New book idea had dream last night started writing today.. no title

No one chooses to be born. We have no say in the matter. We cannot choose our mother or our father. We just come into the world blind. With each passing day, we learn the truth, about how we were conceived and why then by whom. Slowly we learn the reason but not all of them are what we except or even can possibly imagine. I didn’t know who my father was I barely know my mother but I think I would have rather  not known anything then to find out what my birth meant and what my life had in store for me. My name is Elisabeth Castro I am eighteen years old and a freshmen in college. I recently left NYU to visit my mother in Buffalo, New York. It was summer in the year 2008 and even though I had an apartment in the city and a cool roommate, I thought I should visit my mother. I had not seen her since my graduation. I missed her. We use to be super close until she told me I was not my father’s child. Things definitely changed after that. My step dad became an asshole and my sister followed suit. My mother stopped defending me and just became some sort of pod person. She hardly spoke just followed orders. It was strange my father was always a tyrant but seriously took a turn for the worse when she told him the truth. My mother kept this secret for eighteen years then right before I went on stage to get my diploma she told me. I cried all the way from my seat to the stage. I didn’t even lift my head up when they handed me the diploma. I did not even know why I was going but I wanted to see if she was okay. I did still love her and she was still my mother. When I realized it, she was my only family, my flesh and blood. Her name was Raquel Castro but because my step dad could not pronounce it or did not want to, he started to call her Rachel. Everyone then began calling her that also. She was beautiful, short hazel brown hair and brown eyes. She had me when she eighteen so she was like my best friend and my sister. She was so kind, sweet and smart. She wanted to be a teacher but became a homemaker instead. I felt bad for her and decided to be a teacher for her also because I love teaching too. I guess I was like her in some ways and that made me happy. She was only thirty-six and could still have a life for herself but she chooses to follow a man who treats her like crap. I wanted more for her but it was up to her to change. I at least wanted to be near her and try to help her out of the state she was in. I was glad I looked like my mother. Everyone always said so and now that I know my father isn’t my father, I am proud that I look like someone I know. My hair was darker then hers but I had her eyes and face. The same brown eyes and round face with strong cheekbones. When we both smiled, you could see them more and I remember when we would pinch each other’s cheeks when I was little. I miss many of those moments but for now, I had to be strong for the both of us. My step dad George Sanderson was a modest man at first until he just snapped and became a dick all of sudden. He is ten years older then my mom I never understand what she saw in him. He already has a few gray hairs and is not that good looking. I would say he was average the very definition of the word. He wasn’t too built or too thin. He wasn’t short but not tall either. He was the same height as my mom. I don’t know he was an average Joe and now he acts like a king without a thrown. He does not look like an awful man but he did start acting like it after he knew I wasn’t his daughter. I think you always imagine if that happens they will still except you because they loved you and cared for you. I guess it was to much to ask for. George also had a daughter from a pervious marriage but we all knew that. My sister Anna was sweet and fragile but had a dark side as I soon learned. She was only fiver years older then me and already married. She was very erratic and deceitful once she knew the truth. That day I felt my entire family turn on me, one after the other. I didn’t know why was I that much of a disgrace. Did I really not belong anymore? I would have stayed in Buffalo to go to school but going away seemed like the best thing for everyone. I did miss my old life but why dwell on it. Its better to know the real you the real everyone then live with impostors and deceivers your whole life. As you get older, you will learn not everyone is whom he or she says there are. As you get older, you stop believing in fairy tales and learn to see everything for what it truly is. It is not always a good thing sometime you want to live like a child forever but then you learn the only way you can defend yourself is by growing up and getting strong.
I loved buffalo; it was my home away from home. I find it so peaceful and warm. Even when it is freezing, I still find myself warm. It was a wonderful place to live. Everyone always dreams about going to the city but New York is loud and crowed. Buffalo is simple and simple means perfect. It is the best place in the world or at least I say so. I remember many winters playing in the snow making snowmen. Going to church and having snowball fights along the way and on the way back home. Those were memories of someone else’s life. It was not my life anymore, who was I anyways. The only thing I had left was Buffalo, it stayed constant it never changed. I could rely on it to be there, always and never let me down. It was silly I know but it was all I had. I did not know at the time if my life changed for the better or for the worst but I would soon find out that it was for the good of humanity.

Lying down in my childhood room in my twin bed I had began to miss my queen size but this seemed less lonely. My hello kitty poster and my collection of rare elephant figurines my black and pink television was still in the same place and all my teddy bears too. My scented candles still smelled so sweet and delicious Mango, cherry and peach. It was like a fruity paradise. My Minnie mouse watch still told me the time. The only thing out of place was my luggage on the floor. Even my purple sheets with white stripes remained me of my old life. Even though they smelled fresh and clean. All my old drawings were being covered in dust, which remained me that I have not been here in awhile. I kept looking around the room trying to feel like I did before but it didn’t work for long. All my throw pillows still smelled like me. I missed my room it made me feel safe and at home. My mother finally came home from the grocery store. She was surprised and happy to see me. She wanted to be here before I came but she forgot what time I was going to arrive. She hugged me for several minutes until she said she would make me something to eat. I missed her cooking she was really good at it. She made me caldo de pollo it wasn’t so hot outside so it was perfect. We had lunch together while we talked about my school life. I told her it was going great and I loved every minute of it. Soon after my step dad came home from worker. He was a construction worker. He didn’t say much to me and just went to his room. Finally, my sister and her husband came home. Her husband Jeremy Carter was twenty-five and a cook at a local restaurant. He was okay but not a five star restaurant chef or anything. He didn’t seem so nice not even at first. I have known him for a while since my sister started dating him and soon after to when they got married. I can say though they seem perfect for each other. I tried to ignore them while I was here. They had no shame in public displays of affection. It didn’t take long for me to regret coming here. I tried to hang in there though for my mom sake.
The next day we all had breakfast together. I guess it was the first day things started to take a turn for the weird. My mom told me to tell everyone about my classes and professors so I did. Looking around the table, I see my sister rolling her eyes. Maybe at the fact she didn’t go to college and barely passed high school. Her husband kept staring at my breast and then smiled creepy at me. My step dad looked bored and my mom just buried her face in her eggs. I stopped talking and asked my sister what she was up to these days. She took a minute to answer and finally said she was getting ready to move out and house hunting. She tried to say it so proudly but the fact was she still lived at home with her parents and was married. Her husband lived her too, which was so weird. I tried to look interested but I think she could tell I was faking it. I wanted to get up and leave but I knew that would offend her more. My step dad finally spoke and began to insult me. “You would think that Elizabeth would have something better to do for the summer then come bother us,” he said. I looked at him and smiled. I grabbed my plate and my mothers so I could go wash them in the kitchen. My father continued to insult me in the dinning room to my sister and Jeremy. I was starting to get annoyed but I would not let him get to me or run me out of my own house. I sometimes wish my mother hadn’t have met my step dad. It was too bizarre how they met anyways. His first wife Carrie was really sweet. This was a small community were we lived so I knew her even before I knew George. She was a beautiful blonde woman with the sweetest smile. Her voice was so kind and adorable too. She was from Nashville but came to Buffalo when she was twelve and stayed here ever since. She use to visit Nashville for Christmas but stopped when her and George got a divorce. The whole thing was strange and sad. He saw my mom at a local grocery store and asked her out. My mother rejected him because she knew he was married. The next day he said he would get a divorce and wanted to be with her. My mother told me she finally accepted him after awhile of his advances. The town’s people though say it happened so soon he left his wife and moved in with my mom just like that. Out of nowhere, he just left Carrie and Anna. Anna was only four. Then in a year, I was born. My mother and Carrie didn’t know why George left his family. Carrie’s family all said he had a midlife crisis and sought out a younger woman. My mother explained to me though it wasn’t just a younger woman he wanted it was her. Carrie would say the same thing but she thought he was obsessed with my mother. Carrie for about a year kept trying to get George to come to his senses. My mother wanted him to take responsibility for Anna and not abandon her. I always hated saying this but almost like fate, Carrie died mysteriously a few months after that and George got full custody of Anna. They were finally left alone and lived happily ever after, if you could even call it that. I slowly found all this out by people from the neighborhood, George, Anna and my mom. Each one had there own version but no matter how the spun it the story always ended tragic. Carrie didn’t deserve any of that but George wouldn’t let my mother go until he had her. Just like now, he hardly lets her do anything and its not as if he is doing it just for her safety but it is as if he wants her near him at all times. It was all strange because some moments my family was normal and then it wasn’t. I had a loving, caring family and then I had a crazy stalker dickhead of a dad. I didn’t understand any of it.
