vampires in my window ch.8 and beginning of ch.9

Third strike
The weekend had now come it had been days since I had seen Sapphire. I wasn’t angry anymore or sad I had gone back to the life or non life I had before. I was numb all over and I rather be that way then have to deal with the pain. I tried to keep going and not be sad all the time but it was difficult. After I took a shower and had breakfast I went for a walk. I tried really hard to keep it together but I wanted to shed tears so bad. I kept closing my eyes and thought about sapphire. I tried to imagine him in front of me. I just wanted him to hold me. I began to jog trying to push the memory of Sapphire and his brothers out of my head. I wanted to forget about him about all of them. I began to run faster and faster. My heart was now pounding and I began to lose my breath. I was running so fast I felt nothing could stop me. I felt like I was leaving everything behind and I just wanted to move forward even if it was scary. Even if I suffered at least I would suffer like before and not cause of him. I wanted to scream I was so angry. I looked down at my hand then opened it up. I looked at my palm and saw the scar left by the knife Sapphire used to bond me and him together. I thought it was forever. I felt more disappointed in myself for believing I could be happy and have a life worth living for. I felt a tear hit my palm. I then closed it and made a fist. I felt my legs reach further and further out. I was running in a pace I couldn’t keep up with. I fell to my knees and then punched the concrete with both of my hands. I looked up and saw Lauren running up to me. For a split second I thought I saw Sapphire. I was actually glad it was Lauren. He asked me if I was okay and I just threw myself on him and hugged him.
“I don’t care,” I said. “ I don’t care if he comes back.”
He held me more tightly and said not to worry. I finally got up with help from Lauren. I told him I was fine and we both began to walk to my house together. My heart felt better now. I don’t what Lauren does but I feel like I am not alone and I’m with someone who truly cares about me.
“I’m sorry,” Lauren said.
“Don’t be,” I said..
“I need to tell you that if I ever do see them again..,” he said before I interrupted him.
“You wont,” I said,
“Its going to be okay, your going to be okay I will be here,” he said.
“Just leave it alone then forget about them, everything,” I said.
We reached my house and I gave Lauren another hug.
“Next time I see them I will kill them,” he whispered in my ear. I closed my eyes and hoped they wouldn’t come back. This time I really meant it. I didn’t want Sapphire or any of them to return. I didn’t want anyone to fight or get hurt. I really did just want it all to go away.
I laid on my bed until nightfall. I had mixed emotions and wondered if the brothers would return tonight or really would go away. It was midnight and I couldn’t sleep. I was getting angry again. I hated being indifferent about the situation. I didn’t want them to come but then again maybe I did. I was getting restless. I decided to head out. I got dressed in this mint mesh panel sheath dress and these beautiful torqouise platform high heels. I flat ironed my hair and did my makeup and decided to go out to a club. I wanted to take my mind off of this and have fun. I finally felt great and excited. I got into my moms car and drove to south beach. I arrived and parked on the street and began to walk up Collins avenue. I finally made my way to Rokbar and decided to head in there. It was crowed inside but good music playing and people dancing so I went to go dance too. There were guys offering to buy me drinks and asking me if I wanted to dance with them. I turned them all down. I wanted to have fun but alone. I need to get out of my house and not feel like I was waiting for the brothers to show up on my window. I wanted to dance alone and forget about all my worries and all my problems. I was having a good time when all of a sudden someone grabbed my hand. I was pulled onto someone. It was a mysterious looking guy. He was a bit taller then me so when the top of my head hit his chin I backed up. I then looked up and saw these beautiful emerald green eyes. They were so much more lighter then Sapphires but just as magnifestitant. I was in a trance and couldn’t move or speak. The young man had such pale cold skin. His hair was dark brown with a few light brown highlights. His hair was messy but neat and medium or half length. His bangs covered his eyebrows and almost his left eye. He was so handsome but really dark and almost gothic looking. He was dressed in all black but very chic. He had a button up dress shirt and tailored pants. Looking into his eyes I felt more enticed then when I looked into Sapphires. They were wicked and yet so intense. They were so light and yet seemed to not suit him because he gave off this dark vibe.
“Your not dancing,” the young man said.
