls and 1 mistake wake up,” my mom said.
I did not know why my mom hated me so much, I wondered if my sisters were loners when they grew up would she hate them too. Well they had each other so they should be fine. At least I had gone away I had gone to a place where I could be happy and far away from her and her words. They did not affect me anymore I was above it I was in the clouds with the brothers soaring through the skies where no one could reach me or hurt me. I finally fell asleep but before that I sighed at the fact it would be Monday when I opened my eyes.

Another school day and I did not look forward to it but it could make the day go by faster then sitting at home. I took a shower and got dressed soon after I went downstairs to eat some cereal and drink some cranberry juice. My mother rolled her eyes at me at least 6 times during breakfast but she could see I did not care. As soon as I finished I could move fast enough to head out the door. To my estonishment, Lauren was parked right outside again. I was beginning to think this would be an everyday occurrence especially since what happened yesterday. I was starting to feel a little nervous; what if Sapphire knew just because he cannot come out in the daylight does not mean I should keep this from him or pretend as if it does not count. Well Lauren is just my friend and I could never see him as more how could he compare to Sapphire. Lauren got out of his car and opens the passenger side door before I had even stepped forward or agreed to go with him. I looked at him then quickly looked away. He smiled and laughed then said, “We are going to be late.” I rolled my eyes and said “yeah.” I got into his car and we headed to school.
He usually kept both hands on the wheel but today he left his arm on the center console so it was right beside mine the entire ride. It was a bit awkward but one it was his car and two it was not a movie theater where I could just push his hand off and claim the hand rest as mine. I did not know what to do it seemed to get closer and closer like he was pushing my arm off but it wasn’t harsh or rude just gentle. Like a cat grazing it, face on its owners leg. I seriously wanted to move my arm but I could not I didn’t want to make a big deal out of it so I just dealt with it. As soon as I saw the school from a distance, I let out a deep breath of relief. It felt like I was holding it in this entire time. So as soon as he parked I got out and just said see ya and slammed the car door behind me. I walked as if I was jogging and headed for the front doors. I saw Karen and Erica sitting on the rails by the front door so I went up to them.
“You got a ride from Lauren again,” Erica said.
“Yeah,” I told her. She starred at me with this weird look and tilted her head to the side and then to the other and smiled.
“Yeah, huh that’s nice I guess,” she said then. I was confused and annoyed by her attitude I did not do anything wrong or unusual. Well it was unusual for me to be with anyone else besides them but still he is my friend. Still was not sure if I wanted another friend but this was the start of my new life as a positive person and friends of all kind or welcome. I really wanted to change and be better if Sapphire knew I was a loner he probably change the way he saw me or even felt about me. I did not want that or would let that happen.
The first bell rang and before I could rush outside Lauren brushed by me. I was keeping an eye out for him but I must have lost him. He surprised me by showing up right behind me. As he brushed by me, he turned and gently ran his index finger on my cheek and said, “You shouldn’t run off like that.” I was in shock until Erica bumped into me and pushed me inside. I was too worried to see who saw and began to get angry. Oh, I wish I could have slapped him. He had some nerve doing that so I guess maybe he was just like other guys. I started to think about our date on Sunday and smiled but then quickly frowned when I remember Sapphires reaction and what Lauren did just now. I grabbed my books from my locker and headed to homeroom. Classes were boring as usual; I was just looking forward to lunch. Sometime Erica, Karen and I force Sarah to come with us off campus to have lunch but today we just ate in the cafeteria. Sitting there staring at my meatloaf and corn I decided to just eat the pizza and apple Karen bought me. As I ate my lunch Kevin, Paul, Trey and Vincent came by our table. Kevin began to talk like the jerk he was.
“ You know Erica if you just looked a little more like a girl you know had long hair and stop dressing like Goth head case I might actually think you were hot,” Kevin said to Erica. She just smiled at him and continued eating. You could see since he was not getting attention he got more agitated. He then turned to Karen who was sitting on my right. “Well it’s a shame you’re only a six compared to this one who with a bit more personality would be a definite twelve,” he said. Kevin was talking about Karen and me. I ignored him and looked at Sarah. She was a few minutes away from having a break down and probably hope as I did, that Kevin dare not saying something about her. He then looked at her and before he could open his mouth, I said, “You seriously should take your boyfriends and play somewhere else.” He smiles, comes close to my face and then said, “We could all play together you and us four.” I then noticed someone standing behind me. I turned around it was Lauren, his face looked so angry I could almost feel the fury he was feeling. He pushed Kevin away from me and said, “What’s your problem you have nothing better to do then be a creeper.” Everyone in a hearing distance laughed and Kevin raised his hand as if he was going to punch Lauren but Lauren anticipated it and push his hand back and punched him instead. The other guys looked at his face and just walked away but Lauren still angry bent down and said “I really don’t want to hurt you little boy, well not to much.” Lauren then stepped and Kevin’s arm and kicked him twice in the stomach. Everyone at that point start to scream and shout. I grabbed Laurens arm and turned him around telling him to stop. He looked at me, smiled, and said “your okay,” and then I just said yes.
First strike
I was looking at my computer screen deciding what to do until it gets dark. I relived every moment of today’s school events. Events as if it was something good or eventful even. It was more terrify and shocking. I always knew behind Laurens smile and gentle face there was darkness. I mean it is not obvious but sometimes you can see his smile be more wicked then sweet. He definitely was more then what he seemed. I did not know what exactly that other part of him was but it scared me. It scared me more then the brothers and them being vampires. It scared me more then Ella at this point because I did not know I did not know anything. Who was he? What was he? Unanswered questions I might never know because how could I ask or find out.  Oh, I was freaked out and nothing could comfort me, nothing and no one.