I decided to take a drive to Delaware Park and jog for a bit. The sun wasn’t to hot and there was a little bit of a breeze. It was a nice day for a jog. I put my headphones on and played my running play list. It was full of songs with intense lyrics. Mostly to inspire me to keep pushing and make it to the end. It was corny but very affective. I ran all the way around twice and as I walked back to the car, I notice this guy walking his dog. Well first, I noticed the dog it was a cute Dalmatian. Afterwards I noticed the guy walking the dog was an old friend of mine from well from forever. I had gone to Elementary school with him all the way to high school even. David Collin was eighteen too like me and he attended UB. I was glad he stayed in Buffalo I guess he was my best friend. We kept in touch through emails and voicemails. I was glad David stayed because I could always come back and find him. It was selfish I know but if he moved away and went to school out of state, I wouldn’t be able to see him anymore. He had six brothers and sisters. Three were girls and three were boys. He loved being from a big family and his family was great. He finally noticed me and said, “Look who it is.” I smiled and ran towards him. “So who’s your new friend,” I said. He looked down at his dog and said, “This is Mason.”  I reached down to pet him he was such a friendly dog.
“Cute,” I said.
“I knew you always found me cute but I am taken now,” David said.
“Ha ha,” I said back.
“Well look at you, you look great and I am glad your back,” he said.
“Me too,” I replied.
“We should go somewhere and talk,” he said. I agreed with him and told him to let me drive him. He was surprised I decided to go right now but I didn’t have a reason to head home so soon. He lives close to Delaware Park so I knew he didn’t bring his car. I drove us to a local pizza place. La Novas was an amazing pizza place. I missed this place so much I knew I had to eat here for the whole summer before I went back. We both laughed at the fact that I was super hungry after my jog and to top that I was eating pizza of all things. It was nice catching up with David. He told me about his school life. He loved UB and did enjoy his decision to stay home and go to school. He was studying to be a doctor he was super smart too. I knew he could do it. He was never into sport even though he played football and baseball in high school. I think he did that for his dad though. He wasn’t muscular or built but he was fast. He was a little cutie though. He had a little kids face. It was as if he was always so unaware of even the most obvious things like a kid. So yeah, he was oblivious. It was sweet though better to have a guy not know he was attractive then a guy who is full of himself. He didn’t notice all the girls who flirted with him either. All he worried about was passing his chemistry classes. He was a closet nerd and only I saw his anime collection. I think we had that in common though. We loved watch Japanese anime even though I preferred romance anime while he obsessed over the action ones. I always found myself liking things that no one else did or even knew about. I guess that is why I liked hanging out with David he was just like me. He didn’t judge me or would dare make fun of me for what I liked. This was the first time that I have felt like I was home and happy since I got here. I was just smiling the entire time. “Oh my goodness, this pizza is amazing,” I said to David.
“Oh I know I can’t go a weekend without it,” he said.
“New York pizza has nothing on this,” I shouted. Everyone in the restaurant clapped and shouted back with agreement. “You know we have to do what we haven’t done in awhile,” David said.
“Yes we do,” I said back. We finished our pizza and headed to his place. David lived in a studio apartment on Delaware. It was nice and not small at all perfect for one person. You walk and see his bedroom, his bed there in front with a window behind it. He had a medium sized dresser and a closet even. On the far side of his bed there was a bit of a large space. This could be called his living room. He had a couch and TV even a plant on the side of his table stand. On the other side, there was a table and two chairs, his dining room I guess. Of course, this was all one room but he had divided it all up nicely. He had three sections in one room. Then there was another door for his bathroom and the kitchen just opened up from the left side of the front door but was also part of the same one room. He had a terrace though because he lived on the fourth floor. It was surprisingly neat. He had never been dirty or anything but, he was a college guy now. He told me to sit on the couch and he would be there in a second. He was shuffling through this box by his bed.
He pulled out a DVD and came with it toward the living room. He put it in the DVD player and pressed play. To my astonishment, it was one of my favorite animes that I hadn’t seen in a long time. “Myself; Yourself” was what it was called. I remember the story though. It was a bit sad in some episodes. Mainly it was about a boy who came back to his old town and found out one of his friends really needed him when he was gone. He never knew the tragedy she had been through. He himself was going through a rough time because of the move. It made me feel like me coming back here was going to reveal some horror stories I didn’t know about. What had happened in these months that I had been away? I didn’t write my mother because I knew she wouldn’t write back. Why would I bother to write my step dad or sister? I wasn’t so excited to see the anime at this point. I had completely freaked myself out. We then started to watch other animes like Blood plus and new episodes of an anime I really liked Itazura Na Kiss. It was a fun afternoon. We ate more junk food and caught up on old times. He even tried to get me to watch one of his favorite animes Naruto but I didn’t like it so much. We laughed and had a great time. It was nice to have this and it was still the same. “You know I get lonely without you,” David said to me.
“So do I,” I said back. He smiled and pushed me toward him. We just sat there watching anime until it was late. With me leaning on him and his arm around me. I was starting to get sad I knew this moment was just for today and even if we did repeat it, I would have to go soon. It was around eleven when I suggested I should head home. I then realized I didn’t have my old key so I would have to knock or ring the bell. Just the thought of having to bug them made me shiver. I didn’t want to have a confrontation with any of my family members so David suggested I stay with him. Mason agreed and even sat on my lap. David said he would sleep on the couch but since he had a king size bed I told him I wouldn’t take up much space. I asked him to sleep with me. He got so red I thought he was going to pass out but he finally calmed down. We laid down on the bed and watched TV from there. Clannad  and Clannad After Story, it was a beautiful love story I thought. I loved this anime a lot. It was sweet and yet very sad. We watched as much as we could until we both passed out. It was nice even Mason joined us in bed. In the morning David made me breakfast, French toast and sausage. He even made me hot cocoa. I woke up to Mason licking my face. Before I ate though I went to wash my face and asked David if I could take a shower. He went down stairs to wash my clothes. I was even shocked and a bit nervous that he took my clothes including my underwear to wash. He came back up and walked into the bathroom to leave a pair of his sweat pants and t-shirt. He stayed staring at the curtain for a good while though. Until I dropped the shampoo bottle and startled him. When I got out I was wearing a pair of his boxers and sweats and shirt but of course he didn’t have a replacement for my bra. I was nervous to walk out but I had no choice. I was getting hungry. We ate on the table and he not even once looked up. I think even he notice I wasn’t wearing a bra. The food was delicious. I tried to make conversation with him and praise him for the good food but he didn’t look up either way. When we were done we decide to watch some TV. A new episode of an anime I had fell in love with had just been put online. Special A was an anime I completely loved. I don’t know why or when I fell in love with anime but I know that romance anime was like romantic comedies to me. Instead of watching movies and actors I watched these cartoons. It was romantic and I found it nice. I loved the idea of love and how you can find someone who is meant for you or complements you. Someone who is perfect for you and never lets you down. A happy ending but that only happens in anime. That’s why I kept watching over the years even if I was an adult I still craved it because it gave me hope. It was my fantasy world where anything was possible. Also I think I was a bit jealous that I couldn’t have what they had. That I couldn’t have a Kei Takishima for myself. Finding a great guy that was devoted to you just you was hard to find if not impossible. I dare anyone to look for a guy like those in animes or even movies. I know that’s why there fake but come on. Sometimes we want it to be real so bad. Come on tell me you don’t. That’s the beauty of them all and why they continue to be popular and continue to be made. We cant deny it we are all hoping that those romantic things we see or read about can come true. Sometimes we get version of them but the fake make believe stuff is always better. The episode “High Fever ~ Passion” was my favorite to date. I couldn’t wait for the new. I was so excited and in love. I could see David wasn’t as impressed as I was with the anime and especially the episode. I kept nudging him to react. Mason was even barking so much but not even a word from David. Mason finally had enough and jumped on David causing me to fall back on the bed. David rolled over and was right on top of me.