I had finally noticed that I wasn’t. Well I knew my entire body came to a stop when I was pulled and looked up into his eyes. I finally let go off his arms and he let me stand up straight. He asked me to dance with him and I agreed.  The strobe lights swung back and forth. So many bright colors, pink,red,purple,and green. I was standing there dancing with a stranger but I enjoyed every minute of it. He was an amazing dancer. He looked straight into  my eyes the entire time. He was smiling and looked like he was having fun too. He ran his fingers through my hair and grabbed a thin strand of my hair and sniffed it.
“Smells just like roses,” he said.
“Thank you,” I said back. Without noticing and unintentionally I grabbed his hands and intertwined his fingers with mine. I closed my eyes and smiled throughtout the entire dance.
“You should be careful,”he said.
“Why?” I asked him.
“I could easily fall in love with you,” he said.  I stayed quiet and tried to pretend like I didn’t hear him.
“Would you let me?” he asked.
“No,” I said bluntly.
“You should  let me,” he said.
“I know,” I said softly as I unlocked our fingers. I walked away and headed to a table. I sat down and tried desperately not to think of Sapphire. I clung onto my handbag  almost twisting it in desperation and sadness. I wanted to cry again but didn’t let myself. “I hate you,” I whispered to myself.  I drank a couple of drinks and then around 4am I headed home. I jumped into bed still in my dress and cried myself to sleep. The night my dream was simple. It was Sapphire walking away from me while I stood still in a pitch black room. It suddenly changed and he came towards me and kissed me. He told me he loved me and that he was sorry. The walls began dripping with blood and I could see Ella standing in the middle of the room that seemed to go on for miles. The brothers appeared and then suddenly all four of them disappeared together. I woke up sweating and my heart racing. I thought to myself “is that why he left.” I began to run with the idea that Sapphire and his brothers left because Ella escaped somehow. I was more angry then grateful. He wasn’t protecting me by chasing after her. I told him not to leave and he promised me. I didn’t care why he left it still was wrong. I began to throw things around my room and scream. My mother came barging into my room after she heard me throw several books at my wall.
“What is wrong with you?” she asked.
“Nothing,” I yelled back.
“You have become more a loser, wonderful now I watch you down spiral further into obscurity,” she said.
She slammed the door behind her as she left my room. I then got a text from Lauren asking me to go out with him. I sent him a text back saying “okay meet in 15.” I went to take a shower and then got dressed. I wore shorts and a simple t-shirt. It was incredibly hot for the beginning of October. I now this is Miami but still a bit of wind would be nice. I headed downstairs and Lauren was waiting for me in front of his car. He opened the door for me and the drove me to some place in the Everglades.
“What are we doing around here?” I asked.
“I need to show you something,” Lauren said. We got out of the car and walked over the marsh grass area. We headed a few feet away from the car and hidden around some trees and bushes was a dead body. It was a middle aged man and he looked brutally beaten. His clothes were all tore and wet. His neck was severely cut and opened. Any more and it would have detached his head from his body. Lauren explained to me that a vampire killed him then made it look like the man slit his own throat. I stayed in awe and didn’t speak for a moment. I finally asked him if he was sure he had been killed by a vampire. Lauren reassured me that there was evidence and said “ who would commit suicide like this.” I guess he was right if you did want to end your own life you wouldn’t make the pain last any longer then it had to. You usually make it quick and easy. This looked like it took several hours and I could imagine it being very painful. I couldn’t stand looking at the dead body any longer so I turned away and then walked back to the car.
“Why did you show me this?” I asked Lauren.
“You need to see what those monsters do,” he said.
“This wasn’t the brothers that I am sure of but I do think that it could have been any other vampire,” I said.
“Another one huh,” he said then continued “So there just happens to be more vampires in the city even though me and my family haven’t felt any presences until yours arrived but I guess your right there must be more,” he said sarcastically. I quickly turned around and walked super close to his face.
“Look I know its your job and you don’t like them but stop,” I said.  He looked at me and then turned away with guilt.
“They are gone so leave them alone and stop trying to find them because you wont there never coming back,” I said.
“Okay,” he said softly.
We got back into the car and then Lauren asked me to have dinner with him.
“Oh good cause I just love eating after I’ve seen a dead body,” I said sarcastically. He laughed and drove us to this local Chinese place.
“I’m sorry about all of this especially about me being a jerk,” he said.
“Its okay I don’t know much about you or vampires but I get it you are who you are, right?” I said.