It was now 10:30pm I felt sleepy so I just laid down and took a nap. Around 11:15pm, I heard I loud thump and I woke up. The brothers had jumped onto my bedroom floor from the window.
“You should really close your window before you get robbed or worse violated,” Crow said jokingly.
Everyone laughed but Sapphire he just punched Crow in the arm and pushed him. I could not contain myself and I hugged Sapphire. “Are you okay?” he asked. I looked down and then just changed the subject.
“I don’t know why you can’t come earlier then midnight,” I said. They looked at me and said together
“Pile of ash.” I laughed
“I know but I mean the sun goes down around 7 or 7:30 so why not sooner then later,” I replied.
“Your parents, we wake up late, you can wait,” Sapphire, Demetrius and Crow said. I think you can tell which said which. I was happy when they were around. I did not answer back but I knew they would try harder to come sooner from now on. I had forgotten to do my homework, which made me sad, and Crow ragged on me for now wasting there time. Even though he was just messing with me, he was right. I have to do those things early so my time with them is for them. I worked on my homework as Crow and Demetrius watched TV in my room. Sapphire sat next to me on my bed as I did my homework. Starring at me and smiling. I looked up once in awhile and did the same. Flirting with him was fun, cute and made me blush. Once I was finished, we decided to go downtown. Seeing all the skyscarpers lit up was pretty but nothing was more amazing then the stars and moon. It was somewhat hard to see with the bright lights but I could make out a few. Then we went up a parking lot building and Sapphire told me to close my eyes.  Therefore, I did and then he picked me up and I was in his arms. I felt him leap off the building and onto another and then another.
I opened my eyes a little and I saw the brothers next to us flying. They were just jumping but it looked like they were flying. We finally land on another roof and he put me down and told me to open my eyes. We were so high up. I could see the moon so clearly. It was beautiful and the stars were easier to spot. Demetrius and Crow noticed a club on the other side of the building we were on. “It’s your lucky day, you can have a day off,” Crow said. Then he nudged Demetrius and told him to “come on.” they jumped off the building and probably went to go prey on some poor girl at the club. I was happy and nervous being there with Sapphire. We could hear the music from the club from up there and Sapphire tried to get me to dance as he had already started to. I laughed and smiled the entire time.
“So you know how to dance?” I asked.
“Of course,” he said.
“Nice and you can dance like you really were born in this century huh,” I said.
“I have to learn to adapt as the times call for,” he told me.
“Cool and your good at it,” I said. I stayed starring at him while he danced. This was nice it was like a dream but I was glad it was not. It was real.
“I love you,” Sapphire said so unexpectedly. I stayed quiet and smiled so hard my cheeks hurt.
“I love you too,” I replied.  He came towards me and kissed me while he held me in his arms, tight.
I could hear the song playing in the club. It was an old song by Mary J Blidge called “Be without you” it was so pretty and fit perfectly with the mood. It was like a movie and that was the perfect song for this scene. I did not want to be without him and I was in love with him. We then danced together to the fast and slow songs that played next. This Spanish song came on and we heard a line from it saying he would give her the moon if that were the price of her love. Therefore, Sapphire said, “I would give you the moon if that’s what you wanted.” I laughed and kissed him on the cheek.
“I believe the moon belongs to a lot of girls by now but thank you I just want to look at it with you,” I said.
“Fair enough I rather have you and look at you,” he said back.
“So how do you know Spanish?” I asked him.
“I know 8 languages,” he answered.
“Oh wow you really do adapt,” I said.
“Yes, so how do you know Spanish senorita?” he asked.
“Oh well my mom is Guatemalan and well as you can tell my dad is American, My mom was born there so she is Hispanic and taught me Spanish along with my grandma. Know a days my mom and I hardly speak Spanish though but I like being biracial it’s nice,” I explained to him.
He laughed and said, “It is nice.”
I looked into his eyes and then began to pull down my strap from my tank top. My bra strapped slipped along with it and Sapphire leaned in and kissed me on my chest. He then pierced my skin and drank my blood. I was going into euphoria it felt amazing as I remembered. His arms were wrapped around me so he was pressing against my body more. With him by my side, I was more then content with my life. I would never let go or give up. Once he was done, he kissed me and I kissed him back. The guys finally came back up and said it was 3am and we should go back to my house. Therefore, we headed back this time as we jumped off the roof I kept my eyes open. In his arms, I felt safe and secure. It was an adventure and an extreme view. The feeling was a bit hard to handle but it was amazing feeling as if I could fly. This was the best feeling in the world.
Sapphire was the only one who came in my room this time. He told me to have a goodnight and kissed me goodbye. He said he would definitely stay tomorrow but he had something to do while it was still dark. I was okay with that I had a great night so I kissed him one more and said goodbye aswell.
In the morning, I was still sleepy and did not want to wake up but I had to do I. Same routine I took a shower and got dressed for school. Today though I felt bubbly unlike my usual sort of mopey self and wore a sundress to school. I had breakfast and then headed out the door. Lauren was there again I was more then surprised I thought for sure he would avoid me as I planned to do to him. He opened his car door and I got in. I was still curios and was hoping he would explain himself.
“I’m sorry for yesterday even if I wanted to defend you I should have not been so rough with Kevin,” he said right out the bat.