“ Are you cold?” David asked.
“No, I’m okay,” I said.
“Right,” David said softly.
“Are you okay?” I asked.
“You know your like my sister right,” he said.
“I know,” I said back.
“But your not my sister,” he said as he began to pant. He began to brush my hair with his fingers.
“I know,” I said. I think I began to breath fast too.
“So its not a bad thing if I,” he said before he leaned in and kissed me. It was my first kiss. We kept kissing for several minutes until Mason jumped on the bed and barked at us. We both got up and looked away from each other. I was blushing and I could see so was he. It was nice though if I would have ever had a choice in who I kissed for the first time. I would have chosen him. I never got close to anyone. Not in middle school when guys started to pay attention to me. Not in high school when I was asked out repeatedly. I never knew why but I didn’t trust anyone. Especially guys so I couldn’t let myself do normal things. I distanced myself from men for a long time. I guess I was afraid of being a Carrie or a Rachel. I know I always wished I could have had a guy like one of those in the animes I saw. I knew it wasn’t likely I would find that so I just got scared. I scared myself from parties and dances. I was glad that David and I went to Prom together. I guess I was starting to realize that David was the only guy I wasn’t afraid of. I knew I could trust him. I knew I liked him and we had so much in common. I guess back then we both had our share of suitors and we saw each other as friends. I don’t maybe it was a combination of things but we never got to this point. Even though I think now we should have and I was surprised we hadn’t by now. I didn’t think of David as a crush or boyfriend but I should have. He has always been by my side. He has never let me down. David finally talked to me again. He suggests we take Mason for a walk. I agreed. We walked through the jogging path at the park and talked.
“I’m sorry for just kissing you,” he said.
“No worries it was a thank you for letting me borrow your clothes and your sweater now,” I said.
“Well you needed the sweater I wouldn’t want you to come outside without it and I kissed you so,” he explained.
“I know but I did kiss you back so,” I told him.
“Oh thank you,” he said.
“Your welcome,” I said back.
“We should do it.. do it again sometime,” he said. I laughed and just smiled at him. Mason then ran off and we went chasing after him. He finally stopped and sat on the grass. We caught up to him and we were both out of breath. Mason ran around shoving us until we both fell. We laid on the grass laughing so hard and loud. He reached out and grabbed my hand. It was nice lying there holding hands.
“You have no idea how amazing you are,” he said.
“Your great too,” I said.
“You know you’re the first girl I’ve ever kissed,” he said.
“Really?” I asked.
“Yeah and I am glad,” he said.
“I am really glad,” I said. I was so happy I almost forgot I was in the grass dressed up in guys clothes. David said we should go and he had put my clothes in the dryer before we left so they were probably ready. I knew I had to go home to so we head back to his apartment. My clothes were finally clean but I couldn’t help feeling a little bad because I was wearing the clothes I wore the day before. I promised David I would come over again soon. He promised to text me later. It was so bizarre we were friends a couple of hours ago. Even though I wasn’t sure what exactly we were now but we were definitely closer now. I went downstairs and to my car. David ran after me and gave me a kiss before I left. It was an amazing kiss, his lips on mine. The taste of it was so captivating. I got in my car and drove home. I noticed my step dads car and everyone else’s too. So everyone was home I was so happy. I went up to the door and my mom luckily was near by so she opened the door let me in. I went inside and she told me dinner was almost ready. I looked at my watch and it was already four. Jeez I was gone so long. I could only pray that no one noticed or cared that I was gone. I helped my mom set the table and serve the food. She had prepared Carne asada con arroz y frijoles. It all smelled so good. My step dad, Anna, and Jeremy finally came down and sat at the table.
“Oh so the bastard child finally came home,” Anna said. I looked at her with disbelief. She wasn’t so nice to me but never this mean. I didn’t know what happen to the sister I had when I was younger.
“God woman could you make something American,” my step dad said. I wanted to slap him.
“If you don’t like it you can go eat somewhere else,” I said. He slammed his cup on the table and my mother rushed to pour him some beer. I wanted to throw the beer in his face and no I mean the bottle and then maybe pour it on his head.
“At least it taste good,” Jeremy said. We all sat around and ate dinner together. It wasn’t pleasant from then on just more quiet. When I was finished I went upstairs. I got one of my larger hand bags and put clothes in it. I got a text from David saying “ he missed me.” I was so happy and I smiled almost forgetting what I had just gone through. I text him back asking “ Can I come over again? To soon?” He didn’t mind and told me to come over ASAP. I grabbed my bad and went to go look for my mom. I noticed my mom wasn’t wearing her rosary anymore. I took off my necklace with the virgen de Guadalupe pendant on it and put it on her. I told her not to take it off and to be safe and try to be happy. I kissed her on the cheek and gave her a hug. Then I made the sign of the cross from her forehead to her left shoulder then to the right, while saying
“  En el nombre del Padre, y del Hijo y del Espíritu Santo. Amén.” She seemed to get a little agitated when I did that but I had to persignar la. I just really wanted my mom to be okay and get better. She seemed so empty inside. I almost didn’t want to leave her but I didn’t know what to do. I kissed her on the cheek one more time and left. Once I got to David’s apartment I told him about dinner. He commented on my moms cooking and how he missed it too. I elbowed him in the stomach and told him that wasn’t the point or what mattered. He tried to comfort me telling me my mom was probably trying to stick it out for both Anna and me. I didn’t know why she stayed or put up with it but I was getting tired of it. David knew all about George, Carrie, my mom and Anna. He knew what happened back then and the stories everyone told. He even began to tell me about a story he heard once from a friend. Some neighbors and members from Carries family thought George killed her so he could be with my mom. I didn’t know what to think but knowing George now and hearing him I could almost imagine him being that cruel and sadistic. He use to be so kind but maybe it was all an act. David tried to take my mind off of it. He showed me this new anime called “Vampire Knight.” It was really cool and funny. I don’t think vampires was the best way to forget but I did like horror. We got up to episode eleven, it was very romantic and funny. I swear animes will be the death of me. We then started to play Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and then Assassin’s Creed. We had a blast I loved playing PS3. It was another outlet for me to get away and not think so much of what was real. It was finally night and I was getting sleepy. We both went to bed and brought Mason with us. We laid there talking about our past and how we use to get in trouble. How we build forts and stayed up late on the phone. David turned around and looked at me. “I don’t know why I didn’t say anything before but its been a long time coming. I’ve wanted to hold you for so long that I almost thought at times I had. Our friendship is all I needed until now,” He said to me. I started to cry and kissed him. We told each other goodnight and told Mason goodnight. I fell asleep easy that night but I had a horrible and confusing dream. I could still remember every bit of it when I woke up. There were these strange men dressed in these beautiful expensive looking robes. They were staring at me almost as if they were judging me. I felt like they could see right through me. My dream faded away but then I was in a room hiding in a closet. I felt someone coming and I felt so scared. My dream ran as fast like it went from one to another at the speed of light. It was all the same dream though all of it was connected somehow. It then took me to a bathroom, someone was showering but they weren’t alone. I got closer and I saw a woman she was having sex with someone in the shower but I wasn’t aroused or anything. I was angry and terrified. I started running again and I kept feeling as if someone or something was after me. I ran and ran until I bumped into a man dressed in a dark blue shroud. I screamed and then woke up. I didn’t know what any of that meant but I was scared. I always hated the fact that my dreams felt real. Everything about them felt more like memories. I also hated that I could remember almost every part of them. I thought