“I guess I never explained myself,” he said. He then began to tell me about him and his family and how they became hunters.
“I guess our family has always been hunters from around the 13th century. You know that my ancestors actually though Genghis Khan was a vampire. My family first became vampire hunters officially when my great great great great well you get it grandmother became a vampire. She had seven kids and a husband by the name of  Lauren David William Fuller. He was a knight but then when he met his wife  Emma Beatrix Dyer he became a simple fishermen but owned a large some of land. My ancestor Lauren Fuller had served his King and country well and became a knight by the age of 27. He had seen many battles and witnessed many brutal slayings but he was never prepared to see true evil like that of a vampire. One night while he slept a vampire came into there home and attacked his family. From the legends and stories the vampire only went for Emma. He had turned her and claimed her as his new mate. Lauren outraged grabbed his sword and struck down the monster and took out his heart. Emma began to change into a vampire and Lauren distraught had to think of his children. He killed her before she changed and transformed into a vampire. He pierced his sword into his wives heart and burned her remains. This story taught our family to protect one another from this evil and understand that they were real and we needed to protect those who were blinded by there fear of the truth. Since then my ancestor Lauren became a vampire hunter and taught his children both male and female to defend themselves and know the truth of those monsters. He vowed to never let any other family suffer as his did. So generations to generations learned the truth about vampires and began to hunt them down but not only because they thought it was there duty but because a lot of my ansestors suffered loss due to these monsters. Even my cousin Robert lost his life to one who happen to be hungry at the time. That awoke my fathers rage and he began to teach me as a result. I didn’t know about such things until I was thirteen and Robert died. I was just a normal kid but then my dad showed me letters and even photos of dead bodies drained of blood. Dead vampires and letters written by other vampire hunters in my family. We learned so much from everyone of my ansestors that came across or fought one.  Some of my family member do it to keep the vow some do it for revenge and some maybe like me and why I do it because it is the right thing to do. Vampires don’t belong in our world we kill each other already but not to feed. These abomination aren’t meant to live forever or remain young and beautiful at our expense. I say if they want to kill and want to live among us then stop hiding and show yourself. They are cowards and don’t deserve to feed off us and live forever.”
Lauren was very distraught after his story. I understood him in a way. I guess most vampires aren’t nice and do kill innocent people just to stay alive. Its not like there a new species that are becoming exitinted and we need to preserve. They change the balance of life and even the food chain. We become prey and lose our life so they can live. Unless we all became vampires there’s no right or wrong. Not everyone wants to live forever so those who would chose not to would become food. If we all were vampires we would all die anyway when there are no more living humans. It’s a conundrum something unsolvable. How can we allow them to live if they need us to die. How can I love one if I can only stay by his side if I die. Life is confusing and not easy at all but it shouldn’t be this hard. Vampires, a new predator or an old predator in the land called Earth. With them around  we never know when we will become there meal but without them we lose the hope of one day being one of them. It’s a desire we never know we want until we cant have it. If we knew it was possible and if everyone knew they were real, out there living among us in the night would we not want to become one; love one even. It was all so confusing but in the end I knew what was real and I knew I loved one. I also knew Sapphire would never do anything like that and if he did I don’t think I would really have it in me to hate him. I started to realize that I didn’t hate him even now. I loved him more and would continue to do so no matter what.
“Hey so you want to order or keep hearing me babble about my family,” Lauren said.
“Order, I am so hungry now,” I said.  I ordered two different orders and so did he. It was really yummy and I enjoyed the meal and his company. I was really happy to have Lauren around and glad that he told me his families story. I guess I understand him better now and understand how he just wants to do the right thing. We may have seen a dead body and acted like nothing afterwards but I know deep down he is still worried and angry. He wants to find the vampire responsible and stop him before he kills again. Just knowing about them must make him and his family feel like they are responsible themselves for not doing something about it. I just had to keep telling him that Sapphire and his brothers weren’t the ones causing these murders. I needed him to stop blaming them. It was hard to deal with all of this. Having a best friend who was a vampire hunter and a sort of boyfriend who was a vampire. They would never get along and if all went wrong they would hurt each other and then hurt me. I realized I didn’t want to choose. I wanted them both in my life. They both made me feel alive and without each of them I felt empty inside.