“Its okay I guess I was just surprised,” I told him.
“I know how to defend myself Amelia,” he said.
“Okay I guess but you didn’t have to be so aggressive and vindictive,” I said angrly.
“I’m sorry but I was taught to never back down and never show fear,” he said.
I was shocked and scared.
“I don’t know who would teach you that or why but it’s not good,” I told him.
“I’m sorry just know I would never let anyone hurt you,” he told me.
“Thank you,” I replied and he just laughed.
“My dad,” he said suddenly.
“Huh,” I said back.
“My dad taught me to fight and defend myself,” he told me.
“Oh well good but just be careful and don’t get hurt,” I said.
“I won’t and I have to stay strong, for you,” he said.
He smiled and I could not help smiling back.
“You look really nice,” he then said to me.
“Thank you I am glad you like it,” I said sarcastically.
We finally arrive at school and we parted ways as we got out the car. I was whistled at as I walked up the stairs past Kevin and the guys. I reached Karen and Erica, Karen said she thought I was trying to hard and I looked okay. I knew she was scared and jealous, if I actually started to dress more feminine and tried as she said I would more then I do know take the attention she gets away from her. She saw how the guys paid more attention to me then usual. She did not speak to me the rest of the day, which I did not mind it was a lot less bitchy today without her comments and remarks. Sarah was out sick today lucky her so it was just Erica and me today. She also did not like me wearing a dress I guess she thought if I turned into Karen, I would either ditch her and Sarah or be just as a bitch to them as Karen was to them. I would never change and be like Karen even if I dressed like this more I would not be a she-devil. School went by slow but as soon as I noticed, it was over. Lauren found me before I headed to the train so he offered to take me home. I went with him but then he told me he wanted to take me to his house first if I did not mind. I was reluctant to say yes but because I had less homework today I decided, it was a good way to kill time.
His house was nice it was a two-story house with a back house and a side garage. It was a nice yellow color and had a pretty porch wrapping around the whole house. It also had a balcony it was a cool house. We went inside and Lauren introduces me to his mother and father. They seemed so nice friendlier then my parents. Laurens Father Morgan Mitchell was a tall mascualar 49-year-old man. He had light silver hair and grey eyes he did not look old at all he looked just as handsome as Lauren did. Laurens mom Delilah Mitchell was just as pretty. She had raven black hair and light green eyes. She was only alittle shorter then her husband and was very thin she almost looked fragile. Her voice was so soft it sounded like a child but adorable and kind. Lauren had three brothers, Chase, David, William. Chase was 13, David was 11 and William was six. They all had Black hair and green eyes they could all be twins at how cute they all were. His family seemed just like mine except the opposite. They were the happy version. His mother was cooking dinner while they younger kids played hockey in the front porch with there dad. Lauren then took me upstairs and showed me his room. It was big and bright, full of bold colors, red, blue and silver. He had had a cool sword collection hanging on the wall behind his bed. I asked him if he was scared of them falling and chopping his head off while he slept. He said no because he could handle any danger. He compares himself to spiderman and being able to sense evil and danger. He had weights in the corner of his room and even a punching bag. It was definelty a guys room but it was as manly as it was nerdy. He had a huge bookshelf on the side of the wall with books on almost everything. He had mediaval book, science books, astronomy books, historical books, fiction, nonfiction, fantasy, sci-fi, and everything else you can think of. It was a cool room. He asked me if I wanted to sit on the desk and do my homework with him. I said sure and we began to do our homework together. We finished doing our homework at around six and then his mom called us downstairs and invited me to dinner. I said I would stay only because I liked the feeling of family. She made pot roast, salad, and rice. For dessert, she made a homemade apple pie that smelled amazing. I was so full I could not move it was one of the best meals I ever had and that includes the ones I have cooked. After dinner, I helped Ms. Mitchell with the dishes while the boys went outside to play football. It was so extraordinary how this family spent so much time together. When we were done Ms. Mitchell called everyone inside and the boys went to go do there homework and Ms. Mitchell and Mr. Mitchell went upstairs as well to relax. Lauren decided to take me outside and show me the rest of the house. We walked all around the porch and showed me where he likes to paint in the back of the porch. He showed me his easel canvas facing the sky and you could see the lovely sunset and birds flying by. It was a beautiful scenery and perfect place to paint. He then wanted to show me the back house. We walked to the back house. It was a spacious room with a couch and TV. It had many old paintings on the wall that was somewhat eerie. They were all of executions or death. They were all scary to look at for more then a few minutes. I did not know what to think but this definetly changed the vibe of the house and the whole family.