everyone forgot there dreams but I guess for the lucky ones you can enjoy the fact that you can recall that crazy guy chasing you with a chainsaw. At least the smell of pancakes and hash browns was in the air to take my mind off of the dream. I was to embarrassed to tell David about the dream. He and most guys would say it was a erotic nightmare but I didn’t get aroused and definitely no pleasure came from it. I didn’t need him to think I was a freak and a nerd. We sat down to eat breakfast again this morning. David talked about official taking me out on a date. Even though he reluctantly avoided asking me out or even saying such words as will you be my girlfriend. Once you reach a certain age I guess getting asked out changes in format but you still need to ask a girl. I mean this is why we get confused we are acting like a couple but if he was secretly like other jerk guys he would be thinking were buddies not together. If I assumed more then what was actually happening I would look like a fool but then again David was David and I knew him. He was sweet not a jerk. David talked about wanting to get a job for the summer but thought that now with me here we could do other things. I smiled and said not to change his plans on a count of me being here. Once we were done eating his amazing breakfast we decided to head to the Naval Park Cove and take a ferry ride. I have not gone on a ferry ride since I was like five. I was looking forward to it. I wanted to do everything and anything that buffalo had to offer. I missed this place so much that I didn’t want to miss a thing. I felt like a tourist only because I had not experienced it in a long time and because I would leave soon. Thinking about leaving made me fearful. I didn’t want to think about what that meant about my new found relationship with David. We kept in touch but not so much and with this new found emotion I have for him I don’t think I could take it. Being away from him or speaking to him less and even not seeing him everyday would hurt me and make me sad.
Once we got there we headed to Queen City Ferry Company. It was beautiful and peaceful.
“Next we should try the Maid of the Mist,” David said. I was so afraid of that boat tour even though I imagine it is more spectacular and exciting. I was just to afraid to even step foot anywhere near it. I wasn’t much of a risk taker or daredevil. I liked safe and calm. I punched David in the arm for even suggesting it but I smiled and laughed too. I started to look up at the clouds. It was nice and sunny today. Lots of clouds and it was a clear blue sky. All of a sudden I almost thought I saw a shooting star. In the middle of the day I thought. No way. I was so surprised but I know I saw a bright light just soar across the sky. I had figured I was seeing thing so I paid no attention to it. After the ferry ride we were both hungry so we decided to drive to a grocery store and cook today. I was looking for lots of things I wasn’t sure what I wanted to cook but I was so excited and looking forward to cooking. I was in the aisle with all the baking stuff. I had finally decided that I also wanted to make a cheese cake for David. I was looking for prepared crust. I found this gram cracker chocolate crust. I grabbed it with excitement and turned around fast to put it in my cart. As I turned back around my arm flung and hit a man in the chest. It hurt me more then I think it hurt the guy. He was staring at me and didn’t seem to blink. I told him I was sorry but he didn’t speak or move. I wanted to move and walk away but I couldn’t. It was like I didn’t have the energy to move. He finally moved but got super close to me. “Hi,” he quickly said. I said hi back but I was beginning to get scared. I think began to think that David was only going to go get the cream cheese in the next isle. When we first came in this store was filled with customer but I couldn’t hear anyone anymore. Not even the noise from the register or that check out beep. I paid more attention and the music wasn’t playing anymore. Some one had to have come down the aisle by now. How could I be alone in the store with this man? I tried to turn but I couldn’t.
“My name is Michael,” he said. I didn’t even know what to say. Why would I introduce myself?
“Your name is Elisabeth Maria Castro,” he said. I was beginning to feel weak and nervous.
“Yes,” I said.
“Good, be safe child,” he said.
“What,” I said. I then heard the music and I quickly turned around. There was an older woman holding sugar. I turned back around and Michael was gone. “Young Hearts Run Free,” was playing on the loud speaker. I began to breathe hard. I tried to calm down but I couldn’t I didn’t understand what just happened. Michael was so handsome though. I couldn’t get his face out of my mind. His chiseled jaw and face. He had the most amazing eyes. They were as blue as the ocean. He was lean but built and so tall. He had to be at least six foot. I was only five seven and David wasn’t so much taller then me but Michael was. It was like I was looking up for miles. He had the most beautiful hair. He was golden brown almost blonde hair. It was long up to his neck and a little curly or wavy. He was wearing navy dress pants and a white plain t-shirt. He looked sharply dressed though. He was definitely a mysterious man. He looked like he was in his mid twenties. I don’t know why but I just wanted to see him again. David finally came back with the cream cheese and noticed I was out of it. I grabbed the rest of the stuff I needed and head to the check out counter.
Once we arrived home I went to the kitchen and started on dinner. I had decided to make pepian. It was a recipe my mom had taught me. I knew David would like it even though it takes a lot of time and ingredients to make. Once I was done and waiting for it to cook I began to make my cheese cake. I don’t like putting it in the oven though. So I just add the cream cheese with some whip cream. I added some chocolate chips and then melted the rest and added that as well. So now it was brown and then I put it on the crust and put it in the freezer. I was so excited for David to try everything but in the back of my mind I couldn’t stop thinking about Michael. I was so amused and curious but you know that old saying “curiosity killed the cat,” well after this and knowing everything. I finally get it. It is better to not know some things. We both enjoyed dinner and dessert. After we ate we played PS3 until midnight. Since we had been out all day I hadn’t taken a shower so I told David I would. He said he would take a shower in the morning. I went to take a shower it was so quiet. This was the only room with a door so I felt thousands of miles away from David. The water was so warm. I use to swim a lot in middle school and high school so the water was the best place to be for me. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the water on running down my skin. Michaels face then popped in my head and I quickly opened my eyes. I started to breathe hard again. The water wasn’t hot at all but the room was filled with steam now. I was getting weak and couldn’t move. My eyes were getting heavy and I began to close them. I then saw Michael standing in front of me. He looked different though. His eyes were pitch black and he looked more devilish then gentle like before. He grabbed me and pushed me on the wall. He kissed me all over and knelt down and kissed my inner thigh. He began to lick me all over and my legs began to shake for a moment. I moaned out loud and begged him to stop. It began to hurt as he slid his fingers inside me. I couldn’t move or scream at this point. I wanted to call out to David but I didn’t think that was the best thing to do. Michael came back up and kissed my lips then made me lick his fingers that had just been inside me. I could feel them in my mouth and taste them too. It tasted good but I was disgusted by it at the same time. I felt myself getting aroused but it didn’t feel like me. It felt like my body was on fire. He then kissed me again thrusting his tongue in my mouth. I was responded back to everything he did. I put my hands in his hair and curled them in my fingers. He began to lick and suck on my breast. It hurt when he bit on my nipples but it felt so good. I didn’t know what I was doing. I wasn’t myself even as much as I enjoyed it I was scared. Somehow my feelings were divided. I felt aroused but I still hated every minute of it. He then stopped and was coming towards me as if to go inside me. I wanted to back away but I couldn’t. Somehow I was able to push him away and his image just disfigured and went away. I finally opened my eyes and no one was there. I looked at the sheer curtain and there was a figure standing behind it. I slide open the curtain and no one was there either. I wanted to cry I felt more violated then excited. I didn’t want any of that to happen. I had a hard time finishing taking a shower but I did it as fast as I could. I walked out of the bathroom and headed to bed in just a t-shirt and panties.