After we were done eating, Lauren drove me home and told me to text me if I ever needed help. I guess that meant if I ever saw Sapphire or any vampire I should tell him. I was very sleepy it was only about seven but I had enough of this day and for once was looking forward to school. So I went to sleep in my pajamas and had a wonderful nights sleep for once. In the morning I grabbed my towel and happened to remember the moments I shared with Sapphire. Taking a shower together and even sleeping together. All of these wonderful blissful memories crossed my mind. It was lovely but annoying at the same time. I went into the shower and I could almost feel Sapphires  hands on my shoulder then running down my arm. I felt warm, the warmth from the water as it hit my skin. Then I could feel his hand on my face caressing my cheek. I could feel his lips on mine and then see me kissing him. I felt him and I felt him touch me. I was so happy but I knew once I opened my eyes I would go back to reality and he would be gone. I finished taking a shower and got dressed. I went downstairs and grabbed some chewy chocolate cookies and milk for breakfast.
“Why does Ami got to eat cookies for breakfast” Alexis said.
“Because she doesn’t matter,” my mom said.
“Here you go,” I whispered to Alexis as I handed her a cookie. I then gave a cookie to my other two sisters and headed to the door. Once I was outside I saw Lauren waiting for me by his car. He waved hello and offered me a ride. Atleast I could rely on him for now. I still had this unsettling nerve that I no matter what I could never forget about Sapphire but I wanted to try to be happy without him. I wanted to try to keep on living so atleast then maybe one day I could see him again. It was like a revolving merry-go-round I couldn’t get off of. I enjoyed the ride but if there was a way off wouldn’t I take it. I wanted to have hope and wanted to wait but then I would be wasting my time and life once more. All of this made no sense but I didn’t care. I need him to come back, I wanted him to come back.

Lunch time was the only memorable moment of todays school day. I was sitting at a round table with Karen, Erica and Sarah. Erica was reading one of her torturing methods book. Sarah was just eating and Karen was in other universe apparently. Usually when we are doing something that she finds uncool and weird she comments on it. Today she was speechless and had her head in the clouds. I asked her if she was okay and she just nodded. I rolled my eyes and turned my head. I didn’t know what had gotten to her but she seemed happy. Kevin and Vincent came over to our table to bother us. They were picking on Erica but she just ignored them and smiled wickidly at them. They seemed scared at the thought of her torturing them with the methods she was learning. They then began to pick on Karen. They tried to acuse her of having something to hide behind her scarf. I didn’t pay attention to it because Karen almost always dress over the top even just for school. The scarf  at least went with her outfit. I didn’t know what it was about but Kevin wouldn’t let it go.
“Oh have you been passing it around again,” Kevin said to Karen.
“Oh sad cause it wasn’t to you,” she said.  He then went up to her and tried to pull it off. She tugged back and even stood up to push him away. I finally got up and pushed them off and told them to get lost. I turned around and noticed Karen adjusting her scarf. I looked at her neck and noticed she had two small holes. They were like mine when I. I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t want to believe it. No it wasn’t them any of them, right? I was so confused but I couldn’t confront Karen about it. Who else would have kept her alive? I got up and went to the parking lot. I texted Lauren and asked him to skip school with me. He came to the parking lot and we drove off.
“No, no, no it cant be,” I repeated to myself.
“Whats wrong?” Lauren asked.  I was beginning to lose my mind. If it was one of them why her and why did they stay? Somehow I always believed they would have left the country. I couldn’t bare to have him still be in Miami and feeding. I wouldn’t want to live.
“She was bitten,” I said.
“Who?” Lauren asked.
“Karen,” I said whimperingly.
“What, by who and why, I knew they didn’t leave,” he said.
“No, they didn’t they wouldn’t it had to be someone else,” I said. I was able to say that with such asserivatiness and without doubt but inside and to myself I couldn’t believe it. I did think Sapphire betrayed me. I was so upset. Lauren took me to Bayside and we sat on a bench by the fountain. It was empty not many people walking around. It was Monday and work hadn’t come to a close yet. Not really a tourist month. Lauren was upset as well but I didn’t know what to say to calm him. I didn’t know what to say to calm myself.
“So what do we do now,” I said.
“I need to find the vampire, I guess now that I have a lead I can investigate more, Karen will lead me to the culprit,” he explained.