His mother called Lauren and I began to walk out the house with him but he told me to stay and wait but to not touch anything. I did not want to stay in this room but I did not want to be rude. I did not want to look at the creepy paintings anymore so I just looked down at the wooden floor. Not noticing where I had stepped I tripped over a rug that revealed a hidden door underneath. I quickly threw the rug back on top of it and crawled backwards away from it. I hit my elbow on the shelf that was by the door. As I got up I had to support myself so I grabbed on to shelve. As I popped myself up I bumped myself on the shelf and the shelf went inwards on the wall. Then suddenly down came new walls on every side of the room. Four new walls suddenly fell from the ceiling. The room now was dark only being lit by a chadalier on the ceiling. To my astonisment, the walls were covered with weapons. No more paintings or light fixtures. Nothing but knives, swords, and guns. There were other weapons I did not recognize but I did not want to look at them any longer. I ran out of the room and did not even bother to say goodbye or pretend I did not see anything. I ran home. I looked at my cell phone it was 8:45pm and I had a bit of a walk left before I made it home. I was still running so fast I couldn breathe. I almost fell acouple of times I did not know what to do or think I just want to go home. I wanted to cry not only because of what I saw but also because of Sapphire. I could have been home waiting for him instead of being in that house. Was all of that a lie his perfect family what was that then. I finally reached my house at about 9:15 and I went straight in. My mother was in the kitchen and rushed towards me as I stood there at the front door. She began to yell at me because I did not pick up my little sister and I tried to explain to her that they do not need me to walk them 15 steps to the front door. She then raised her hand and slapped me hard across my face. It hurt and got bright red. I opened the door behind me and walked out. I sat there on the steps crying. This day could not get any worse I thought to myself. I did not know why this was happening but I wanted it to stop. I could not take it anymore I wanted to scream and go to my room. I then noticed Lauren running towards me. I could not run away and I was to scared to run back into my house so I just stood there frozen. Lauren finally reached me on the steps and began to apologize over and over. He explained that his family just hunts deer sometimes but that the creepy hiddenness of it is just so his younger brothers did not find the weapons and try to play with them. I tried to understand and believe him but my face hurt and I could not think. I was holding onto my cheek when he pulled my hand down and asked me what happened. I told him nothing and asked him to let me go. He told me if we could talk and I just snapped telling him to leave me alone. That is when out of nowhere Sapphire showed up and pushed Lauren to the grown.
“I don’t want you to come near Amelia anymore..ever,” Sapphire told Lauren.
“Stop,” I yelled out.
“Please Amelia just list.. ,” Lauren said but then abruptly stopped.
“I’m sorry Amelia, I’ll talk to you later,” Lauren said as he walked away.
“That dude just didn’t get it, huh,” Crow said. I was so shocked that I could not even be happy Sapphire was here. Sapphire grabbed my hands and kissed my cheek. Crow and Demetrius just said hi to me and then walked me to the back of my house. Sapphire picked me up and flew into my bedroom window. I was so sad I could not stop crying. No one said a word to me and I did not say anything to neither of them. I finally wiped away my tears and looked at Crows face he looked thirsty. I went downstairs to grab three glasses and a knife and came back upstairs. Sapphire tried to speak I guess to stop me but he noticed my emotionleess face and stopped. I grabbed the knife and cut my forearm. I let the blood fill each cup half way. It hurt a lot but I almost could not feel it and I tried not to pay attention so much to the pain. I put the cups down at the edge of my bed and offered them to the brothers. They hesitated to drink them but the aroma brought them closer until they could not take it anymore and they drank it. Even Sapphire could not take it he tried to resist but ended up drinking the blood, last but he drank it. After they drank it, Sapphire took his shirt off and wrapped it around my arm. He looked at his brothers and they decided to leave. Sapphire told me if he could cry he would be crying right now. He kissed me on my forehead and I began to cry again. I hugged him and said I was sorry and so happy he came to see me earlier.
“You had me worried,” he told me.
“I’m sorry I shouldn’t have…,” I tried to say I should not have gone with Lauren but I did not want to think about him right now.
“Its okay, I love you but don’t be so rash and next time let us drink from someone else, I never want to see you bleed like that,” he said.
“I love you so much,” I sobbed.
“I know,” he replied.
“Without you I am weak remember that,” he told me.
“I think I am vulnerable without you,” I said.
“Let me always be by your side,” I cried and pleaded to him.
“Always,” he said softly.
The bleeding finally stopped and I fell asleep in his arms.
In the morning, my mother came into my room and saw the bloody shirt and me still sleeping and my arm cut. I belive she thought I was a cutter but I did not care she should feel bad for what she did. I told her I was not going to school and she just nodded her head. I bet she just did not want anyone to see my arm and hoped the scar would go away after today. Last thing she need was to be more embarrassed by me. My family then went to work and school. The thick curtains were still on my window so that meant Sapphire was in my closet. Of course then he popped out and said “good morning.” I smiled and asked him to lay with me. He began to sing to me as I drifted back to sleep. His voice was so soft and elegant it was nice to listen to. Once school started, I guess Lauren noticed I did not show up because he began to text me I couldn’t fall asleep. Sapphire suggested throwing it at the wall. I turned my phone off and then jumped on top of Sapphire and began to kiss him repeatedly. This kisses then became more passionate and intense. He kissed my neck then my chest then my hand.
“I want all of you and much more,” he said to me.
“Will you be mine?” he asked.
I said yes so fast he smiled and I smiled back at him. As we gazed into each other’s eyes, he picked up the knife from last night. He told me not to be afraid. He then grabbed my hand and turned into over. He cut a diagonal line across my palm and the licked it. I giggled because even though it hurt it rather tickled. He then cut a diagonal line across his palm and pressed both our palms together.
“You are me and I am you,” he said.
“You have me and now I have you,” he continued.
“I will love you and protect you for eternity,” he told me.
“I will love you and protect you for eternity,” I told him back.
He then kissed me and I kissed him back. Our palms still interlocked we began to make love. He took my shirt off so gently and kissed my stomach. I took his shirt off next and kissed his lips intenstly and aggressive. He continued to undress me and I undressed him. Soon after that, we were interlocked in another way now. He kissed me over and all over. He thrusted upon me and I gripped my arms tightly around him. Still our palms were pressed together. I felt so complete and more then happy. I wanted to cry but I tried to be brave. We passionately gave ourselves to each other. It was blissful and wonderful. He whispered he loved me and I did the same. I fell asleep in his arms after and it was nice to be able to have him here.