In the morning I heard the water running and assumed it was David taking his shower. Mason was still on the bed so I began to pet him. With the thoughts of what happened last night still fresh in my mind it was a surprise I didn’t dream about them. I for sure that I would have a dream about it but I was glad I didn’t. I heard a noise behind me and turned around. I looked in the mirror behind me and there was blue eyed Michael. I turned back around and he was gone. I looked back at the mirror and nothing. I was starting to think I was crazy. Somehow though seeing those blue eyes made me feel okay not scared at all. David finally came out of the shower and was dressed only in boxer briefs. He came towards the bed and pet Mason on the head. He then came towards me and gave me a kiss. He must have slipped because he then fell on top of me. He looked into my eyes and moved the hair off my face. He started to kiss my neck and ran his hand down my leg. He moved the cover from me and looked at me. I think this was the most undressed David has seen me. I was blushing and nervous. He began to kiss me on my chest and I move my body a little. He then stopped and kissed me on my lips again. As I began to run my hand down his arm he then took his hands and lifted my shirt up to the point right below my breast. It was as if he wanted to see if I would pull it back down or make some counter move to show I wanted him to keep going. I was still freaked out about last night that I pushed him off me. Having those images play over and over in my head made me want to cry and shout “stop.” I sat up and pulled down my shirt. I wanted to say I was sorry but I felt bad. I knew David wasn’t that guy or a guy like that but he was still a man and I couldn’t let myself go. I guess I realized that I didn’t even trust David. “I am so sorry Lizzie,” he said. He hasn’t called me that since we were six. I kissed him and said I was sorry too. “I want you to know that I don’t need that its just I don’t feel like a life long dream coming true,” he said. I didn’t understand what he meant by that but he soon explained. “I have waited for you and wanted to be with you for a long time now I just guess doing that would be a dream come true,” he explained. It still didn’t make much sense but I guess in a way I understood. I wanted to be with him to but I had to tell him something. “David I am a virgin and I don’t know if I am ready or will ever be ready,” I said.
“Are you serious, I thought you had sex on prom night with that guy,” he said.
“NO!!! we just danced and then he wanted to go and eat. I am so sorry for ditching you that night but I thought you wanted to dance with other girls and have fun,” I said.
“I was having fun with my date, you I was having an amazing night and even then if we hadn’t done anything I would have been okay and happy,” he said.
“So did you?” I asked.
“ Did I um yeah I did.” he said. I stayed quiet and didn’t even want to look him in the eye or I would have started crying.
“I am sorry it was just once and since then I haven’t even dated,” he told me.
“You said I was the first girl you kissed,” I told him. He stayed quiet for a minute.
“You are the first and only girl I have ever wanted to be with and the one time was just an accident we kissed but what is a kiss with out meaning,” he said.
“It’s a kiss,” I said angrily.
“That day I was upset and convinced that the hope I had for us was gone. You would go off to New York and forget about me,” he said sadly.
I told him I forgave him but didn’t really have anything to forgive it was his life and his choice. I also told him that I decided to not be with anyone until I was in love and if that meant I would wait until marriage then so be it. I was disappointed in David but I had to understand that it was in the past now and he couldn’t take it back. Even if he wanted to and I wished he could we both knew he couldn’t. I had to deal with it. I didn’t know if I would ever be comfortable with that though. I did always think I would lose it to someone I loved and to a fellow virgin but how many male virgins are out there  who are not under the age of fifteen. I was getting sad but tried not to show it. I decided to get dress and go home. I told David I would come back later though.
I went home and my mom was home alone. She looked more depressed and sad then ever. She wasn’t wearing my pendant anymore. I asked her where it was and she said George took it. I went to there room and found it in the trash can. I put it back on her and told her to not let anyone take it off. She just nodded her head and followed me out of the room. I asked her if she had eaten and she said no. She was heading to the kitchen to make something when I stopped her and suggested we go out to eat. She was reluctant and said George doesn’t let her go out unless he knows and lets her. I didn’t even respond to that. I went to grab my mom some clothes and put them in my purse. I did her hair and makeup and dragged her to my car. I decided to keep the a/c off and kept the windows down. She smiled the whole ride. We headed to St. Michael’s Roman Catholic Church. My mom use to come here every Sunday. I knew it would do her some good to go there. She stopped going because of George. I was beginning to think that George would blow up if he stepped foot in a church. We went inside and sat there for a bit. My mom finally began to pray and so did I. I began to pray for my mom and that she would find a way out of this dark hole she was in. I felt a little better and she looked much better too. My mom still had her head down so I got up and looked around. I loved being in church it gave me a sense of joy and peace. I then looked across the aisle and saw Michael. His blue captivated me again. I wasn’t scared but I was confused why I kept seeing him. Along with the dream the very thought of being alone with him made me shiver. He began to walk towards me. When he finally approached me he said “ It is a good thing you brought your mother here it will help her.”
“How,” I said.
“Your faith will help you both, if you believe in God he will not abandon you,” he said.
“I do but who are you,” I said.
“You know who I am,” “and remember no matter your path you always have a choice.. to change your fate. Your freewill gives you the choice to stay on your path or choose the path of evil,” he said.
“I have no idea what your talking about but okay,” I said.
He grabbed my hand and said “Please don’t choose wrong.” I said okay and moved my hand away from his.
“Why wont you just tell me who you are,” I said.
“You are not ready to know but then again I don’t believe you will ever be,” he said.
“Why do you keep avoiding my questions why wont you answer me with a straight forward answer,” I said.
“I don’t believe I do anything wrong, I answer with what I believe is the best answer for your question.” he said. He then looked at my mother.
“Do you know her?” I asked.
“Certainly,” he said.
“How?” I asked.
“I know a lot about you and your mother but for now just know you need to save her before it is to late,” he said. I was getting irritated and annoyed but I knew somehow he was trying to help me.
“Please just tell me what you know,” I said.
“Soon,” he replied. I heard my mother scream so I ran to her. As I looked back Michael was gone. I asked my mother what was wrong all she said was “He knows I am here.” I tried to calm her down it took me a while but she finally stopped fidgeting. I decide to call David and told him to meet us at Fridays that was in downtown. He agreed and we all had dinner together. It was great, my mother smiled and laughed. She actually had a conversation with someone. It was wonderful to see that. I was happy and so was she. I almost didn’t want to take her back home. I was so frighten at the thought of her losing herself. I didn’t know what Michael meant but I knew somehow he was right. My mom was heading down a path that could possible harm her. I needed to help her before it was to late. Whenever she was around George she was completely different abnormal even. I didn’t know how I would help her but I was determined to do anything and go against anyone who tried to harm her. After dinner I told David I would stay at my house for tonight. He said it was okay and kissed me goodbye. The night when we got home things weren’t just weird they finally got scary.
George was sitting in the living room. Once my mother entered the house she was back to being sad and emotionless. George came toward us and slapped my mother in the face. I punched him back in his face. I was amazed I didn’t think I hit him so hard but he fell to the floor. I was so angry all I wanted to do was hurt him. He got up and began to laugh very eerie. I wanted to punch him again and he knew it.
“Hit me again girly come on you want to let that rage out,” he said.
“Shut up!” I shouted at him. I grabbed my mother and took her upstairs. I told her to go to bed and everything would be okay.