“I guess so,” I said softly. I was worried for him and Karen now. Why has this begun to happen? I needed answers and the three people who could give me them, straight clear answers were no where to be found.
“It will be fine I promise,” Lauren said to me while he held my hand.
We walked around for a bit then I headed home to pick up my sisters from the bus stop. Once we were all home I prepared dinner. I made my sisters mac and cheese and some chicken nuggets. They enjoyed this meal more then I did. While I was cleaning up the kitchen I got a text from Lauren. Apparently Karen was having a party at her house. It seemed to be perfect timing and unusual. Karen loved attending parties not throwing them since it involved a clean up. I sent him a text back saying I would go with him. He seemed reluctant but he knew I would go without him. I was curious and needed to know who the vampire was.
I hurried up stairs and got dressed. I picked a yellow bodycon dress, it was textured and tightly fitted. Somehow I felt more daring and adventurous now. I was masking my pain but I wanted to keep moving forward and be normal. I texted Lauren that I was on my way while I finished putting on my black sandal style platform stiletto heels. I grabbed my clutch and headed out the door. I took my moms car and headed to Karens house.  As soon as I arrived I spotted Lauren standing by his car apparently waiting for me. There were so many people all ready inside and crowed outside the house. After I found a parking spot I got out of the car and walked over to Lauren. I noticed he was staring at me for a good while. I finally grabbed him by his sleeve and told him we should go inside.  We began to look for Karen and tried to spot anyone who looked weird. There was no sign of Karen or suspious characters. Lauren decided to head upstairs and I searched the backyard. I noticed there weren’t just kids from my school here but much older women too. The fact that there were older women here meant the vampire must be gathering options for his meal. we still had no idea who it was though. I finally spotted Karen by her pool. She looked like she was anxious and looking for someone.  I walked over to her.
“Hey,” I said to Karen.
“Hi,” she frantically said back.
“You looking for something.. Someone,” I said.
“Yes, no, yes, um no I’m not,” she said with frustration. “You know what  I’m just making sure everything is okay,” she said aggressively.
“Okay,” I replied. She began to tell everyone to go inside. I was left alone in the backyard. I started to look around and walked around the pool.
“Want to go for a swim,” someone whispered in my ear behind me. I turned around and it was the guy from the club. I was immediately drawn to his eyes. I closed mine and took a deep breath. It was him it had to be. I wasn’t scared but I was worried. I didn’t know what to do now.
“Well,” the guy said.
“Who are you?” I asked.
“Oh, hello my name is Emerald and you are?” he asked.
“Amelia,” I said nervously.
“What a lovely name for such a lovely rose,” he said.
“Do you want to dance?” Emerald asked.
“No,” I said bluntly.  He jokingly frowned and grabbed my hand.
“I know you know so why not just come out and say something,” he said. He lifted my hand to his mouth and licked it. He then proceeded to kiss my hand and took a little bite. It didn’t pierce my skin but it hurt enough to make me moan. I pulled my hand away and pushed him away from me.
“What do you want?” I asked. He giggle and smiled.
“You need not worry I’ll never leave,” he said. I slapped him arcoss the face. I didn’t know who he knew but I was angry. He grabbed me by my elbow and pulled me towards him.
“You do smell so sweet and delious,” he said.  I begged him to let go but he wouldn’t. He just kept smiling at me. He began to kiss my neck and I started to scream but he quickly covered my mouth.
“I don’t want to drink from you without your consent it will be much more meaningful when you allow me to better if you ask me to, don’t you think?” he said.  He let go of me and walked back inside. He started to talk up some girls and dance with them. I went back inside and was unsure if I should tell Lauren. He came back to the living room.
“Well you want to dance,” Lauren said. I looked at him puzzled.
“Might as well since were not making any progress,” he said.
“Um I don’t know,” I said. He grabbed my hand and took me to the center of the room. He started to dance but I just stood there. There were many other people dancing and a couple of steps away was Emerald and Karen. I was worried, if Lauren turned and looked at them he would know. I didn’t really know what would happen. Lauren the leaned forward and whispered to me “you should try to have fun.”
“I am,” I said.
“Okay,” he replied. He got even closer to me and tried to kiss me. Before his lips could touch mine I felt someone pull me. Emerald had grabbed me by my arm and pulled me to him.
“You shouldn’t force a lady to do something she doesn’t want to do,” Emerald said.