It was now noon and around lunchtime. I told Sapphire when I woke up that I was hungry so I would go make me something to eat and told him to wait for me.
“Where would I go now, Amelia you have me prisoner,” he said. I laughed and went downstairs.
I was making a roast beef sandwich when all of a sudden I heard someone pounding my front door.
“Lauren what the hell are you doing here,” I said to him.
“Move,” he said. He pushed me out of the way and came into my house. He grabbed me and pushed me into the living room. I was telling him to get out but he would not move or speak. Finally, he looked me in the eyes and said, “I don’t know what they did to you but I will help you.” All I said back was what and I tried to get him to leave. I pushed him as far as I could but then he grabbed my arms and pulled out a gun. I was so scared and I screamed out. Sapphire came rushing down stairs it surprised Lauren who did not see anything. “Ha I knew it,” Lauren said.
“Let her go,” Sapphire said.
Sapphire could not come to close so he was standing in the middle of the stairs.
“Let her go,” he yelled out again.
“I knew it, how could you prey on such an innocent girl,” he said to Sapphire.
“I f you don’t let her go,” Sapphire demanded.
“What will you do? If I take her outside your defenseless,” he said back.
“Stop,” I yelled. I tried to push Lauren off me but he had now had me as a shield standing in front of him. His grip was tight around me.
“I won’t let this monster hurt you, from the first moment I saw him I knew what he was Amelia how can you defend him or be around him,” he said to me.
“I don’t care what he is,” I said.
“He must have you compelled,” Lauren said.
“Don’t be stupid boy I will hunt you down if you hurt her,” Sapphire growled at Lauren.
“I don’t want to hurt you Amelia just him,” he said.
I was so scared I did not want anyone to get hurt. I told Sapphire to go upstairs. He resisted and begged me not to. He finally gave in and left.
“Please Lauren stop I love him and I know what he is but why do you care,” I said to him.
“I am a vampire hunter,” Lauren said firmly.
“What! Look Lauren okay I get it it’s your job in a way but he isn’t hurting me,” I said.
“Wow really so your hand and arm are just presents from your boyfriend,” he said snarkly.
“Please I am begging you to just forget about this particular vampire,” I pleaded.
“You want me to forget,” he replied.
I started to cry and said “I don’t want to lose him and if you do kill me then please shoot me too because if you don’t I will just do it myself.”
“I don’t know what it is with girls thinking vampires are awesome, they are monsters and leeches but no girls fall and think hey maybe I’ll get to live forever too,” he told me.
“Okay I get it but I don’t want to live forever I just want to be happy and he makes me happy,” I said to him.
“I could make you happy,” he told me.
“Maybe but you can’t be him can you?” I asked.
“Fine, for you…. I will let him go but if he kills or even steps out of line once I will come back for him,” he said.
“Thank you,” I said.
“Don’t thank me if my father finds out I can’t stop him or his followers from coming for him and you too,” he said.
“Its okay, and wait you didn’t tell your family,” I said.
“No, I was worried about you so I ran here when you didn’t come to school, I was worried he had killed you,” he said.
“Well thanks either way,” I told Lauren as I grabbed his gun and told him to put it away.
“Are there anymore leeches around or with your boyfriend?” he asked me.
“No its just him and I promise he wont do anything bad and if it comes down to it he will leave but just know I will go with him if it comes down to it,” I said.
“Let’s hope it doesn’t come down to that,” Lauren said a little worried.

2nd strike
I went back upstairs and asked Sapphire if he had heard everything. He said yes so I just quickly said lets not worry about anything and be happy. He smiled and kissed me on the top of my head. I then flirtingly said, “I should take a shower.” He grinned and agreed with me. I pulled him into the bathroom and closed the door behind him. I had a grin on my face now and began to take my clothes off. It felt so natural to be with him and do these things with him. He began to take off his clothes too and I climbed into the shower. I turned on the water so it was warm enough. He climbed in after and we stood there for a good minute, just starring at each other. Until he came towards me and kissed me repeatedly. He pressed me up against the shower wall and now the water was falling down on top of us. It was the second most wonderful moment of my life. He picked me up and instantly he was inside me again. I never thought vampires were so needy or energetic when it came to that. He thrusted upon me more and I began to bend my head back. I closed my eyes taking in all of the pleasure and pain. It went faster and faster until he pulled back. He put me down, kissed me on my neck, and then slowly began kissing me lower and lower. He came back up and kissed me on my lips before titling my head and biting my neck. I moaned so loud I was glad my nieghbors were not home. He stopped and cleaned off my wound with some water. He grabbed my soup, washes cloth, and began to clean my arms and legs. We talked about us and how much he loved me. It was so sweet and amazing. He was so gentle I could almost imagine him as a living human. I then took my turn washing him and we continued talking about the future and us. He asked me a lot about where I would like to travel and what I wanted to study. I told him I wanted to see Egypt, Italy, France, Japan, China, Brazil, and even places like New York and Canada. I wanted to see the world but I also told him I was jealous of him. My fasniation in history made me want to see what he has seen. Even if it was gruesome and terrifying I would have like to have lived and seen some of the good parts of history. To which he replied, “Well this is one of the best moments in history.” I laughed and kissed him. We got out of the shower just in time before I got all wrinkly. I got dressed in some sweats and tank top. I told Sapphire I would get him a dress shirt and pants to wear. Of course, it was from my dad but it looked much better on him. Like a true homemaker, I put his clothes in the washer. It was getting late and by that, I mean my family would start coming home soon.