I stormed back downstairs and screamed at George. “ GO AWAY!” I said. He was pushed back as if a gust of wind had knocked him off balance. He closed his eyes then quickly opened them. Then the strangest thing happened. “What, what am I doing here. Lizzie what are you doing here? When did you get here, want some hot cocoa?” he said. I was so confused. Why was he acting like nothing happened? I told him to go away again and he looked puzzled. “What’s wrong,” he said. I was so angry my headed start to hurt and throb. Out of nowhere I three windows in the living room shattered. My mother came running down the stairs. “What’s wrong?” she asked. She then asked what had happened. I looked into her eyes and saw my mom. She was normal to say the least. She looked just as she did before when we went out. Since she was back to normal I told her nothing had happened and that the windows broke all of a sudden. My mother then went off to bed again. Anna and Jeremy then came home. As they walked in they both starred at George eerily. They had the same look George did I had never seen them look like that. It was as if they knew something was wrong. They looked at George as if something had happened to him. Did they know I had hit him he didn’t have a mark or scratch on him. I was very confused but decided to go to bed instead of ponder the situation any further.
The next morning I woke up pretty early. I had dozens of text from David asking me if everything was okay. I went to take a shower, being in there made me feel unnerving. It wasn’t like having dejavu but it was strange and unsettling to be in a shower. I tried not to think about it but every time the water hit my skin I image of that time would pop into my head. It was like I could still feel his hands on my body and his lips on my skin. I felt so rattled and didn’t know why I just couldn’t forget about that stupid dream. I had assumed it was a dream. I got out of the shower and walked out to the hallway. Jeremy was standing by the doorway of Anna and his room. He was staring at me like he could see right through my towel. Or at least he was staring so hard hoping he would. His smile was so wicked and evil I couldn’t stand to look at it any longer. I turned away and went to my room. After I got dressed I decide to head out and go for a jog. I stopped by the kitchen to see my mom. She seemed chipper and happy this morning. I looked around for George but he had gone to work already. I kissed my mom on the cheek and left. I was glad she was doing better but I still didn’t understand what happened and what changed. I decided to go to another park to jog. I headed to a smaller park, Riverside Park was nice but much smaller then Delaware Park. It didn’t have much of a jogging path but I ran back and forth the path for half an hour. I didn’t do it for the exercise. I ran mostly to clear my head and not think. It is hard to think while your running and listening to music. I know sometimes though things come up in my mind and I start over thinking as always. It was summer so the local pools were all open. Riverside had two pools so I was looking forward to doing laps during my summer break. One of those pools was a kiddy pool though. As I ran to the parking lot to get into my car I felt a gust of window blow my hair back. It was so strong it made me close my eyes. When I opened them Michael was standing in front of me. I was so surprised and bewildered to see him standing there.
“Are you okay?” Michael asked.
“Yes,” I said.
“You must be careful and control your anger,” he said.
“What are you talking about,” I said.
“What you did last night was dangerous,” he said. I began to thinking about the fight I had with my step dad.
“I didn’t do anything,” I told him.
“Don’t let them cause you to lose control, keep calm and wish them away, he said.
“I don’t know what you mean,” I said.
“You can defeat them just be sheer will not by force, remember that and focus,” he explained to me.
“Defeat,” was all I could say. I was so confused.
“They are no match for you but you must not use any dark force, control your anger your frustration and your fear,” he said.
“I’ll try,” I said. He kept telling me to stay calm and only think about saving my mother. He told me to stay focus on good and not evil thoughts like revenge and hatred. That would be hard because I did want to hurt George for all the pain and suffering he has been causing my mother. He told me he would show me how to protect my mother and myself without going down the wrong path. He then rushed towards me as he was going to grab me. I moved aside and he then came back like if he was going to punch me in the face. I blocked him with my right hand and was about to punch him with my left. I had taken kickboxing and boxing lessons since I was seven and stopped when I was seventeen but this felt more like a hidden talent that I never knew I had. My reflexes were sharper then I had ever knew. I had strength, agility and speed. I never thought myself as fragile but not like super woman either. He kept coming at me punching and kicking. I was able to block all of his attacks until he swung out a sword and struck me down with it. I felt the blade run through me. He slide it out of my body slowly. I felt it pass through me until it was all the way out. He then came over to me and touched my shoulder. Somehow I felt better I looked down at my wound and it was gone. There was no blood no scar no trace of what had just happened. I was so shocked and scared. Michael shouted at me and told me to get up. I was still out of it but I managed to stand up. He throw another sword at me and came rushing towards me with his sword in hand. I tried to block him but he was so strong and fast. He kept shouting at me to focus and fight back. He shouted at me “Protect your mother.” Hearing those words made me angry but more determined to stop him from striking me with his sword. He came towards me and I moved out of the way. I then elbowed him in the chest and knocked him down on the floor. I drew up my sword and began to lunge it into his chest. It went straight through him but he did not bleed. I pulled it out and began to feel sorry and apologetic. “You need to focus but good work,” he said. I thanked him but was so confused. I finally was able to breathe and I began to look around the park. It was darker then it was when I arrived. There was a strange fog surrounding the park now that wasn’t there when I came either. There was no one around and I could have sworn I saw dog walkers and kids on the playground. The sky began to get grey and cloudy. It was so sunny and bright when I began to jog. I felt a rain drop hit my nose. I wiped it off and felt the rain come pouring down. Michael then popped up behind me and tried to strike me with his sword. I blocked his hit with my sword and lunged back at him. He knocked me to the grown but I quickly and swiftly got back up. He was move to fast for me to swing at him so when he appeared behind me I did a back side swing kick. He fell to the ground and grinned. I wanted to laugh because it seemed like no matter what I did I couldn’t hurt him. I was glad that I couldn’t though I didn’t want to hurt him. He got back up and continued to come towards me swinging his sword. He knocked my sword out of my hand and I came rushing towards him kicking and blocking his front attacks with his sword. I did a tornado kick and knocked him to the ground again. I didn’t even know how I knew how to do that. He had then tripped me and I fell to the ground. He was about to lunge at me and I did a kneeling side kick and he fell back. He then helped me up and said I was doing great but need to work harder. We were both soaking wet fighting in the rain. We continued with my sword training. He came at me and stabbed me with the sword in my arm. He pulled it out and I was bleeding. It hurt and it did not go away. As he came towards me again I spun around and thrust the sword into his back. He ran forward so he could remove the sword from his back. He came toward me once more I blocked all of his attacks. The pain in my arm was getting more intense and hurt so much. I was getting angry. As he ran towards me I squat down and lunged my sword up almost piercing it through his chin and into his head. I hesitated because I didn’t want to kill Michael but I was so angry. I backed off and stood there. He then spun around and chopped my hand off with his sword. I felt the pain and saw my hand fly right off my arm. It was like I was having an out of body experience. It felt real I felt the pain and saw the blood but it felt like a dream. I shouted with grief and fell on my knees. Michael then ran towards me and wrapped his hands around me. He whispered in my ear “Don’t cry, you are brave.” I looked down at my arm and my hand was attached again. No scar or blood. I looked at my arm and that wound was healed too. I then began to cry.
“That felt so real,,” I said.
“It was you need to know how to defend yourself and understand in any fight you cannot expect to come out unharmed,” he told me.
“I don’t want to fight,” I told him. It was still raining and I could now hear thunder rolling down in the sky.
“If you prepare yourself you will be victorious and once more be safe,” he said.
“Prepare myself, for what?” I asked.  He looked me in the eyes and told me not to worry for now but to keep my eyes open and trust no one. He told me that not everyone is who they seem and some are here to deceive me. I closed my eyes and thought about the days when I use to play hide and seek, how I use to take walks with my mom, and how she taught me to cook and bake. I had lost all of those things. I didn’t even know to what. I opened my eyes and Michael was gone. It was sunny again and I could hear kids laughing and playing on the swing set. I heard dogs barking and chasing a Frisbee. I finally got up and walked to my car. I sat in my car though crying for almost five minutes. I finally drove off and headed to David’s apartment.