“And who are you?” Lauren asked Emerald. I turned to Emerald and told him to stop. He laughed and grinned at me and Lauren.
“You should really mind your own business before someone drives a stake into you throat, oh I mean heart,” Lauren said. Lauren figured out what Emerald was. I tried to take Lauren out of the room but he wouldn’t move.
“Wow hunters still up and about this day in age I thought we had killed them all already,” Emerald said to Sapphire.  Lauren got furious and shoved Emerald.
“Hey whats your problem,” Karen said to Lauren.
“Honey keep out of it and go for a walk,” Emerald said to Karen. She obeyed his order and walked away.
“I am going to slaughter you,” Lauren said.  He then tried to take something out of his jacket and was surprised at what fell out.
“Looking for this,” Emerald said while waving a  3 ½ inch blade. I noticed an envelope had fallen out of Laurens jacket. I picked it up and it was addressed to me.
“What is this,” I said to Lauren. He looked at me nervously. I began to get irrated and repeated “what is this,” but more aggressively.
“Looks like a love letter but what do I know,” Emerald said.
“I’m sorry Amelia but he cant explain just leaving especially not in a letter,” Lauren said.
“What!” I shouted. I slapped Lauren in the face and then told him to stay away from me.
“Please don’t,” Lauren pleaded.
“No! stay away from me. You hurt me he hurt me. You and Sapphire can go to hell,” I said angrily to Lauren. I then rushed outside and to my moms car. I drove home in tears. I didn’t want to read the letter but I couldn’t just leave it alone. I had to know but I didn’t want to. I just wanted to rip it up but as mush I wanted to I still hoped. This letter would give me closure or maybe it would give me my heart back.

Ch. 9  Another chance meeting but is it a friend or foe

I wasn’t ready to forgive Sapphire or Lauren for that matter. They hurt me so much I ddint want to give them any more chances. I hesitated reading the letter. I got home and put on some sweats and hoody. I put my hair in a ponytail and sat down on my bed. I laid the letter faced up on my bed. My name written in cursive letters. It was neat and pretty. I stared at the envelope for half an hour. I watched tv and pushed it aside. I listened to music and held it in my hands. I finally decide to read it. I reluctantly opened it and pulled out the letter. It was written on a simple white paper. The letters so small but readable. Hand written in cursive writing. I almost wanted to put it back in the envelope but I began to read it.
“ My beautiful  Amelia how I wish I could have always kept you safe and sound. I never wanted you to suffer. I never wanted to make you cry. I always wanted to stay by your side. This is not goodbye but for now I have to leave. I have to keep you safe. I know I am breaking my promise but I hope you can understand that I need you to be safe. Meeting you has been the best thing that ever happened to me. I finally found a reason to live. Even my brothers couldn’t mask my pain. I was sad and alone. I tried to hold on to our bond as family but it wasn’t enough. I wanted to end it everyday and every night of my immortal lifel. I use to have dreams of you. Your face, your eyes, and your lips. I imagined someone like you and never dreamed that I would meet you. I knew it was you the moment I met you. You were only a child but I was drawn to you. I asked my brothers to contiue visiting our old home so I could see you night after night. Your scent was so alluring even then. It makes me sound so unusual but I knew I could never be without you from that moment on. I knew if I could get to you before any other man I could fullfill my deepest desire. Which was to be near you, to hold you, and to love you. I tasted your blood that night we enter your room ten years ago. I made you forget because I didn’t want you to be troubled or scared by it or me. I have fallen madly in love with you and ill spend forever doing so. I told you once before it was not just your blood but your heart that I lust after. Please don’t be angry and please don’t fall in love with anyone else. It might be too much to ask but I can not bare the thought of you being with any other man. I can not say when I will be back but I will make it back to you. If I could take a breath I wouldn’t breathe until I saw your face again. I miss you with evey bone in my dead body. I have no more words because all I want to say is I love you, I miss you and I am sorry. I want to feel your embrace and taste your soft lips. I am not breaking my promise so please forgive me. Keep breathing because I wont leave you for to long my love. Hold on to me and please don’t let me go.”
forever yours & keep me in your heart
Sapphire Mikhailovich Aleksandrov

I was touched  by his letter but still saddened. It didn’t explain much but it did make me love him more and I believe that was his plan.


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