Therefore, I decided to start dinner. I closed the curtains in the kitchen and told Sapphire to sit in the corner where there was a shadow being cast by the refrigerator. He sat there as I cooked and we talked to pass the time. We talked about cooking and how he had tasted many great things and some not so great in his lifetime. I was cooking milanesas, which is, just breaded steak. Which is something my grandmother taught me when she came to visit one summer. I let him taste one once it was done cooking. He seemed to like it I really hope it was tasty and that he wasn’t faking. As I began to feed him he started kissing me. It was getting intense and heading to a dangerous position. He lifted me up and sat me on the counter. He gripped his hand on my thigh and squeezed it. We become lost in the moment until the pan filled with oil began to spatter all over. We looked at each other and laughed. I got down and continued cooking. I looked at the time and it had gone by so fast. It was almost time to go pick up my sisters so I told Sapphire after I ate he should go back to my room. Sapphire and I went upstairs I got dressed in jeans and a cardigan then told him to wait for me here. I was so happy that during the whole walk to the corner all I could think about was this morning. The girls finally came and we walked home then I let them eat soon after they went to play. I went back to my room and found Sapphire reading a book on my bed. He was reading “Tuck Everlasting,” I always that book was so sad.
“ Isn’t this book a bit juvenile for you,” he said.
“ I think its just sad,” I told him.
“ You don’t want to live forever?” he asked me.
I started laughing uncontrollably. Did I, did I want to live forever? A couple of weeks ago all I wanted was for everything to stop. I want to be with Sapphire so isn’t that enough. I was thinking about it to much so I just crawled up to him and threw the book on the floor. We started making out again until I heard my parents come home. Sapphire quickly jumped in the closet when he heard my parents coming towards my door.  My mother open my door and started dead hard at me.
“ Atleast you managed to do something on your day off from school,” my mother said.
“Stop,” my dad interjected .
“Well next time you stay home you should clean the entire house not just eat,eat, and eat,” she said.
“ Well I left you some if you want,” I told her.
She slammed her foot on the tile floor and stormed out slamming the door behind them. I then took a breath in and let it out slowly. I don’t know if I was more embarrassed or more disappointed. I knew Sapphire had heard but I hoped he didn’t or atleast pretend not to have heard. He finally came out of the closet and smiled at me. He came closer and gave me a hug not letting go for several minutes. I finally pushed him off gently and told him to tell me about vampire hunters. I had been worried about that and Lauren since he stopped by. “Well I don’t know much but from the ones I’ve met and heard of from the past they can be very dangerous,” he said.
“Can I trust Lauren?” I asked Sapphire. He stayed quiet for such a long time.
“Only you know that,” he told me.
“ I want to trust him but I don’t know him,” I said. He held my hands and I felt better.
“Lets not worry about that for now,” he told me.
“I do not need a reason to be afraid of losing you again,” I explained to him. He embraced me once more and whispered “ I’m here, I’ll always be here no matter what.”
“No matter what,” I repeated. He kissed me on my cheek and went to remove the thick curtains from my window. It was finally dark and I guess his brothers would be on there way.
“What is up,” Crow shouted as he jump into my bedroom. I almost ran to my door to see if anyone had heard him. I definitely think someone heard him but no one came to investigate. I let out a breath of relief and sat back down on my bed. “ Jeez could you please not do that anymore,” I pleaded to Crow.
“ Oh come on I wasn’t that loud,” Crow told me.
“ So what is up?” Crow asked again.
“ What do you know about vampire hunters?” I asked both of the brothers. They looked at me puzzled for a moment.
“ Why, have you met one?” Demetrius asked.
“Sort of,” I said.
“What,” Crow yelled. I wanted to slap him for shouting again.
“Stop yelling just listen, my friend Lauren is a vampire hunter I guess and he tried to kill Sapphire,” I explained. They looked at each other and then at Sapphire.
“ Seriously well Sapphire is still here so he failed,” Crow said.
“Not the point,” Demetrius said.
“It’s not a big deal,” Sapphire said.
“How can you say that I’m worried luckily I told him Sapphire was alone so maybe he will leave it alone,” I said.
“A vampire hunter leave a vampire alone sure right okay,” Crow said sarcastically.
“Crow is right and you should have told him we were here we are not scared and will not let our brother face them alone,” Demetrius said firmly.
“No one is facing anyone we will also leave it alone.. for now,” Sapphire said.
I was so worried about everything I didn’t know what to think. I just want to go back to this morning. I want everyone to be okay and safe even Lauren.
“Please just don’t do anything stupid leave Lauren and his family alone,” I said. The brother just said fine and left in a scuffle. I hoped they weren’t angry but I don’t want them to hurt anyone.
“So he is your friend?” Sapphire asked me. I looked up at him and smirked.
“ I can have friends right?” I asked him. He blew me a kiss and I blew one back.
“Just be careful and don’t let your guard down,” he said to me.
I told him I would and pulled him down on top of me. We both fell on my bed and rolled around on it.
I laid my head on his chest as he caressed my arm with his fingers. It was a bit ticklish but it made me smile. I kissed him on his cheek and told him I loved him. He smiled back at me and began to tickle me on my side. I began to giggle and begged him to stop. “They can hear us,” I told him.