He was happy to see me. He gave me a kiss and hugged. I tried to smile and pretend nothing was wrong but that was hard to do. He put in a movie and we ate some junk food. It was a horror movie not really scary though. “Frankenstein” the 1931 film, I had seen it before but David and I enjoyed watching it over and over. It was in black and white but we didn’t mind. David and I had a passion for horror films even if they weren’t as terrifying as they said they were. It was a nice evening but this film just made me feel like some kind of monster. Then I looked around at the characters in my life, Michael, George, Anna, and Jeremy who was the monster and who was the creator? Once the film was over David started to play COD and I decided to go get us some pizza. Since we only ate junk food like chips and cookies we were still hungry. I ordered the pizza in the car and headed to the pizza place. I picked up the pizza and head back to David’s apartment. While I was driving I came to a sudden stop when this elderly man came running in front of my car. I hit the brake so fast and hard I jumped back and forth in my seat. I saw a shadow chasing him and I was so scared but I got out and went after the both of them. They headed down an alley and I saw the shadow jump inside the elderly man. I didn’t know what was going on but I shouted “stop, leave him alone.” I ran up to the old man after the shadow went completely inside him. I asked the old man if he was okay. He didn’t answer me. He finally looked up at me with these dark black eyes and smiled evilly at me. He then pulled out his arm and pushed me to the grown. I went flying all the way out of the alley. I had scrapped my elbow and palms. I tried to get up but I felt an invisible force stronger then gravity weighing me down. I then saw a white shadow on the ground. When I looked up I saw Michael. He helped me off of the ground and moved me to a brick wall so I could lean on it and stay there. He then walked towards the older man and put his hand on the top of his head. The old man didn’t move it was as if he couldn’t either. His face looked distraught though and extremely scared. The old man began to scream and his flesh started to peel off of his body. His body then just turned to ash as blue fire covered his body. The man then disappeared not even the pile of ash remained. Michael then turned around and looked straight at me. I was so scared and wanted to run away. Not even his blue ocean eyes could calm me down. As he began to make his first steps towards me I felt myself begin to fall. I fainted but I felt warm and safe. I had fainted in Michaels arms.
I woke up in this tiny room. I lying on a bed with a single cover. There was only one window and no TV. There was another door besides the front door and a small kitchen on the other side. I looked around and saw the pizza I had ordered was on the kitchen counter. I got up and without thinking got a slice. I was so hungry I couldn’t wait until I had answers. I sat back down on the bed and began to eat the slice of pizza. Michael finally walked in holding my purse and a comforter cover I had on my bed in my moms house. He set the things down on the bed beside me. He didn’t say much and I had asked him if he was hungry and he just nodded no. I had gone to eat one more slice and then told him why I had to stay here. He didn’t answer but did move from the corner he was standing in and knelt right in front of me.
“I knew your father,” he said.
“George?” I asked.
“No, I know him but I meant the man who slept with your mother to conceive you,” he said. I was so shocked that he was so blunt about it. It kind of made me sick to my stomach to hear that.
“Who was he,” I said.
“He was a close friend, a brother to me,” he said. I had a hard time thinking of a guy who would be friends with Michael and then thinking Michael could have been a father figure to me even though I didn’t think of him in that way. I will say I got a bit heart broken and sad when he said that.
“What was his name?” I asked.  He did not answer.
“He is not a good man and you must know he is looking for you and your mother,” he explained.
“What!” I shouted.
“I am sure he has already found you and is watching you,” he said.
“What does he want?” I asked.
“He wants you,” he said bluntly. “He wants you to join him and be like him,” he continued to explain to me.
“Why wont you tell me what’s really going on,” I said. He grabbed my hands and simple said it was hard to explain. He apologized for being vague but said it was for the best. He said if I knew to much to soon I could lose control. I had to trust in him and learn to trust myself. Everything he said made less sense but somehow I believed him. He told me that there are some humans who choose to follow my father and even if they don’t understand the consequences. Once they choose it is to late to turn back and they must be eliminated before they do more wrong. I didn’t understand what he meant or was talking about. My dad? Humans? What did it all mean I thought? He continued telling me that I did have a choice to choose my own path or choose that of my fathers. He said when the time came I would know what was right and what was wrong but I still had free will and had to make up my own mind. I asked him about the old man. He told me that the old man had been greedy and it was time for my father’s friends to collect his debt but that he had to stop it before it took over. I didn’t know what that meant either but I tried to see it as if he helped he old man but in reality he did burn him. There were so many things I wanted to ask him but I was nervous. I first asked him though if his eyes were ever able to turn black.
“Do not be fooled by those who try to deceive you E-li-za-beth,” he said. “I am me and you must remember that look into my eyes and know this,” he then said. I was more confused then ever but he was right his eyes were pure and blue like the sky and the ocean. They were gentle and strong just like the ocean as well. I knew there was no way that the Michael with black eyes was the same Michael kneeling in front of me. I wanted to ask him why I was seeing a Michael with dark eyes but I was scared of the answer. He told me I should get some rest and so I went to the bathroom to put on some comfortable clothes that Michael had brought me and then went to bed. I slept so nice better then I have ever slept. I had a wonderful dream it was me an older version of me holding a baby. I was sitting in a rocking chair in a white room holding the baby. The baby was so cute and laughing. I was telling the baby a story. It was adorable and peaceful. It made me happy and I was smiling the whole time. It was a great dream. When I woke up I smelled something good. Michael was cooking. It was funny and cute to see him in the kitchen cooking. He brought over a plate with bacon, eggs, sausage and hash brown. It was all so good I never imagined he could cook. I ate it and thanked him for making me breakfast. I heard my phone buzzing so I went to my purse and grabbed my phone. I had 25 text messages and 18 missed phone calls. They were all from David. I had completely forgotten about David and now I felt bad. I quickly tried to call him but he didn’t answer so I left him a voicemail telling him my mother called and I had to go see her and that I was sorry. I was hoping he would believe me and not be upset. I not only ditched him and forgot about him but I left him starving. I told Michael I had to go and got dressed right there in front of him. I was in such a rush I didn’t notice what I was doing. I didn’t care I just took off my short and tank top and put on my jeans and blouse. Before I ran out of Michaels apartment I told him if I would see him again. He simply said he would always be near to protect and watch over me.
I drove to David’s apartment. He was getting ready to walk Mason so I went along with him.
“Are you okay?” he asked.
“Yes I am so sorry,” I told him. He said he was just glad I was okay and that I should have called him as soon as I got home. I stayed quiet and then said that I knew I should have. We continued to walk Mason and then went back to his apartment. David said he was going to go visit his family later that day and asked if I wanted to go see a movie tomorrow night. I told him yes and I went to my house.
My mother was in the kitchen staring at her mug. I could see she was acting like her old self. I ran upstairs looking for George. He was lying on his bed watching TV. He looked at me standing in the doorway and smiled devilish at me. I grabbed a vase from the shelf next to the door and threw it as hard as I could at George. He moved out of the way and yelled “you missed.” I closed his door and went back downstairs. I pleaded with my mom to leave. To go somewhere, move out and leave my step dad. She didn’t respond. I tried to shake her out of it. Anna came downstairs and asked me what my problem was. I told her to stay out of it. She kept pushing it and pushing it. Telling me my mom was crazy and going off the deep end.
“Poor little Rachel so pretty yet so sad,” Anna said.
“Shut up,” I yelled at Anna.
“Your mom is so pathetic just like you,” she said. I got very close to her and whispered in her ear.