“Let them hear,” he said.  He began to kiss my neck and ran his hands through my hair. We were both smiling and laughing. It was another great moment. I was glad he loved me and so happy he came into my life. I finally fell asleep on top him. It was nice having him as a pillow it was warm and cuddly.
The next morning I woke up alone. My closet door had a note attached to it reading “ Still here.”
I smiled but quickly frowned I had just realized I had to go to school and run into Lauren. I was hoping he wasn’t going to pick me up today but that was unpredictable.  Once I was finished getting dressed and eating breakfast I bravely walked outside. He wasn’t there I was surprised but relieved. I headed to the train station. To my estonishment there was Lauren in his car waiting for me. He stepped out of his car and headed towards me. “We need to talk,” he said. I tried to walk past him but he grabbed my arm.
“Please, I didn’t wait for you in front of your house because I figured he’d hear us,” Lauren explained.
“What do you want?” I asked him. He began to pull me towards his car and I pulled back the other way.
“Stop let me go.. NOW!!!” I shouted. He put his hand over my mouth and dragged me into his car. Once inside he closed the door and locked it. He then unlocked his door and got in. I thought about running but I thought I should hear him out. He began driving and noticed we were heading to south beach. The view of the ocean was so beautiful. “Why cant you just leave me alone?” I asked Lauren.
“I thought about it and I don’t want to hurt you or your friend,” he said.
“Then why are you kidnapping me,” I said.
“I want to talk and you need to listen whether you like it or not,” he demanded.
“Fine,” I said admitting my defeat.
“You friend is dead so I don’t care about him but you should be cautious I am not the only hunter or threat he has,” he told me.
“I know, believe me I know,” I said back.
“Just know that I warned you and that I wont you to get hurt because of him,” he proclaimed.
“ I don’t really care, my life had no meaning before I met him and it wont if I lose him,” I said.
“I get it but I hope we can still be friends and I don’t particularly like being a vampire hunter anyways,” he said.  I giggled and continued starring at the ocean view. I asked him why we were skipping school and he said it was because it was his turn to have a day with me. My eyes got so wide but then I laughed to myself.
Neither one of us was dressed to go to the beach but that’s were we ended up, at this park by the beach.
We walked through the jogging path in the park.
“ So how did you meet that monster?” Lauren asked.
“He showed up in my room the rest is history,” I said.
“Ah so he stalked you then broke into your house..nice,” he said.
“Ha ha not funny,” I told him.
It was a nice walk. We headed down to the beach next, the sun was blazing today. There was a little wind but the heat was so strong. “I hope I don’t get sunburn,” I told him. He smiled and passed his hand down my arm from my shoulder to my hand. I backed away from him and turned away.
“You know you wont have this with him,” he said.
“What?”I asked.
“A nice sunny day at the beach,” he replied.
“ I like it better at night,” I said back. He smiled and laughed. I have lived a limited life so far. So I would learn to live by Sapphire’s rules. We began to burry each others foot in the sand and then even splash water on each others clothes. Sand was now in my sneakers and making it way in my pants and shirt. My jeans were wet at the bottom and my shit particially soaked. My arms had sand stuck on them and my legs too. School was almost over so we decided to head back. I was able to pick up my sister on time. I ordered Chinese food for us all. It was easier then cooking at this time of day. I ran to my room as soon as I was done ordering. Sapphire was sleeping like a baby on my bed. I went to go kiss him on the lips and sure enough he opened his eyes and startled me. “Hi,” he said and I said hi back. He noticed my shirt was wet and grabbed it. I told him I would take a shower and he offered to join me. “Oh your a lot less shy now huh,” I said. He smiled and nodded. I told him I just wanted to take a quick shower and he should wait out here. He looked at me puzzled and I just smiled. “This isn’t me pushing you away, this is me taking a shower,” I said.
“You were with Lauren?” he asked.
“Yes,” I replied.
“I love you,” he gently said.
“And I only love you,” I said back as I blew him a kiss. I took a quick shower before the food came. As soon as it came I gave my sisters each there share and took the rest to my room.
“Orange chicken,general tso chicken,beef and broccoli, and two egg rolls,” Sapphire said as he read my order to me.
“I like them all and can never make up my mind so I order them all,” I said.
“Oh how I miss the taste of it,” he said. I was getting confused.
“So you cant taste it,” I said.
“Not like before,” he said.
“Oh so then what is it like?” I asked.
“Well I don’t know how to describe it, my organs don’t function anymore so no point obviously but it doe not cause me any harm to try, I cannot and shouldn’t eat a whole meal as you do but a taste wont kill me,’ he chuckled.
“Then all eat this all by myself,” I said.
“I think that was your plan all along,” he said. We both laughed and kissed before I began to eat.
Once I was done eating Sapphire and I laid done on my bed. We began to watch a horror movie. It was hard to pay attention with Sapphire running his fingers through my hair. All of a sudden I got a text from Karen. “Party at Vincent&Pauls house at nine..come or else” it said. I replied back “no thanks,” I don’t want to be anywhere else but in my room. She then text me “You wouldn’t want to leave poor Sarah and Erica alone wud you.” I was getting upset. If she dragged along Erica and Sarah they would definetly be in trouble. She wouldn’t defend them or watch over them. I talked it over with Sapphire and he suggested I should go. I reminded him Lauren would be there and he explained to me it was okay. It was now 8:30pm.
I was getting ready or trying too. Sapphire kept distracting me with his lips. I finally got a nice skirt and sparkly shirt to wear. He wasn’t so against this outfit choice so we were good. His brothers finally came around 8:50pm. “I want to go,” Crow demanded.