“If you don’t want me to cut up your pretty little face I suggest you shut the hell up and go back to your loser of a husband.” She looked at me annoyed and pushed me aside and went back upstairs. I rolled my eyes as she walked away and went to go hold my mom. I was so angry. Thinking about them all laughing at me and my mother made me want to hurt them so bad. All of a sudden every dish in the kitchen cracked. The plates cracked in half, the cups cracked in half, and the glasses just shattered. I was so angry I slammed my fist into the counter. I took my mom into the living room and sat her down on the couch while I went to go clean up all the broken dishes. My mother was just sitting there motionless. I was putting the broken dishes in a garbage bag when my step dad came into the kitchen.
“Look who thinks she’s big and bad all of a sudden,” George said. He put his hand on my shoulder and I just lost it. I grabbed his hand and twisted it. I found a knife in the drawer in front of me and put it close to his neck. “If you don’t leave I will slice every part of you until your just a pile of flesh on the floor,” I told him.  He began to laugh wickedly and I slapped him. “Do it,” he said. I think he knew I was bluffing but somehow I felt like it was more then a bluff. I would do it I would defend myself and my mother. I pushed him away from me and said “I wouldn’t give you the satisfaction of seeing me locked up,” I said.
“Oh I think you can get away with it, ill attack you,” he said. His smile got more eerie. I was looking at him with such hatred and anger. I did want to kill him. I didn’t know where all this rage was coming from but I just wanted to stop him and help my mother. George then told my mother to come into the kitchen and like a slave she got up from the couch and walked into the kitchen. “We are going out to eat with Anna and Jeremy,” he said to her.
“Okay,” my mother said in a low soft voice.
“No!!” I yelled. Anna and Jeremy then came into the kitchen and said they were looking forward to it. George told my mom to go shower and get dressed. Anna, Jeremy and George just stood there staring at me until I flipped over the table. “Hurt her and I swear I will make you pay,” I told all three of them. They all walked out of the kitchen laughing and went upstairs to get ready. I began to throw things all over the place. Broken dishes were flying all over the place. I threw chairs from one side of the room to the other. I was screaming at the top of my lungs. I then cut myself with a piece of broken glass and fell to my knees. I started to cry and shout even more. I turned around and saw George, Anna, Jeremy, and my mom heading to the front door. I walked toward George and put my hands around his neck. Anna and Jeremy tried to get me off of him but I shouted at them “get off!” and they went flying into the kitchen. I looked into Georges eyes and saw evil. His eyes turned pitch black. Staring into his eyes I could see this strange creature inside his pupil. I could see something inside of him. It looked back at me and smiled. I shoved George onto the wall over and over. “You stupid son of a bitch!” I shouted. I threw him on the floor and began to kick him repeatedly. My mother was just standing there looking at me. Anna and Jeremy finally got up and came back towards me. “Its inside you guys too isn’t it,” I said. I kicked Anna in the stomach and threw Jeremy into the living room. My mother finally spoke and said “Don’t.” I walked towards George and picked him up. I pinned him to the wall and told him I was going to kill him. The knife from the kitchen mysteriously ended up in my hands. I put it back on his throat. I began to drag it slowly across his neck and before I could cut deeper Michael appeared. I looked into his blue eyes and I dropped the knife. Michael put his hand on Georges shoulder and he collapsed. He then went and did the same thing to Anna, Jeremy, and my mom. “They wont remember anything,” Michael said. I began to cry and noticed I had a little of Georges blood on my hands. “You almost lost yourself,” Michael said. “I told you no matter what you cant let anger drive you,” he said.
“I’m sorry,” I said.
“I fear that this has gotten far worse then I had imagined, they will want to take action as soon as possible now,” Michael said.
“What do you mean?” I asked.
“They’re coming,” he said.
“Who?” I asked desperately.
“You must be prepared for what’s to come. Good and evil are about to clash again,” he said. I was so confused and worried. I didn’t know what to be more what afraid of, what I had just done or what Michael said was coming. “I am so scared,” I told Michael.
“Don’t be I am here and you are strong just believe and don’t let them win,” he said.
“Thank you,” I told him.  I wiped off my tears and went upstairs. Michael came upstairs after me. He told me my family went out as planned and they were okay now. I told him I was going to go take a shower. He said he had to go but would be back. I came out of the shower and it felt strange to be in this house all alone. I was use to hearing my mom and dad laughing and joking around. Anna and Jeremy kissing and fighting. I missed those moments. The house was now quiet and dark. I walked to my room just wearing my towel. As I began to get dressed I started to see the walls turn black. The walls then began to drip with black goop. I thought I was seeing things but I went to go touch it and it felt real. The wall then was covered in bugs and other creepy animals. Every type of insect possible I saw worms, spiders, cockroaches, ants, beetles and even then scorpions appeared. The noise they made as the crawled over the walls was scary enough. I couldn’t  handle it and began to scream. I closed my eyes hoping they would go away when I opened them the creatures were crawling towards me. They started to crawl on my body and I screamed as they got closer to my mouth I began to push them off. They all fell to the floor and crawled up into a ball. That ball then formed into the shape of a man. They burst off of the figure and splattered all over the room then disappeared. The figure that came out was black eyed Michael. “Go away!” I shouted.
“Your not real,” I said. He came towards me and pushed me onto my bed. He tried to unwrap my towel but I held it closed. He unwrapped only the top and bit me on my left breast. I screamed in pain. He then kissed me aggressively. I tried to move and get him off of me. “Please stop,” I said.  He smiled and continued kissing me. His tongue was so deep in my mouth. I felt like I was going to choke. “Get off of me!” I shouted. The lights began to flicker and he said “Wow your getting strong, good.” I asked him what he wanted and he said he just wanted to play with me. “Who are you?” I asked him. He smiled and said
“Your daddy.” I wanted to hurt him. I didn’t know what he meant. I tried to have faith in the fact that he wasn’t really Michael. “It is time for me to take over,” he said. He then seemed to get spooked and then disappeared. I screamed and began to cry. I hated this why did I keep crying. I wanted to be strong and I wanted this to go away. Michael appeared again by the door his eyes were blue now.
“Stop just stop it,” I said sadly.
“What is wrong?” Michael asked.
“Why do you keep tormenting me,” I said.
“What did you see,” he said.
“It was you I know it was you,” I said.
“Tell me!” he shouted.
“You were here you were hurting me but you had black eyes,” I murmured.
“I see, that was not please believe that,” he said. He told me that he knew who has been bother me and that I was not ready to face him. “I did not think that he had made such progress already, it must be why they are coming,” he said.
“What! What is going on?” I shouted.
“He is panicking no matter how far he has gotten he is not strong enough to take us all on he is not stronger then me, I will protect you,” he said.
“I just wish I knew what was going on,” I said.  Michael just said I know and told me to get dressed. I got dressed while he looked away. I could see he was nervous about me changing near him. My family finally came back home and each went to there room and went to sleep. I tried to go to sleep but it was difficult. Michael finally came and laid down with me. He told me to close my eyes. He put his hand on my head and I fell asleep. I had a lovely dream about my mom. She and I were playing in a park. I was five and she was running after me. She kept saying she loved me and I would smile at her. All of a sudden I could hear Michaels voice in my dream. “Its time for you to forget for now, I need you to be strong and safe. I will let you remember when the time is right but for now I have to deal with their arrival and deal with the de.., “ he said. My dream finished there and I woke up.


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just a writer...I have always loved writing since I was young. I loved writing Essays and Poetry in school. I then got into writing Books. I write different blogs to share my book ideas and to talk about things I want to talk about. I write pretty fast and never proof read so sorry for my errors but my books are more error free. :) I just love writing and glad I get to do even if I never get paid for it. I just want to write.
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