Sapphire and Demetrius both said “no.”
“I would love that but its to risky,” I explained. I really wanted Sapphrie to come but then what about Lauren. “Fine then I am going,” Crow insisted. He jumped out the window and stood outside waiting.
“Guess its no use just be good,” I said. I walked out and my parents were locked in there room and my sisters had already gone to bed. I didn’t bother to say goodbye or anything so I just left. I had offered to take us in my moms car but Crow said there was a faster way. They jumped from roof to roof with me in Sapphire’s arms until we got there. It was loud and crowed already. I was reluctant to go inside but finally Crow jump the gun and went in before any of us. Once Sapphire,Demetrius and I stepped inside the house everyone was all eyes on the brothers. Not only were they handsome,dressed sharp, and mysterious but they were definetly out of place. You can tell when someone who doesn’t go to your school shows up to your schools private party. If only the fun would have just stopped there.
Once Karen noticed I was there and with the brothers she flew to me. She tried flirting with all three but not even Crow poked back. Crow even made a remark on how bad she smelled. “Her blood is nowhere near the caliber of yours it more to the degree of a dumpster,” he said. I told him not to be mean but like he would listen. Erica stormed off and didn’t speak to me the entire night. I tried looking for Sarah and Erica but I couldn’t find them. I had hoped they didn’t show up but then I felt stupid for coming and believe Karen in the first place. The party was okay but the guys from school began to act like morons. Sapphire had his eyes dead locked on me and anyone who even walked passed me. We danced only once but it was great. The guys talked to a few girls I guess they wanted a snack. I need to use the restroom so I left Sapphire in the living room so he could keep an eye on his brother. When I came out Lauren was standing in front of me.
“ I see you brought your friend,” he said.
“My boyfriend,” I said back.
“So who are your boyfriends friends?” he asked. I stayed quiet and told him to leave it alone. He grabbed my hands and said that I promised him to keep Sapphire in check. I told him I didn’t need to keep him in check because he wouldn’t do anything bad. We were beginning to have a shouting match about the subject. With the music balsting and everyone chatting it was hard to hear I wondered if Sapphire could hear Lauren and me. “Damn it,” he said as he pushed me  back into the bathroom.
“Ugh let go,” I shouted.
“Why do you continue to defend them, are you stupid they are monsters who kill,” he shouted. I slapped him so hard my hand hurt. I tried to push him away from the door but he kept getting in my way. Soon after he came towards me. Pushing me onto a wall and pinning me to it. I couldn’t move and even as he said “sorry,” I knew he wasn’t. He leaned in and tried to kiss me. I moved out of the way and told him to stop.
After a couple of minutes of struggle I finally broke free but then I heard a loud scream. I had feared that one of the brothers had been found out. I ran out and ran to the living room hoping to find Sapphire and the guys standing there. I was relieved for a just a moment. They were standing there but facing the stairs just like the rest of the party goers. So the scream came from upstairs I thought to myself. I guess everyone was waiting for someone to come running down stairs begging for help or something. Lauren finally made it to the living room. He starred at the stairs then ran up them. Sapphrie and the rest of us decided to follow him. The party goers followed soon after.  Once I reached the room where the scream came from I noticed Lauren hovered over something. Sapphire remained still and dazed. “What is it,” I said. Lauren got up and turned to me and said “ I knew it.” I looked down at the grown and there was a dead girl on the floor. She was bleeding from her neck. She also looked as if her neck had been broken. I was so terrified and sad I couldn’t move or speak. I wanted to cry and scream. As we heard the crowds coming Sapphire shut the door and locked it. There we were, the vampires and the humans locked in a room together with a dead body. I knew what this looked like and for a moment I thought the worst but it couldn’t have been. It couldn’t have been any of them. Lauren finally began to shout at the brothers saying he would hunt them down and expose them. Crow merely laughed and Demetrius fiercely stood his grown. Sapphire remained calm but began to defend himself and his brothers. Lauren wouldn’t believe them and said if it wasn’t them then who? They looked at each other and didn’t say a word. It was beginning to look suspious. I was trying to calm Lauren down and telling him to listen. Sapphire walked up to the dead body and sniffed it. He then looked at the bite marks and picked the girl up. “We will take care of it,” he said.
“Put her down,” Lauren demanded. I told them both to shut up and I punched the wall as hard as I could. My hand was bruised and cut only a little. I started to cry and Lauren came to me and hugged me. He whispered “ if only you had listened.” I pushed him off and then looked up. The brothers were gone and with them the body. I ran up to the open window and slipped on the blood spattered on the floor. I began to cry more and even screamed. I was so frustrated. Lauren helped me up and began to clean up the pool of blood. He left it as clean as possible with no trace of what had occurred. Even though we were still unsure of what happened. I was still covered in blood so I decided to leave through the back door in the kitchen. With Laurens help I left unseen. Seeing I had no ride he drove me home. I didn’t speak much during the drive. I kept looking at the blood on my clothes and hands and wanted to throw up. I felt sick I didn’t understand anything and again he abandoned me without saying a word. I wanted to hit something over and over again.
That day I took the most showers I have ever taken in one day. I rubbed and rubbed until the smell of blood went away. I could still see it even if it had all gone down the drain by now. I was so upset I took two Advil to relieve my headache. It took me three hours to fall asleep but when I finally did all I could see was more blood. Nightmare after nightmare after nightmare nothing but darkness and monsters. I found no salvation no safe haven. I was alone and I had been betrayed again.

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